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The spirituality that I practice is Sri Aurobindo’s yoga

An interview with Robert W. Godwin by Elizabeth Debold
ROBERT W. GODWIN: The spirituality that I practice, which is Sri Aurobindo’s yoga, has as its aim to bring the vertical into the horizontal. You’re not leaving the world behind. As a matter of fact, this is the proper understanding of the Christian approach also. The Word becomes flesh. The Word is the universal. The flesh is the particular, the horizontal. The Word becoming flesh is like saying the vertical became horizontal. The ultimate vertical became a particular horizontal—and not just in one man, but potentially in all.
[ Robert Godwin Interview (WIE) by rjon on Wed 27 Dec 2006 05:22 PM PST An interview with Robert W. Godwin by Elizabeth Debold ] One Cosmos under God

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I prefer to start with the teachings of the greatest sage(s) I can find

m alan kazlev said... What Sri Aurobindo says is timeless. It pertains to the Supreme, the Absolute Reality, God if you will (although I dislike that term because of the exoteric religious connotations, old man in a cloud, only way is through the true church, giving out authoritarian rules in some revealed scripture, etc)…
The only person who was equal to Sri Aurobindo was Mirra Alfassa, the Mother. And yes it is interesting taht she did go beyond him, if you compare the Mother’s Agenda (transcribed by her devotee Satprem) with the Aurobindonian corpus, she put what he said philosophically into practice. But since she left her body, there has been no-one of that level…
That’s why I prefer to start with the teachings of the greatest sage(s) I can find. And if there were any greater Sages than Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, I would without a microsecond hesitation switch to their perspective and use that as a starting point isntead. So far I haven’t found any, but I am open to all possibilities. December 28th, 2006 at 2:10 am

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Putting yourself in the hands of the Mother and her Powers

Re: Re: Re: Re: Instruments of Knowledge and Post-Human Destinies
by RY Deshpande on Sat 23 Dec 2006 07:13 PM PST Profile Permanent Link
About Aspiration-Rejection-Surrender—I may add something more here. Perhaps this is more important, more foundational than anything else, individually as well as collectively.

We may take Sri Aurobindo’s The Life Divine as Aspiration. It begins with the human aspiration: “The earliest preoccupation of man in his awakened thoughts and, as it seems, his inevitable and ultimate preoccupation,—for it survives the longest periods of scepticism and returns after every banishment,—is also the highest which his thought can envisage. It manifests itself in the divination of Godhead, the impulse towards perfection, the search after pure Truth and unmixed Bliss, the sense of a secret immortality. The ancient dawns of human knowledge have left us their witness to this constant aspiration; today we see a humanity satiated but not satisfied by victorious analysis of the externalities of Nature preparing to return to its primeval longings. The earliest formula of Wisdom promises to be its last,—God, Light, Freedom, Immortality.”

The Mother’s Prayers and Meditations is the most beautiful thing that can be there as far as Surrender is concerned.

The Synthesis and the Letters give, inter alia, Rejection.

And Savitri: It is for, "...if you desire this supramental transformation, putting yourself in the hands of the Mother and her Powers… and letting her do unhindered her work within you.”

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Let us live in Savitri who shall give us the truth

Re: Passing through the Portals of the Birth that is a Death
by rakesh on Thu 21 Dec 2006 03:41 PM PST Profile Permanent Link
I was able to understand that the creation of inconcient was the first act and then came the plunge of the Divine into it and finally the formation of terrestrial world and other higher worlds as a process of evolution. I am learning more about Savitri from your postings. Thank you.
by RY Deshpande on Thu 21 Dec 2006 07:19 PM PST Profile Permanent Link
Thanks. Savitri is such a rich thing. If only we can live in it! Let us live in Savitri who shall give us the truth and the things of the truth
by rjon on Thu 21 Dec 2006 04:04 PM PST Profile Permanent Link
Thank you, RY, for sharing your deep understanding of these profound truths. Your writing is helping me to gain a new level of insight into Sri Aurobindo and The Mother's work, and its great significance during these transformational times.
by RY Deshpande on Thu 21 Dec 2006 07:14 PM PST Profile Permanent Link
Thanks, ron... Let me also take this opportunity to thank the members of this forum who vigorously participated last month in discussion on some of the aspects covered in my article. In fact I am greatly happy that because of it this and my previous article dealing with the Purusha Sukta became possible. RYD

He gives the Mantra of Aspiration-Rejection-Surrender

Re: Instruments of Knowledge and Post-Human Destinies
by RY Deshpande on Thu 21 Dec 2006 07:47 PM PST Profile Permanent Link
You say: “Sri Aurobindo talks about aspiration, rejection and surrender. There is also this act of sacrifice for a saving power to descend.” No, Sri Aurobindo does not talk about aspiration-rejection-surrender. He gives the Mantra of Aspiration-Rejection-Surrender. Whatever knowledge is required will come with it. Finally, for transformation, the only Mantra is: Put yourself in the hands of the Mother and her Powers and let her do her work within you. Everything is in it. Whatever faculties are needed will come with it. Brahman sacrifices Brahman to become the Brahman. In it are the acts of creation and manifestation. RYD

