Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sri Aurobindo went many steps ahead

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Maharishi Aurobindo is perhaps the only rishi of modern era, who provided a great philosophy of hinduism called Purna Yoga. Before him i see only king Janak, to follow this yoga. Aurobindo's concept is thus new in this era and has some traces of Tantra philosophy which unfortunately vanished during the last 2000 years

While Vivekananda's main stress was on realising God through Raja Yoga, Aurobindo went many steps ahead taking Raja, bhakti and gyan yoga together and did not stop at realising God. He emphasied that real enlightenment would be coming back to the body with God consciousness and thus making a physical center of God in material world

Vivekanada's philosophy is simple and can be practiced by even new comers

To understand Aurobindo's philsoophy one has to understand Gita, all major Upanishadas a bit of Tantra, shaktism, and shavism...only then one can truely understand his philosophy

Aurobindo's philosophy is thus not for newbees, but for those who have already advanced on spirituality

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