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The line of this organisation is spontaneous, natural and divine

The Aim of OrganisationPRAPATTI In Mother’s Light APRIL 24 , 2007

The line and process of an organisation follows its Aim. Our aim is Spiritual, not vital, mental, moral or intellectual. When clarified further, it will be clear that our aim is neither economical nor political. Secondly, the essence of the organisation is the action of a Power, Strength, Light and Knowledge and that shapes the organisation from inside. The organisation that shapes itself in the line of blind, idiotic earthly ignorance can crumble at any moment.

The aim that is placed before us by The Mother and Sri Aurobindo is the spiritual transformation of life, work and nature. This spiritual transformation is a new step in the earthly evolution- it is a new rise in the process of the progress of human society. The transformed humanity will be a New Race. Its base is the descent and working of a new Divine Supramental Spiritual Consciousness. Sri Aurobindo observed that different worlds and layers are established and controlled by a consciousness. Even that which seems to be totally inert is a world, a layer of the consciousness which in its lowest stage is full of unconsciousness, inconscient, complete darkness, the darkness surrounded by darkness, and even in it also the luminous, resplendent, eternal sparks of the Divine Consciousness are present.

In the highest height which is fully luminous, full of consciousness, full of Knowledge, complete Anandamaya, that has become in the lowest realm, complete darkness, complete unconsciousness, complete ignorance, is completely devoid from Ananda. At every stage the fully luminous, fully illumined Divine Consciousness is present, but merged, in secrecy, totally inside. The expression of this Consciousness is the line of progress of the creation, the progressive steps of evolution. The transformation of the life cycle of the world means the manifestation of such a Consciousness which will bring about the total transformation.

The Consciousness that Sri Aurobindo brought down to change the working of the ignorant earthly law, is the Divine Supramental Truth. This will be the forthcoming monitoring Truth of world laws and action. Truth’s dispensation and monitoring means the evolution of the hidden Truth Being and Truth Consciousness. By the action of the Supermind, this opening will be possible in earthly life. This is the manifestation and evolution of the true Spiritual Consciousness. The transformation, that will be resulted by this evolution, is the spiritual transformation. So, the very basis of our organisation is the bringing of a spiritual Truth, its expansion and evolution. The line of this organisation is spontaneous, natural and divine. These organisations can not be monitored by any superficial rituals, mental rules and laws. The spiritual institutions can not be controlled by superficial laws like outside political organisations.

The basic principle of spiritual organisations is self-rule - freedom. So, those who will work in this field, they will work primarily depending upon an inner inspiration. Moreover since this inspiration is transparent, clear and luminous, it is a better than the usual ones. If the basic principle of this organisation is Truth, it is very essential that this divine element must be allowed to work. Realising this fact, let us march forward.

In a way, the meaning of spiritual organizations is the establishment of ‘Self’ rule. Self rule means, to abide by one’s own true inner nature, rule of the soul, by the Immortal Eternal Law. This is the preliminary step for the coming of the Truth Age, because the truth of the soul is the real Truth and this Truth exceeding the law of man’s mind, life and body is guided by a Divine Nature and Divine Law. Life becomes fruitful once one comes in contact with this Law for then one can perceive and hold on to the workings of the true Law of the World.

In every spiritual institution and organisation the predominance of a psychic law can be perceived. It has its own way, and can be active and self disciplined with its base on Truth. India has a conscious soul as a nation. It is in this country that the psychic law prevails. Whenever India prospers and becomes great, this psychic law establishes itself. So as a country and a nation India is the land of eternal Law of the soul - the divine Land.

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