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The supramental Light and Force and Consciousness rushed down upon earth

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The spiritual journey of Man has a revolutionary and evolutionary turning since Sri Aurobindo. He and Mira Alfassa, known as The Mother, have given to Spirituality a totally new turn and meaning, a completely new purpose and value.
A true spirituality does not any more mean fleeing from the world and life. We need not go to the forest, forsaking the social life and ‘renouncing' everything, and become a recluse or a monk or a sannyasin, after you attain the fiftieth year of your life and then strive to attain nirvana or moksha and be free from the cycle of birth and rebirth for ever. Thereby by doing so, we allow the world and creation to go on, as it is going on now, in spite of the attainment of nirvana or moksha by several yogis, seekers, saints. The world continues to remain as it was, in ignorance and darkness, in suffering and struggle and death. After nirvana or moksha, we still allow the Divine, the Supreme, to incarnate in human form several times, but we will regard the coming back as a bondage of ignorance...

If we do not accept the Truth, if we do not try to change ourselves and the World, if we choose to continue with Old World of ignorance and darkness, of suffering and struggle and death, then result of our choice will be the Abyss.
The Mother has told us :
Men, countries, continents!
The choice is imperative: Truth or the abyss.
Barindranath Chaki 29-02-2008
[Adapted from a previous writing by me, published in Zaadz.]

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