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The spiritual biography of Savitri is now complete

Re: 93: Night in her bosom nursed a greater dawn
by RY Deshpande on Wed 18 Jun 2008 05:39 PM PDT Profile Permanent Link

Readers of the present series must have noticed that last few days I’ve been rushing through my postings connected with the spiritual biography of Savitri. This series was started on 1 January 2007 and is now complete, at least in its draft form.

And what a coincidence! It would not have happened even if I’d planned it so!

Today is what we call wata-sāvitrī-porņimā, the full moon of the month of June. It is on this day, in ancient time, prehistoric time, the death of Satyavan had occurred, at mid-day hour; and it is on this day, same evening, Savitri claimed the soul of Satyavan back from Yama, the God of Death. All this happened under Wata, the banyan tree, a kingly tree as Sri Aurobindo puts it, with the boon of a new manifestation received from the God. This day is observed as a very special day by married women in Maharashtra, the part of India from which I come. They observe a vow and worship a banyan tree and pray for a life without widowhood.

So getting Savitri-instalments completed on this day could be taken as a felicitous approval of our project. Shouldn’t that be gratifying?

But much needs yet to be done. What has happened is only the preparation of the text, the part of Sri Aurobindo’s epic directly connected with Savitri. We have not yet looked into the transcript with any detail to get into its spirit and its possibilities. That surely is a very major project and should continue to occupy for a long time, even as it shall become an occasion for our own growth. Let’s see how far we can go, but rewarding always it will be—and there’s no doubt in that respect.

We’ve covered the first 18 instalments of the series, dealing with Part I of Savitri, the part which we might call “Aswapati’s Invocation” in which the Yogi looks into the problem of this creation and sets himself to find a solution for it. He realizes that the only way to tackle this problem is to invoke the divine Power herself to take a mortal birth and remove the cause which is at the root of all these difficulties. She comes as Savitri.

Savitri grows into full form, does intense yoga-tapasya, and houses the divine Might in her soul and in her spirit. This could be called “Savitri’s Yoga-Tapasya”.

Savitri is now poised to deal with the one who is standing across the path of the divine Event, he the one who admits not the possibility of a higher manifestation upon earth. In the deep occult battle Savitri wins a victory over him and the way is cleared of all the obstacles. She gets a boon from the Supreme himself, that the new dawn shall appear on the earth-horizon, that a new creation based on truth-and-beauty-and-love shall begin. This we could call “The Conquest of Death”. Here is the complete fulfilment of Savitri itself.

First I propose to go through the entire set of postings dealing with Aswapati’s Invocation. This itself has resulted into a huge file running into some 15 MB Word document, 800 A4 sheets. Along with this consolidation could be taken up the other two sections, Savitri’s Yoga-Tapasya and the Conquest of Death. This should keep us busy for quite some time but, undoubtedly, it could do us something wonderful also. Hope we will not misplace our patience in the process!

But I must thank the sciy who has provided us this marvellous opportunity to live and grow collectively in Savitri, Savitri who shall give us the Truth and the things of the Truth. ~ RYD

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