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Life Divine Communities

Auroville (1,049)

She is in our heart

This name was given because we all know that The Mother & Sri Aurobindo are always there with us and sometimes unknowingly in our life we come across such miraculous incidents which are rather a help from their side which changes our outlook towards life and in most of the cases we got rid of some very big problem. In most of the cases we don't prayed to The Mother for her intervention or called for her help but it happened accidentally. Why it was happened to know the reason of this question pl see the first pic. If u want to read the answer in more detail go to below mentioned url :-
So now if she is with us so the other question arise Where is she?? She is in our heart and if she is in our heart then why can't we feel her many times or see her or can't hear her? The answer is we never tried to search for her in our heart thts why we are unable to feel her presence many times and can't hear her. So "IN SEARCH OF THE MOTHER"

For the devotees and dicsciples of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo

Ebooks Of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo
About Me Web Address: Updated on Sep. 11 2006 Tags: Sri , Aurobindo , Mother , Maa , Miraa , Mira REQUEST Posted on Aug. 11 2006: This folder is exclusively for the devotees and dicsciples of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo .This folder is a part of special free service given to members of the community on orkut titled "In search of The Mother" we would like to hear ur feedback and ur wish list for next week which is available at community "In search Of The Mother" cl the below mentioned url to visit the community:-
Savitri (Revised Edition).pdf This is the revised edition of Savitri by The Mother. By unknownm on Aug. 17 2006 Size: 322kb
The Mother's This is the complete AGENDA of The Mother written by Satprem It is in 13 volumes. It is the record of Mother's journey in and for the cells of Body. It is one of the masterpiece by The Mother compiled by Satprem.This was contributed by one of our member Sourabh Basu.we thank him for his wonderful contribution. By unknownm on Aug. 17 2006 Size: 4.9MB Page: 1 2 Next »

They have just said to aspire!

