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Lecture on “Self-inquiry” by Aradhana Kumar

Sri Aurobindo Ashram: Lecture on “Self-inquiry” by Aradhana Kumar, Sri Aurobindo Marg, 10 a.m. to 11-15 a.m.
Sri Aurobindo Devotees: Pushpanjali offerings and prayers, Sasi Balika Vidya Mandir, Azad Road, 9.30 a.m.; Sri Annai Meditation Centre, Kovaipudur, 4 p.m. ...
Sri Aravindar Annai Trust: 13 {+t} {+h} anniversary celebration; meditation, 5.30 p.m.; natyanjali, 6 p.m.; discourse by S. Raja, 7 p.m.; prayer, 11 A Kumaran Street, Tirunagar, 8.20 p.m.
15 hours ago - For the man whose detailed knowledge of the Ramayan and the Mahabharat “amazed” Manoj Das, whom he recruited from the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry to ...
Age: 39 yrs | Height: 5 Ft 4 In / 163 Cms | Weight: 52 Kgs / 115 lbs | Education: Bachelors - Engineering | Residing State: Orissa Religion Hindu Caste Tanti (CasteNoBar) Sub Caste Kalet Star Chitra Raasi Tula (Libra)
Hi, my name is Rasraj, I am a resident of Rourkela (Birmitrapur) and work for an Integral School. I can speak English and Hindi as well. I'm smart and pleasing in nature and my friends call me Raj. I hope to find someone just as cheerful as me. My partner can be from anywhere but she must be able to speak English and Hindi.
Sri Aurobindo's seems to have privileged the strain of Celtic influence in English language poetry and the Irish Poets Yeats and A.E. are among the last ...
The conference has since been hosted in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry, ... Integral Psychology is based on the philosophy of Sri Aurobindo, ...
The integral yoga of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother comprises similar techniques and a holistic way (ref., ...
The highest cardinal principle of the Hindu Dharma and society is "Satyameva ... and guidance of Sri Aurobindo, Sri V.D. Savarkar, Rasbehari Bose, ...

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Sri Aurobindo's understanding is universal in its scope

I spoke to a local yoga studio manager, asking if their students learned the historic, philosophical, and metaphysical reasons behind the 'asana', yoga positions. His answer was, "No." Further, he expressed that while his students were learning only a small piece of yoga, in terms of world culture, Americans are in their infancy and not ready for a true and complete study of yoga.
Considering the relatively short time span we have been developing a culture, and an even shorter attention span, it is no wonder that Americans claim to practice yoga yet have not begun to scratch the surface of an ancient multi-layered culture or yoga ritual, tradition, and philosophy that archeologists are now claiming may stretch back as far as eight-thousand years.  It is this fascinating study that we embark upon when reading 'The Synthesis of Yoga'. […]
Sri Aurobindo's understanding was universal in its scope, and here the master yoga teacher and mystic successfully communicates our universal nature, and that considering our lives as anything less can only fall short of the highest mark that creation intended for us.

Shamsukha family is one of the most famous Shaharwali family from Azimganj. They were migrated from Bikaner, Rajasthan to Azimganj. Puranchand  Shamsukha (1882-1967), S/O Mehtabchand and grand son of Sangram Singh was  a renowned scholar of Jainism. He had been in service to Maharaj Bahadur Singh Dugar at his early age and later on he served Nahata family of Jiaganj.
Renowned Bengali story writer Dakshinaranjan Mitra Mazumdar (Thakurmar Jhuli fame) was his close friend. Puran Chand Shamsukha wrote several books on Jainism in Bengali language such as "Jaino Dharmer Parichay", "Jain Tirthankar Mahavira", "Jaino Darshaner Ruprekha" etc. He also translated Jain Agam"Uttaradhyana Sutra" which was published by Calcutta University.
Some of his articles were published in 'Asia' magazine, Bangkok. Renowned linguist and Vice Chancelor of Calcutta university, Dr. Suniti Chatterjee, Dr. Kalidas Nag and Bijoy Singh Nahar were among the editors of "Puranchand Shamsukha abinandan Grantha".

