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All the elements of life are to be addressed and transformed with the Supramental Consciousness in Integral Yoga

Nirod-da: Happy Birthday Centenarian Child Arun Vaidya

For me, Nirod-da has been a role model in adapting to changes with faith in the Divine and sincerity of his commitment to continue his yogic pursuit as his life went through several major changes. He remains an encouraging Aurobindonian to live by one of the fundamental principles of the Sunlit Path charted by the Mother and Sri Aurobindo,

“If man surrenders totally to the Divine, he identifies himself with the Divine.”[6]

Nirod-da went through significant churning of his inner being as he embarked upon Integral yoga and spiritually progressed in the process. He demonstrated while working in timber godown and in Dispensary that a true sadhak strives to be a fit instrument in pursuing teachings of Integral Yoga, “Orderly harmony and organisation in physical things is a necessary part of efficiency and perfection and makes the instrument fit for whatever work is given to it.”[7] He has been a source of inspiration to me through his spiritual endeavors and treading on the Sunlit Path in spite of profusion of activities of his mind and vital frequently plunging him into despondency, disheartenment, doubts, dreariness, and desolation.

In fact, it was his this vulnerability and display of roller coaster mode of emotions along with his convoluted logic that attracted me to him, as they seem so natural human tendencies.

Overcoming them and transforming himself to the state of increasing equanimity with steady faith and sincere commitment to the Divine was the most fascinating and spiritually uplifting example I had come across. He has been a natural demonstrator of practice of Integral Yoga as work-sadhana. He has been a resounding proof for hope to all Aurobindonian in particular and the humanity in general to change from its innate turbulent self; trapped in the endless turmoil of subconscious, vital and mental. With the continuing help of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother’s, Nirod-da could focus on his limitations and progressively overcome them. This paved the path for him to develop the required spiritual foundation and to victoriously embark upon the limitless ascend into the higher levels of consciousness. He is a real life example of, “The Mother's victory is essentially a victory of each Sadhak over himself.”[8]

Nirod-da’s sadhana has led him to spiritual journey that is multidimensional, non-sequential, concurrent, and ever continuing. This is consistent with the principles of Integral Yoga as Integral Yoga deals with all of mental, vital and spiritual aspects of us. It focuses on our inherent attitude, personality, nature, propensity, and aspirations to transform our consciousness to be spiritual. The milestones of Nirod-da’s continual spiritual transformation in pursuing Integral Yoga are quite relevant to any individual in trenches and in the grooves of life. After all Integral Yoga is not meant to be practiced in some desolated monastery or remote peaks of Himalayas. All the elements of life are to be addressed and transformed with the Supramental Consciousness in Integral Yoga.

Accordingly, Sri Aurobindo’s maxim is that, “All life is Yoga.” In case of Nirod-da, we find that in practicing Sri Aurobindo’s maxim, he curtailed his vital propensity to indulge in food and socialization, which is liberating himself from being body-vital-focused. In addition, he reformed his logic-driven mental mind to step aside to make room for his psychic to surface, which germinated interest in poetry and with Sri Aurobino’s plodding, he became a ‘Poet of Occult Worlds’. Furthermore, he changed his demeanor from the ‘Man of Sorrows’ to ‘Man of Delightful Humor’. This is a transition towards delight-focused--‘Ananadamaya’. These are remarkable strides in one’s lifetime in the spiritual journey of self-transformation. However, it does not end here in case of Nirod-da.

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