SAVITRI Showing 180-189 of 189 first <> next > last
12/11/2006 8:49 PM But She is aware that our and Nature’s aspiration is not up to Her expectation and we are still bound by Time, by Death and She withdraws from Her full Glory and Power and wears the mask of Matter and imparts Her Divine Presence everywhere, in the veiled form. That is She sacrifices Her perfection for the sake of leading us on our way of Sadhana. It has been possible for us to do our very little Sadhana, because of Her profound and concrete Presence. It is because of Her descent into our Nescience that Sadhana is possible from us and we can conquer the obstacles and transforms from inconscience to consciousness, from our ignorance to knowledge. This off course also requires our part, our 1% of Sadhana, which we all know. Here, I remember a very awakening instance.
Once during prayers, one of my friends asked my grand father a question. “How is it possible for the Gods to be present everywhere? Divine Mother manifests in all the forms of Matter, but how? When she does so wont Her Divinity gets diminished?” My grandpa’s answer was wonderful, which gave us one more element of Vedas. Poornasya PoornaMaadaaya, Poornaat Poornamudachyate. Poorna means One. In our calculation, if you add One and One you get two. If you deduce One from One you get Shunya, the Zero. But in Divine’s calculation, if you add One to One what you get is One only. If you deduce One from One you get One only. Let us have an example. A pregnant woman is complete (Poorna). The infant in her womb is also Poorna, that is complete. The baby is born. That is a Poorna infant is deduced from a Poorna Mother. Will there be any difference in the completeness of the mother? No! Her completeness is perfected in fact! Another Example. We have just now discussed that Soul is a complete Spirit of divine. There is no doubt that Divine is complete! When the soul rejoins the Supreme, is there any value addition to Supreme? No!
12/11/2006 8:49 PM Similarly, when the Divine Mother leaves Her presence in every form of Matter, there is no difference in Her completeness. This is Divine Calculation. Not a human calculation. We fail to understand the our mathematics only saying that it is very difficult. But Divine’s Mathematics is so easy. The only thing is we need to explore this. Now what is left is: There was the common light of earthly day. Now when Goddess Usha recede, there spreads the common earthly daylight. Not the Eternal Light of Goddess Usha. In such common Light:Affranchised from the respite of fatigue Once more the rumour of the speed of Life Pursued the cycles of her blinded quest.
12/11/2006 9:01 PM “Once more the rumour of the speed of Life” the common issues of our life, resumes their cycles of “blinded quest”. Untill this outbreak of Dawn, the Life on earth was having a period of rest – respite – and the reason for this rest is its fatigue! Here Sri Aurobindo turns to daily or routine proceedings of humans and creatures after portraying the Dawn as a symbol of the Creation of this cosmos. Our daily activities are like some quests without an aim, which go into cycles. Therefore, at the end of the day we are subjected to stress and fatigue and we go for rest at the end of the day. This is true for only those who go into these cycles of blinded quests. Those who have realized the ultimate quest of the life, to realize the Supreme, will never rest until they accomplish. This ultimate quest is first of all difficult to realize. Because we are completely lost in our material world, full of inconscience. Sometime, when we feel the Divine Spirit amidst our obscurities, we would realize this. Such an encounter with Him initiates a spark of aspiration in us.
Then, it is up to us to grow further. Therefore, we should realize that our ultimate quest is to realize Him, not any material professional or personal achievements. You may ask that this ultimate quest will be very difficult, how can I take it up? The thing is The Mother and Sri Aurobindo have made it very simple and easy for us. They do not expect us to perform complex rituals, thousand of chanting (japa) in a day or any such things. They have just said to aspire! To dedicate and devote ourselves to them! That’s all! If you are hungry for knowledge Sri Aurobindo has blessed you with Savitri. If you want more? There is Essays on Gita, Synthesis of Yoga, The Divine Life, The Mother, and so many knowledge banks he has blessed us with. Therefore our ultimate quest should be to realize the One within and everywhere. Not some professional or personal ambitions.
12/11/2006 9:01 PM This also does not mean that we should completely ignore or neglect our professional and personal ambitions. We should do full justice to them to all our responsibilities. But we should not get lost in them completely. We should find some time out of our material life for our ultimate task, for our Sadhana. And our Sadhana should not only be for ourselves, it should be for the whole of the mankind, for the whole universe. Because, Sri Aurobindo’s Sadhana was not just for himself, it was for the whole universe. Our approach should also be the same. Let us don’t be selfish about our Sadhana. Let us involve every one in it.
This is why Sri Aurobindo has given equal importance and weightage to both individual as well as collective Yoga or Sadhana. All sprang to their unvarying daily acts; The thousand peoples of the soil and tree Obeyed the unforeseeing instant's urge, Now when the common daylight spreads, all the creatures resume their unchanging activities in their routine. This moment, the dawn and then the morning, has an impulse, an urge to spring them on to their respective activities. But it is an “unforeseeing instant” , that is it does have any prescience of the eve next moment. We simply cannot predict what is going happen even in few moments later. Everything in the material world is uncertain. The only certain thing is The Mothers; Grace and Love. Provided our part is there for Her and that is again our aspiration, dedication and devotion. So easy is our ultimate task, due to Her Grace. Certainly she leads us to the best for us, when we are dedicated and devoted to Her.
12/11/2006 9:02 PM Otherwise? Let us see the next lines:And, leader here with his uncertain mind, Alone who stares at the future's covered face, Man lifted up the burden of his fate. The Man, the “leader” of all the creatures, but with an “uncertain mind”, “lifted the burden of his fate”. Those who continue to dwell in the material Nature, there is no growth, and they continue the cycle of lifting their burden of fate. But, here Sri Aurobindo calls the man as “leader” of all creatures. He is “Alone” among all the creatures “who stares at the future’s covered face”, but not any other creature on this earth aspires to know the future. This also implies that only we have the ability to change our future, though it is covered or masked or unknown.
This is because we have the attenuated ability to do our Sadhana, than any other creature in this world. Therefore, let us determine and commit for our Sadhana.It also does not mean necessarily that other creatures do not have the ability to do Sadhana. They do have. But their ability is not as great as ours is. But there are many exceptions. In our Shaastras also there are numerous such examples. One example is Jatayu in Sri Mad Ramayana, who sacrificed his life to rescue Seeta from Ravana. Above all our own Kiki! The Mother’s cat! I hope you have head its stories. Therefore, The Mother is for the whole universe. She loves every creature, every element of the universe. We need to realize this.
12/11/2006 9:02 PM We have now completed the entire first paragraph of Canto 1 “The Symbol Dawn”. What all we can conclude from this discussion so far is the importance of our aspiration, dedication and devotion. I don’t know whether it is boring you to see the same words again and again, but that’s how the Sadhana is and that’s all our Sadhana is. Therefore, let us aspire for Her Grace and Love. Let our dedication and devotion for Her be complete and total. Let us find some time out of our uncertainties to find the certain, for Her works. Let us evolve from our inconscience to consciousness of The Mother. Let us evolve from our ignorance to Her knowledge. Let us evolve from our Darkness to Her Eternal Light.Asatomaa Sadgamayaa Tamasomaa Jyotirgamayaa Mrityormaa Amrutangamayaa
12/12/2006 1:56 AM References 1. Sri Aurobindo's Savitri - An Approach and a Study by Sri A B Purani.2. The Book of Beginnings by Sri M P Pandit
12/12/2006 4:18 AM Thanks to motherchild, I am not able to suggest to u, only I can read this Important thread. It is very very important for me. Thanks MAA Shreemaa, Shreemaa,Shreemaa, Shreemaa, Shreemaa,
12/15/2006 7:03 AM Very good and interesting work you have done. I am reading Savitri since years. It is my years experience that when we read Savitri, starting from any page....we can experience the events occouring in our life ...present and also focuses on the events going to be occured in future. It also gives the solutions of the problems if any and surprisingly we can get rid of it. We can feel that some divine power is guiding us and working in us. The feeling eternally is always so pleasant that we can not narrate.
12/15/2006 10:23 PM Dear mam, i completely agree with you statement. the following excerpt is an evidence from Savitri to support your statement!!! Whatever the appearance we must bear, Whatever our strong ills and present fate, When nothing we can see but drift and bale, A mighty Guidance leads us still through all.