Rishabhchand Shamsukha (1900-1970), his eldest son was also a scholar and meditator. He established "Indian silk house" a famous Saree shop at college street in 1924 for livelihood of his family and left for "Sri Aurobindo ashram", Pondichery at the age of only 31. He lived their rest of his life.
He has written few books about Rishi Aurobindo and his doctrine.
The last one was written inspired by the Mother herself.
Parichand Kothari and Umirchand Kothari were his close friends who also followed path of Sri Aurobindo inspired by him.
Sumatichand Shamsukha, another son of Puranchand Shamsukha was a social server. He adorned the seat of secretaryMurshidabad Sangh and Jain Bhawan, Kolkata. Source: Dilipchand Samsukha, grandson, Puranchand Shamsukha. Posted by Jyoti at 4:11 AM Wednesday, May 19, 2010

cyclonic storm Laila sends rain to Auroville. fresh and cool weather. residents are relieved after the last few months of sweltering heat. AUROVILLENEWS FLASH NEWS 1 summer monsoon will be here 3 days earlier. ...
Nature and wildlife in Auroville « Aurovillenews 
The tree cover in Auroville reduces the overall temp in the area by a few Degrees. Aurovillenews salutes the greenbelters and their effort. 19 hours ago; sweltering hot weather in Auroville. the city planners should re-think about what ...
Aurovillenews (Unofficial) is a space where Aurovilians can express their ideas on the happenings within Auroville and the sorounding area. Aurovillenews is an open source project where the writers and contributers shape the direction of the news. Some of the articles will be not varified and might be furthest away from facts, so if you happen to land on such articles then please consider it as humour or at least an atempt of it. Aurovillenews (Unofficial) truly belongs to nobody in particular. It belongs to the journey called Auroville. 

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Unpublished letters of The Mother, Satprem and Sujata

An Important Announcement May 16, 2010 at 10:38 am
Overman Foundation is happy to announce the acquisition of a valuable collection of letters and photographs. This collection, donated by Shri Nirmal Singh Nahar, includes unpublished letters of the Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Nolini Kanta Gupta, Dilip Kumar Roy, Prithwi Singh Nahar, Nishikanto Roychowdhury, S. Doraiswamy, Sujata Nahar and others. Another collection has been gifted to Overman Foundation by Shri Malay Banerjee and it consists of unpublished letters written to him by Satprem and Sujata Nahar.
Persons possessing important documents related to the life and works of Sri Aurobindo, the Mother and their direct disciples or letters written by the Mother and eminent sadhaks of Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry, may contact Overman Foundation if they are desirous to donate such materials. We assure them that their gifts will be preserved for posterity under the best possible conditions.
With warm regards, Anurag Banerjee
Chairman, Overman Foundation. 
Dear members, Ning has announced new plans and pricing! Ning is now focusing 100% on paying Ning Networks and will begin phasing out the free Networks in July. All free Ning Networks, like ASPIRATION, will be phased out by July this year. We will…
New Race: A Journal of Integral Studies « Philosophy in India News by Desh Raj Sirswal
New Race: A Journal of Integral Studies is a journal that seeks to promote Sri Aurobindo's vision of the future in the context of other insights and their relevance to the present-day world. It maintains that Truth is a common human ...
If you've come to India to find yourself, Pondi is the place. Sri Aurobindo started an ashram here with his spiritual partner, known as the Mother. It's a place of meditation; the idea is to live in peace and harmony. There's even a commune, Auroville, outside town for the truly committed. But my inner calm is best found on a beach. ...
Khoshoo awards for energy efficiency, cutting waste Indian Express
The award was presented to Joss Brooks, a member of Auroville in Puducherry and Girish Sant, a member of Pune-based NGO Prayas. ...
Sri Aurobindo and the Mother on India and her future ... Producers: Sri Aurobindo centre for advanced research trust. Talk by: Dr. V. Ananda Reddy ...
When Sri Aurobindo started his quarterly in 1914, he named it 'Arya' and defined the term Arya as follows : "The word Arya expresses a particular ethical ...
R Jagannathan: Caste and liberals DNA, Wednesday, May 12, 2010
Caste is about kinship and community ties. It offers a protective cocoon for members in turbulent times. Caste will weaken and disappear only when people feel secure about themselves and their future. It will dissolve when the state protects individual rights, without necessarily setting it against community rights.
Bankim Chatterjee gave us what Sri Aurobindo has described as the religion of patriotism. Vande Mataram was banned, as was Anand Math. ...

