Monday, June 09, 2008

Sri Aurobindo’s contention is India is universally respected because of its knowledge

Location: CONFERENCE ROOM-1 Description: ‘WE, The People of India’ by Buzz Burza

The latest in the ongoing series of Book Discussions was held the evening of 6 May. The book discussed was the recently published novel by Maloy Krishna Dhar entitled WE The People of India: A Story of Gangland Democracy. The evening’s programme was chaired by Shri Jagmohan who, as usual, led the proceedings in an erudite and professional manner...

B.K. Lall served for two years as Joint Director of the CBI...Lall’s reaction to the book was interesting. Although he found it well researched and the political system beautifully portrayed, he found its negativity excessive and, as a result he didn’t agree with the work. He felt it would make a fine film. He spoke of the current crisis of both mind and sprit where a lost civilization was trying to be something it can’t be. The future’s hope lay with the younger generation. He ended by referring to Sri Aurobindo’s contention that India was universally respected because of its knowledge.

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