Just go on reading it and this, itself is a Sadhana

9/12/2006 8:06 PM APPROACHAPPROACH Savitri is a mantra. It is the pictorization of Sri Aurobindo’s Sadhana and Vision, and therefore a lamp of guidance for all of us in the nescience as The Mother has made it clear by saying that “Savitri is the Supreme Revelation of Sri Aurobindo’s Vision”. Therefore we can conclude that we should read Savitri, to follow the path of Sadhana given to us by The Master and The Mother. When we conclude that we should read Savitri, many of the aspirants – including myself – find it very difficult to understand it. Even though The Mother said, never bother whether you understand Savitri, just go on reading it and this, itself is a Sadhana, aspirants put their endeavor to understand Savitri. I know some people who attempt to understand Savitri, in an intellectual way, like first reading it and then referring to a dictionary to understand the words and terms, and then conclude with some meaning. An amusing instance happened when a group of aspirants took this method of studying Savitri, individually, and then after their individual study they started discussing about it. They found that each of them had a different understanding! Each of the maintained their stand and argued that himself is correct. Then they ended up in consulting a senior sadhak and found that none of them were no where near to what actually Sri Aurobindo States!
Then what was the reason for such a fumble? Sri A B Purani could find the answer for this in his book “Savitri – An approach and a Study”. He says that Savitri is not just another poem, or an ordinary poem, neither an aesthetic creation by an intellectual mind. Savitri is a Mystic, Psychic, and a Spiritual poetry. Moreover the Symbols and Concepts used by Sri Aurobindo are completely unfamiliar with the recent trends in the English poetry. Therefore one has to acquire the ability and capacity to understand this high poetry and appreciate it. Therefore intellectual method of interpreting Savitri will never take you any nearer to the truth of the Savitri.
9/12/2006 8:08 PM Then what was the reason for such a fumble? Sri A B Purani could find the answer for this in his book “Savitri – An approach and a Study”. He says that Savitri is not just another poem, or an ordinary poem, neither an aesthetic creation by an intellectual mind. Savitri is a Mystic, Psychic, and a Spiritual poetry. Moreover the Symbols and Concepts used by Sri Aurobindo are completely unfamiliar with the recent trends in the English poetry. Therefore one has to acquire the ability and capacity to understand this high poetry and appreciate it. Therefore intellectual method of interpreting Savitri will never take you any nearer to the truth of the Savitri. It may give a very brief overview and you will never experience the Spiritual Vibrations, which Savitri renders in you unless you try to experience the same. Therefore let us conclude that the intellectual method is not the correct way to understand the Savitri. One needs to get into the spirit of the poem.
In such a case there is a need of a great endeavor to get into the Spirit of Savitri. You have to begin with very minute basics like understanding the basic tale of Satyavan and Savitri in Mahabharata, understanding the each and every minute Symbols used by Sri Aurobindo, and also some symbols and concepts from Vedic Literature. Therefore we will begin from the discussion of such basic elements before going o the actual part of the Savitri. Also that in the future part of the discussion, references ill be made such basic elements wherever they are necessary, it makes us to go through these basic elements mandatory.
9/12/2006 8:24 PM hi The Mother's Childyou have done a gr8 job.Pl do continue in this way.The above post is realy superb.
9/12/2006 8:47 PM DECLARATIONI should make it clear that whatever i write in this thread, is not my creation entirely. after all i am also an aspirant like you searching for The Mother and begging for her grace.I will only be sharing with some of my readings and experiences with Sadhaks.
9/12/2006 8:58 PM Hi Motherschild, I am also one of his son here....Its too good, and interesting, which I was looking for a long time...Its my mother's grace, I get in to this thread...many many thanks to you...If nobody is coming to this thread, no worry, I am here to listen you...anyway its a service to our mother...Let's start..."My mother, I beg your grace for this discussion to succeed and go up and up to the supreme divine..."
9/12/2006 9:33 PM thanks both you
sir i have heard tht savitri can help us out wen we are in difficulty can u pl guide me how can i take help frm tht book???
9/12/2006 10:34 PM @Unknown M sir motherschild has posted same ecrept twice pl look into this mater and delete tht extra post.
9/13/2006 1:15 AM dear friend, Savitri can solve your problems? well what all i can say is yes and no! yes because, when you study savitri, you get closer to The Mother and Sri Aurobindo. And our masters never let us to fail in any sort of challenges we would face, if we are faithful and dedicated to them. thats what savitri gives you - total faith and dedication to master. to explain why not, it is a bit tough for me. our need and demand from Savitri should only be to gain consciousness and get into the spirit of Savitri. nothing else.
9/13/2006 1:40 AM Really it is a wonderful thread..Only yesterday i started reading Savitri. I could understand only some few lines, i thought i need help in understanding the lines. Yesterday night, i had a dream "I was in the Ashram, after the Samadhi Dharsanam I was sitting with my parents in the corner of the Ashram..One of the Sadhak informed us that Aurobindo's room is opened and we can go there now. I at once ran to the room and prayed to Aurobindo, some force entered into my body and i felt a shake in my body and I fell backwards out of the shake in the body. Then my parents went and prayed." Really it was an amazing dream..As soon as i read Savitri, i had this dream where in Aurobindo came into me...
9/13/2006 6:44 AM savitri is a mantra. The cause and solutions of the problems of our life is hidden there. It does not matter if you don't understand, but the power/benefit you are going to get is so great. please go to this website read "The Mother on Savitri" Mother has given her writings about the power of Savitri. Thanks
9/13/2006 8:05 AM really a good job done by u even at times i just think of savitr and want to know the correct meaning of it all the best for ur search of savitri meaning
9/13/2006 11:49 AM Oh thnx a lot for giving me one which i have been expecting since long time....
9/14/2006 5:06 AM DURATION OF THE POSTSI was wondering about the duration for which we should have one post or in other words, how soon would you like me to update, this thread?Please feed me regarding this and thank you very much for your kind support and affection.On the Service of The Divine Mother,The Mother's Child
9/14/2006 11:12 AM pl post some new posts daily or atleast thrice a week.
9/14/2006 7:48 PM @motherschildi also do agree with the above person but sir please whtever u do trice a week or daily try to be regular bcoz this thred is the most beautiful thred of commuity so plese try to maintain the constancy of ur posts.
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Matrimandir is emerging from the soil