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Karmayogi is developing original applications of spiritual principles

Karmayogi is a disciple of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother and the Founder/President of The Mother's Service Society, an educational and research institute inspired by their spiritual teachings and based in Pondicherry, South India. Since the 1960s, he has been studying their work and developing original applications of spiritual principles in the fields of economic and social development theory, education, literary criticism, management, national and global governance, peace and security, psychology, literary criticism, spirituality and yogic practice. He is author of over 50 books and many hundreds of papers and published articles in English and Tamil and editor of Malarndhajeeviyum, a monthly spiritual journal in Tamil.
Announcing the launching of a new version of
  • Read in-depth articles on romance, love and marriage with video illustrations
  • Assess your relationship on a 10 level scale of Romance
  • Raise the level of harmony in your relationship
  • Learn unfailing strategies for improving any relationship
Coming Soon – more articles and a relationship decision-making system is a unit of The Mother's Service Society. Karmayogi announces new forum "Pride & Prejudice for Prosperity & Accomplishment" 

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Suranjika of ICAR, Bhubaneswar

millee2010 - Personality, Long-Term Goals, Partner Expectations, etc
Namaste! I am suranjika
I have completed my masters in biotechnology. I am currently working as a reaserch scolar in a ICAR institute of bhubaneswar. My hobbies are reading, watching T. V and decorating home. My friends describe me as CONFIDENT. I am looking for a partner who is very loving and caring and should have a good understanding nature nothing more. 
My favorite sports are cricket. My family we have a family of six. my father is a retierd BSNL employee, my mother is a good home maker, my only sister is Diploma in Civil working in keonjher, i have two brother, one brother is also a Diploma in Civil and working for a Bhubaneswar based Arichitecture company in keonjher, younger brother complete his ITI and searching his job.
we all are devotee of sri maa sri aurobindo we all belive in god and very broad minded people.. To me marriage means a promise to make a good family and taking care of older member which is possible only when when both of the couple has a strong love, respect and understanding for each other. I live basiclly we r from nimapada of puri district but i born n broghout of from keonjher and till now we are living in kjr. Oriya, Kendujhar, Hindu:Khandayat, Bride-28, Aries -

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Rare songs by Dilip Kumar Roy

Idiom of modern art Calcutta Telegraph
May 11 at Sri Aurobindo Institute of Culture, Regent Park; 4.30 pm: Bhaktavatsala — presentation of some rare songs (recorded) by Dilip Kumar Roy. ...
The Hindu : Book Review - Language Books : Short storiesPrinter Friendly PageSend this Article to a Friend TELUGU Short stories AMBIKA ANANTH SRISUBHA KATHALU: Vauhini Book Trust, 1-9-286/3, Vidyanagar, Hyderabad-44. Rs. 150.
THANKS TO their structure, theme, and technique, Srisubha's stories are quite readable. The narrative is simple and direct, with no pretentions. Many of the stories in this handsome collection, produced with monetary help from his fan-friends, are striking for the way the theme has been treated and the writer's firm grip over the storyline.
In a few cases, one could discern the influence of Sri Aurobindo's thoughts over the writer. Subjects like marriage, love, and friendship are handled delicately, with the touch of an artist. In ‘Sukhantam', Srisubha critiques the pseudo-spiritualism propounded by some ‘gurus' and conveys the message that leading a conscientious and righteous life and taking due care of one's family is in itself a form of penance. “Mitralabham” brings out how true and robust friendship can be an immense source of strength in overcoming challenges in life. It is replete with nuggets of wisdom. Other notable stories are “Heartishtulu” and “Aakupachhani Aaadarsham.”
I follow the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother of Pondicherry. I am an ardent believer in the lessons imparted by The Dalai Lama and Osho of Pune, Guru Nanak. The Sufi philosophy of living is what I try to emulate in my life. Writers that have had a profound influence on me are Bertrand Russell, Somerset Maugham, Guy de Maupassant, La Rochefoucauld among others.
In my country, everything that we know about hinduism, meditation and spirit came through Yogananda and Sri Aurobindo. I donīt know if their names are known ...
Sri Aurobindo's New Yoga & the Inadequacy of Jung'... God Forever Geometrizes · Learning the One ... Vishnu, Sri Aurobindo & the Force of a Secret Unit. ...  In our day and current Age of Aquarius, this KEY of Gnosis has been revealed via the combined or Triune yoga of Sri Aurobindo, the Mother and Patrizia ...

