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I want to read the original Sri Aurobindo text now

Clear reflection of values MANU REMAKANT
The story of `Sathyavan Savithri' was staged through dance and drama
DANCE-DRAMA: `Sathyavan Savithri,' adapted from a famous work by Sri Aurobindo, was directed by Kavalam Narayana Panikkar. The Hindu Friday Review Thiruvananthapuram Friday, Oct 06, 2006

The evergreen story of `Sathyavan Savithri' was presented through dance and drama by theatre persons of Sopanam and two foreigners who were inspired by the story. For Ryan Johnson and Anne Marie Houe, it was an opportunity to prove their acting skills before an enthused audience.
The dance-drama, `Sathyavan Savithri' was adapted from the famous work by Sri Aurobindo. `Sopanam,' the drama troupe of playwrightKavalam Narayana Panikkar, and Vivekanada Institute jointly organised the dance-drama in memory of poets K. Ayyappa Panicker and K.S. Narayanapillai.
The 25-minute play is centred on the day the hero of the story, Sathyavan, dies. Determined to bring her husband back to life, Savithri manages to impress Yama, the God of death with her devotion. Finally, Yama agrees to grant her three boons and Savitri outwits him into granting Satyan his life.

A mirror
"The play is a mirror that reflect the ethics and values of yore. In those days, women were held in high esteem. A family was more united," says Kavalam, the director of the play.
Kavalam says that the play has many messages to communicate to the audience. Impressed by the performance of Ryan and Anna, he adds that they had imbibed the true spirit of the story.
"Characters like this can make you involved. I was trying to give the character my own interpretation," says Ryan.
For the last four months, he has been learning to play the flute in addition to learning classical dance and theatre at Sopanam. He is also learning Kalaripayattu.
"I want to read the original Sri Aurobindo text now," says Ryan. There were also other Sopanam artists who assisted the foreign artistes on stage.
The dialogue was a mixture of Malayalam and English. The songs complemented the scene in a commendable manner. The drama was preceded by Ryan's flute recital and classical dance performance.
Sopanam, which organised the event has been in the field for many years trying to discover the basic principles of theatre through various dance and music forms like Sopanasangeetam, Mohiniyattom, contemporary recreations of epics et al.

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