Friday, June 27, 2008

Dipica Mukherjee is actively engaged in spreading Sri Aurobindo’s philosophy

DIPICA MUKHERJEE The Mother’s devotee – a very active and dynamic lady- retired from Atomic Energy Commission- traveled abroad and actively engaged in spreading Sri Aurobindo’s philosophy. With her background I expected some unusual experiences but there wasn’t any. She appeared to me as though she sealed herself spiritually in a sheath. Nevertheless, she reported that she felt thrilled. She came again to invite me to give a lecture on reiki in the New Millenium seminar she was organizing in the Aurobindo bhavan . She spoke happily about reiki and insisted that the two ladies who accompanied her also should get initiated but those ladies never turned up. Again I met her in the Seminar and she was very happy with my lecture. Jun 27 MY REIKI STUDENTS By shakuntala


  1. Somewhere I read that some Sadhak from Pondicherry has recommended not to undergo therapies like Reiki because the person undergoing the treatment allows the vital force of the practitioner to work on himself/herself which could have adverse effects.

  2. reiki when properly done does not involve the vital force of the practitioner but is a direct flow-through of the reiki energy regardless of the practitioner.