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Centre for Sri Aurobindo Studies, Ambala City

वीआईपी वाक् - यहाँ अरविन्द के कुछ भाषण एवं इनकी समीक्षा हिन्दी में उपलब्ध है।
The Positive Philosophy: PROFESSIONAL ETHICS AND MORALITY by देशराज सिरसवाल
Isa Upanishad cited from Sinha, Nirmal Chandra, “Failure of Imperialism as a Method of World Unity” in The Relevance of Sri Aurobindo Today, Sri Aurobindo Samiti,
Calcutta, 1975. Link to the Post: ... Desh Raj Sirswal, Project Fellow, Centre for Sri Aurobindo Studies, Ambala City.
discussion will be synthesized in the light of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo. The youth are the messengers of strength and vitality. Let us unite for the sake of The. Mother and Sri Aurobindo and let us wake up and become a little more ... RIVERO YOUTH CARNIVAL invites you to check out rivero youth carnival 2010

To check it out, follow the link below: date 10 May 2010 09:42
Pondicherry amazes Shanghai's Pudong Hindustan Times
The pavilion sells Auroville handicrafts and plans to serve tea, samosas, coffee and croissants to showcase the fusion of Indian and French culture.

Interclub sports Calcutta Telegraph - Take part in Rabindra Jayanti celebration at Sri Aurobindo Institute of Culture, 3 Regent Park, 6pm. ...

Sarkar's "Law of Social Cycle" applies these traits in a theory of historical evolution, where ages rise and fall in terms of ruling elites representing one of the above mentioned traits. This "law" possibly connects to the earlier cyclical historical ideas of Sri Aurobindo, with a focus on the psychology of human development, as well as Ibn Khaldun, among other macrohistorians' ideas about cycles. However, along with a cyclical dimension - the rise and fall of ages - Sarkar's theory exhibits a correspondent linear dimension, in that economic and technological "progress" are considered critical in terms of meeting the changing material conditions of life. Ultimately, for Sarkar, true progress has to prioritize development in the spiritual dimension.
Towards a Science of Gnosis : An Interview with M Alan Kazlev by Single Eye Movement
Sri Aurobindo for example talks about this at some length in The Life Divine, he maps out the different stages from outer to inner being, Liberation and stages of ascent and descent beyond even that, culminating in what he calls ...
Again, the key to the evolution of God is "divine accommodation," which means that, at any time and in any culture or individual, knowledge of God is ...
Psychology: Arguments in Favor of the Theory of Reincarnation in ... by BLAMS
In the philosophical system of Sri Aurobindo, reincarnation is a necessary and indispensable mechanism for the dynamic process of evolution of the universe. According to him, the whole universe is a manifestation, an self-revelation ...
Workshop im Sri Aurobindo Center in Berlin. Kern des Workshops ist ein interaktives Spiel mit alltäglichen Dingen aus Natur und Technik. ... 

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Foolhardy premature attempts at “collective yoga”