Matrimandir live !
by rjon on December 11, 2006 02:41PM (PST)
Click on the 'more >' link to see these beautiful new photos of the Matrimandir at Auroville, courtesy of Bhavana & friends:
Matrimandir is emerging from the soil of Auroville, Inspiring the sky to also aspire For That which is beyond the sky, beyond the soil, beyond Auroville. ... more » Leave Comment Permanent Link

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The Sacrifice of the Divine Mother

Re: the holocaust of Prakriti by rjon on Wed 15 Nov 2006 01:22 PM PST Profile Permanent Link Dear RY Deshpande, Rakesh, & Debashish - Thank you for this inspiring dialogue. As I read through your last few posts describing the "holocaust of Prakriti, the Sacrifice of the Divine Mother" tears unexpectedly came to my eyes and I experienced a deep gratitude for the wonder of this opportunity She has given us to taste even a tiny bit of "the transforming ecstasy of her sublime Ananda ..." ~ ron

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This quietude I call The Mother and Sri Aurobindo’s presence

alan kazlev Says: November 15th, 2006 at 3:26 pm My own experience is that by reading Sri Aurobindo and the Mother’s works, often a particular phrase or sentence or even several sentences will suddenly make a huge impression on me, a sense of profound spiritual truth. If I reread and muse over what is said there, I get a sort of feeling (probably not the right word) or quietude. If I go with this, it is much easier to meditate and aspire for the Supreme because the momentum is already there. This quietude I call The Mother and/or Sri Aurobindo’s presence. It is the transmission, the shakti, of their teaching and their spiritual Revelation. That is what I mean about using words as gateways for the Soul. 11:22 AM

"Savitri" - Canto by Canto Summaries

I just came across these superb summaries of Sri Aurobindo's epic poem "Savitri." This is Part I of two parts. ~ ron "Savitri" - Canto by Canto Summaries (Part I Books I - III) by rjon on Wed 15 Nov 2006 01:46 PM PST Permanent Link Integral Yoga Community - On-line Groups Savitri: Summaries (Part I) The following are the canto-wise summaries co-authored by Dave Hutchinson and Will Moss. All summaries up to the canto being read currently are listed.
Next: "Savitri" - Canto by Canto Summaries (Part II Books IV - VIII) by rjon on November 15, 2006 01:52PM (PST) Part 1 was, after the two introductory cantos which set up the central conflict of Savitri, the story of Aswapati, the Traveller of the Worlds, who explores all the levels of Consciousness and beyond, and calls down the Missioned Soul, Savitri. ... more »

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Become a channel for the sound that is Savitri

Collaboration - Journal of the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother Summer 1995, Vol. 21, No. 1 ESSAY Savitri and the mystic hero's journey by Rod Hemsell This is the last article in a four-part series exploring the ramifications of Sri Aurobindo's epic Savitri as mantric poetry. Part 4. The Journey
Everything depends on the Word. For it is the word of creation, the very sound that brings to birth the worlds, the luminous goddess-form of the Supreme: Tat savitur varam rupam jyotih parasya dhimahiyannah satyena dipayet.
and it shall illumine us with the Truth. For as Sri Aurobindo affirms often enough in Savitri, "She is the golden bridge, the wonderful fire ... She is the Force, the inevitable Word."
It is arguable, perhaps--the seer having received this boon of drsti, sruti, smrti in a clairaudient trance, as the simultaneous inevitable revelation of the truth of his realization, thence to be delivered forth by him as mantric verse for the subsequent illumination of fit hearers--that this sacred word might best be read, and received, by the listening heart of a clairaudient silence. And for those gifted with clairaudience (as we know from Sri Aurobindo's diaries that he was) and disposed to receiving the supramental revelation, this might well be true. But Sri Aurobindo's theory of mantra, the text of Savitri itself, and our experience, seem to support rather emphatically the notion that it is the audible sound, with its dynamics of pitch, rhythm, image, and conceptual spiritual content that has a unique potential and power to effect in the fit outward hearer the experience of which it speaks, and of which it is the living symbol.2
It is to demonstrate the truth of this hypothesis, at least in part, that we have undertaken the Savitri/Agenda experiment--a series of immersion workshops in which we simply allow the Word to be heard and absorbed, in as clear and deep a manner as we can manage at the present time. And in the context and atmosphere thus created by Savitri, we turn to the Mother's Agenda with the aspiration to hear and know as profoundly and intimately as possible her experience of transformation. The effect of this attempt thus far has been overwhelmingly gratifying. And it has made dramatically clear the fact that the experience of transformation narrated by Sri Aurobindo in Savitri and by the Mother in her Agenda are one and the same. The two together create a resonance that seems to literally dissolve the membrane that separates our worlds and unite us with them in a remarkably vivid and tangible sense.
This of course will not seem too surprising to those who are familiar with their work. But what can be surprising is the degree to which one finds oneself brought face to face with their experience and into a deeply luminous identity with Sri Aurobindo, the Mother, and the work of transformation. And that of course is the point, whatever else may be said.
It is tempting, however, to take this a step further, or in fact several steps further--to grasp the extraordinary quality of the experience in its total reality, and somehow establish its importance on solid ground for ourselves and for any who might wish to pursue such a process, enter the worlds of Savitri and Satyavan with eyes open, and as the Upanishad says, "to truly find our foundation." And yet, perhaps it is only the experience itself that can achieve these goals, which certainly exceed anything that mind as we know it can analyze. Its validity is to be found only in the revelation itself, which proceeds from the Truth. And this finding is the process that Savitri narrates and establishes in us. She is the supramental force as She issues forth in goddess-form from the Divine Mother, as She descends into the consciousness and speech of the supramental Avatar, as She enwraps the subtle body of the Earth and takes physical birth in the body of the Mother, to reveal the soul and tapasya of the transformation of Death and the evolution of immortal life, and as She enters our space in the form of mantric vibration. One must simply become a channel for the sound that is Savitri and receive Her without reservation.
There are innumerable instances in Savitri that illustrate, comment upon, and reveal this truth. Perhaps a negative argument in support of this notion can be made at this point, bearing in mind that the written page is dumb, and the only real proof is in the hearing. To attempt an example, nonetheless, let us look at the first few lines of the canto titled "The Adoration of the Divine Mother."
A stillness absolute, incommunicable, Meets the sheer self-discovery of the soul; A wall of stillness shuts it from the world, A gulf of stillness swallows up the sense And makes unreal all that mind has known, All that the labouring senses still would weave Prolonging an imaged unreality.
I don't know how one can have the experience of the elongation of the "All" in the next to the last line, and then of the lengthening, depending, and slowing of sound that occurs with "still would weave" culminating in the extremely elongated and heavy "Prolonging," which qualifies in an indescribably accurate way the sense of the final term "unreality," without reading these lines aloud, instrumentally. The net result of reading instrumentally is to invite that stillness absolute into the spaces we are so accustomed to being filled with sensational unrealities. And that experience of stillness is a prerequisite of all that follows. It is not difficult to understand this conceptually; it is fundamental to most spiritual discipline. But Savitri has the power to actually bring about such an emptiness and stillness, instantaneously deeper than meditation usually can achieve even with considerable effort. And then we are prepared for the uplift that follows:
But where is the Lover's everlasting Yes, And immortality in the secret heart, The voice that chants to the creator Fire, The symbolled OM, the great assenting Word, The bridge between the rapture and the calm, The passion and the beauty of the Bride, The chamber where the glorious enemies kiss, The smile that saves, the golden peak of things?

The revelation is actual

Re: Re: Reflections on THE IDEAL OF HUMAN UNITY By Debashish Banerji
by Rod on Mon 23 Oct 2006 08:46 PM PDT Permanent Link
Now we can sit in the rooms of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, as I did just last week for over an hour, and be literally flooded with divine consciousness-force. The revelation of its actuality, and not just its theoretical possibility, enters forcefully into one’s consciousness and into one’s physical nature, and this “darshan” becomes a direct seeing and knowing of the reality of the supramental truth-consciousness and force, of its self-nature, and of the immortality of those who are able to so directly transmit it from where they stand, on the other side of this dream of life. That may be termed magical, as may the “belief” that this phenomenon will lead, as indeed they said it would, to a transformation of those in whom it descends, and that such a descent will in turn lead eventually to a transformation of the instruments and structures of our mental, vital, physical, social and cultural existence.
In those last prose writings of Sri Aurobindo, as in his last and more powerfully revelatory poetic writings, what we have are formulations in language of a consciousness, a seeing but also a living force of consciousness, that does not fit into our descriptive mental categories. And so it is no big surprise that one may be at a loss as to how these more-than-language/cultural formulations might fit into such a valid and important schemata of ignorance as post-modernism, even at its most brilliant and best.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Incandescent lines of passionate beauty

Since Sri Aurobindo's Savitri first appeared in print, its incandescent lines of passionate beauty have enthralled readers of all types and persuasions. One of the books introduced below, Narad's Arrival at Madra by R.Y. Deshpande, is a study of Savitri based on the opening passage from "The Book of Fate". The following excerpt shows one of the book's important themes:
The entire terrestrial scheme is what is laid out in Narad's song of evolution. It is a Truth-song; it is the song of new birth, the song of transformation, a song which can be sung only on earth. "Heaven in its rapture dreams of perfect earth"-that is what we hear in it. Such a song is first born somewhere high up, even perhaps beyond the home of the heavenly immortals. When it comes down here rushing through the luminous spaces and continues to resonate even in the atmosphere of the earthly Matter, it changes the very tone and character of the entire existence, tissue and cell quiver in the breath of conscious Life. This Matter is stirred up by its powerful potency and vibration. ...Transfiguration and ecstasy are the result. And therefore as Narad sings the song the demons weep with joy, foreseeing the end of their difficult and horrendous task.
NEW PUBLICATIONS: To order any book, click on the title, which will locate the book in our online catalogue. Next, add it to the shopping cart. You may then proceed to pay by credit card online. ENGLISH Narad's Arrival at Madra - R. Y. Deshpande ISBN: 81-7058-839-1 Publisher: Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education, Puducherry Binding: Soft Cover Pages: 471 Price: Rs 150
The author takes the 83-line opening passage from Savitri, "The Book of Fate", which announces and describes the arrival of the sage Narad at Aswapati's palace in Madra, as the focus of his study, suggesting it as a point of entry to plunge into the very heart of the mystery of Sri Aurobindo's epic poem. He follows several discussion threads suggested by the passage, including the ancient theory of five elements and their deeper subtle-occult chemistry, a varied look at evolution's scientific and occult-yogic aspects and its fullest gnostic possibilities, and a deeper examination of a few key phrases from these lines of poetry that illumine the significance of Narad's appearance in the narrative.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Each verse of Savitri is like a revealed Mantra

The Mother to Mona Sarkar 5-11-1967
It does not matter if you do not understand it - Savitri, read it always. You will see that every time you read it, something new will be revealed to you. Each time you will get a new glimpse, each time a new experience; things which were not there, things you did not understand arise and suddenly become clear. Always an unexpected vision comes up through the words and lines. Every time you try to read and understand, you will see that something is added, something which was hidden behind is revealed clearly and vividly. I tell you the very verses you have read once before, will appear to you in a different light each time you re-read them. This is what of happens invariably. Always your experience is enriched, it is a revelation at each step.
But you must not read it as you read other books or newspapers. You must read with an empty head, a blank and vacant mind, without there being any other thought; you must concentrate much, remain empty, calm and open; then the words, rhythms, vibrations will penetrate directly to this white page, will put their stamp upon the brain, will explain themselves without your making any effort.
Savitri alone is sufficient to make you climb to the highest peaks. If truly one knows how to meditate on Savitri, one will receive all the help one needs. For him who wishes to follow this path, it is a concrete help as though the Lord himself were taking you by the hand and leading you to the destined goal. And then, every question, however personal it may be, has its answer here, every difficulty finds its solution herein; indeed there is everything that is necessary for doing the Yoga. He has crammed the whole universe in a single book. It is a marvellous work, magnificent and of an incomparable perfection....
My child, I have read so many things, but I have never come across anything which could be compared with Savitri. I have studied the best works in Greek, Latin, English and of course French literature, also in German and all the great creations of the West and the East, including the great epics; but I repeat it, I have not found anywhere anything comparable with Savitri. All these literary works seems to me empty, flat, hollow, without any deep reality - apart from a few rare exceptions, and these too represent only a small fraction of what Savitri is. What grandeur, what amplitude, what reality: it is something immortal and eternal He has created. I tell you once again there is nothing like in it the whole world.

The Mother on Savitri

If you are depressed, if you feel miserable, if you do not succeed in what you do or else if what happens is always the contrary of what you expect, however you try - if it has come to such a pass that you lose your temper, life becomes disgusting and you are unhappy, then immediately take Savitri and, after a moment's concentration, open it at any page and read. You will see that all your misery disappears like smoke. And you will have the strength to overcome the worst sorrows; you will no longer feel that which was tormenting you. Instead you will feel a strange happiness, a reversal of consciousness along with the energy and force to conquer everything, as though there were nothing impossible. And you will feel this inexhaustible joy that purifies all. Read just a few lines and that is enough to establish the contact with your inmost being. Such is the extraordinary power of Savitri.
Or else, after having read some lines, if you concentrate deeply, then too you will find the solution to what was tormenting you. You have only to open Savitri just at random without thinking and you will have the answer to your problems. Do this with faith and simplicity, the result is certain. Return to home page

Books And Papers On Savitri

Bibliography Of Books And Papers On Savitri
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End of an old era, beginning of a new age

Home > E-Library > Works Of Sri Aurobindo > Social And Political Thought Volume-15 > Worid - Union Or World-State
have grown up as the result of its nature and temperament. In the last perfection of the State, a care ... he State is the masterful but arbitrary and intolerant science and reason of man that successfully tak ... nd organisation of a single World-State out of a newly created, though still loose, natural organic u ... Last Modified: 04-Oct-2006 Document Size: 8,230
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Home > E-Library > Works Of Sri Aurobindo > Supplement Volume-27 > Partition Of Bengal
n settle down as people become accustomed to the new order, have misread the whole situation. The pre ... . There is in this agitation a consciousness of a new strength, the quickening of a new life, the insp ... he quickening of a new life, the inspiration of a new ideal. This agitation is not an agitation merely ... Last Modified: 04-Oct-2006 Document Size: 9,119
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Home > Sri Aurobindo > Message Of 15-8-1947
free India. It marks for her the end of an old era, the beginning of a new age. But it has a signifi ... ies the entry into the comity of nations of a new power with untold potentialities which has a ... freedom and her unity; the resurgence and liberation of Asia and her return to the great role ... Last Modified: 11-Aug-2005 Document Size: 12,004
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Home > Messages > Darshan Messages > 1947
light is on thy face in this dawn of thy liberation, in this great hour we salute thee. Gui ... T HE M OTHER ... ia. It marks for her the end of an old era, the beginning of a new age. But it ha ... Last Modified: 07-Oct-2006 Document Size: 12,657
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Home > E-Library > Works Of Sri Aurobindo > Karmayogin Volume-02 > National Education
us flaw somewhere in this brilliant opening of a new era. The nature of that flaw has been made manif ... d. The great flaw was the attempt to combine the new with the old, to subject the conduct of the resu ... ting, men out of sympathy with the spirit of the new age, unable to grasp the needs of the future, af ... Last Modified: 06-Jul-2006 Document Size: 14,072
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Home > E-Library > Works Of Disciples > Nolini Kanta Gupta > Volume-2 > Mysticism In Bengali Poetry
poetry was born some time towards the end of an era of decline in the Indian consciousness, almost t ... nother volume of mystic poetry in the hands of a new type of spiritual practitioners. They were the Y ... type, yet possessing nuggets of gold in their utterances, and they formed a large family. This almost ... Last Modified: 13-Sep-2006 Document Size: 17,202
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Home > E-Library > Works Of Disciples > Nolini Kanta Gupta > Volume-2 > Rabindranath And Sri Aurobindo
bindo the Poet and Prophet of the Eternal Day, a new Dawn and Day for the human race. ... and speeches of Rabindranath and the flaming utterances of Sri Aurobindo created a psychological rev ... of a new consciousness and force, glimpses of which he was ... Last Modified: 13-Sep-2006 Document Size: 12,207
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Home > E-Library > Works Of Sri Aurobindo > Future Poetry Volume-9 > The Power Of The Spirit
y will be a voice of eternal things raising to a new significance and to a great satisfied joy in expe ... tating and passes from the satisfaction of the liberated intellect which has been its preoccupation fo ... That will determine the character of the coming era of the mind and life of man and consequently the ... Last Modified: 13-Jul-2006 Document Size: 28,602
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Home > E-Library > Works Of Sri Aurobindo > The Harmony Of Virtue Volume-03 > Kalidasa
SECTION FIVE ... KALIDASA ... ONCE in the long history of poe ... Last Modified: 07-Jul-2006 Document Size: 10,267
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