Golden jubilee celebrations of Aurobindo Society Assam Tribune
DIGBOI, May 5 – The golden jubilee celebration of the Digboi chapter of Shri Aurobindo Society got under way in a solemn atmosphere on the evening of May 2 ...
The Hindu : Metro Plus Pondicherry - Lifestyle : Threads of life
For 10 years now a quaint little boutique in Auroville has not only been stocking an exotic range of clothes and accessories, but also empowering rural ... Pondy, here I come The Hindu
Auroville: A village. See, breathe and listen to nature at its best. ... Auroville also hosts a number of foreigners who have decided to be a part of this ...
At Auroville, there is the right recipe for harmonious integration. Mix of cultural roots of people exerts an influence on its peaceful co-existence. ... Read more … [9:07 AM]
All life is yoga The Hindu
You could have passed the busy Musheerabad crossroads numerous times and missed the Sri Aurobindo Bhavan, inconspicuously tucked away much like an oasis in ...
One of his teachers at Baroda College was Sri Aurobindo. Munshi later practised in Bombay High Court. Munshi was an active participant in the Indian ...
Towards an Integral Gnostic Community by M Alan Kazlev « Single ... By semadmin 
So I am not saying everyone in Integral Yoga only follows the one thing, absolutely not. And second, Sri Aurobindo and the Mother truly did bring something new, the Yoga of Descent, the Yoga of the Divinisation of the Body and of Matter ...
A critique of the book "The Lives of Sri Aurobindo" by Peter Heehs ... By Raman Reddy 
[The earlier biography of Sri Aurobindo by Peter Heehs published in 1989 was not free from defects as the writer below points out. For that matter, things started going wrong in the early eighties and Jugal Kishore Mukherji took Heehs ...
I do not agree that institutions such as the Ashram should be led by elected leaders since they are not and should not be democratic in formal structure. Other ways of developing leadership and legitimacy need to be followed. Posted by Anonymous to Savitri Era Open Forum at 10:46 AM, May 06, 2010 Sbc Internet Services ( Hayward, California, United States
Mise à jour du lien:
Posted by Anonymous to Savitri Era Religious Fraternity at 6:22 PM, May 04, 2010 Aic Network ( Lyon, Rhone-alpes, France
"true" HIS-story? Posted by Anonymous to Feel Philosophy at 7:17 AM, May 05, 2010 Chariot Limited ( Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Cuddalore in Tamil Nadu, Yeddyurappa said he enjoyed visiting Puducherry, ''a city with a pleasant environment and blessed by the great Sri Aurobindo. ...
In a unique collaboration between the California Institute for Integral Studies ( and Matagiri Sri Aurobindo Center (, the Fifth Integral Psychology Conference (IPC) is being held at Menla Mountain Retreat in Phoenicia, NY July 1st-5th... Among the featured speakers attending the conference from India are Dr. Aster Patel and Dr. Alok Pandey. Dr. Patel, a graduate of the Sorbonne, is the daughter of Dr. Indra Sen, a pioneer in Integral Psychology and coined the term. Dr. Pandey has practiced as a psychiatrist for many years in India and is the author of the new book, "Death, Dying and Beyond". Julian Lines Matagiri Sri Aurobindo Center
debbanerji Posted March 29, 2010 at 7:17 am | Permalink
Yes, I agree with your nuancing – it is important to hghlight the fact that it is through individual mutation that there can be any possibility of a gnostic community. Foolhardy premature attempts at “collective yoga” remain at best feel-good gregariousnes expressing the play of mediocrity ambition and guilt and at worst cultic imprisonment constituted by the grammar of identity politics and the rites of brainwashing and mob hysteria. Interestingly, these two poles happily co-exist, in a mutual back-scratrching relation.
Rcarlson Posted March 29, 2010 at 6:12 pm | Permalink
Well exactly what you say here demonstrates its applicability as instanced by recent events in the collective IY community, in which members of one “would be” gnostic community -with a few notable exceptions- provided support to those members of another more orthodox wannabe gnostic community down the road, who were engaging in the cultic persecution of an author of a controversial book.
The mutual backscratching included, not only the failure to speak out against injustice but in continuing to invite to speak at their institutions those very people engaged in a smear campaign against the author. (A smear campaign antithetical to the values of said gnostic community) These invitations provided tacit support to those who incited actions that included threats of mob actions of denunciation and ridicule, threats of violence, instances of actual violence, and trumped up court cases.
Most disheartening was that the leadership of the said gnostic community waited until the matter had by in large been concluded, before even attempting to collectively speak out against the injustice, and when they finally did, under pressure from the notable few, they did so with the most neutrally worded paternalistic statement possible, so as not to upset the feel-good politics of a New Dawn.

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We seem to be hypocrites in our sleep also

May 4 at Sri Aurobindo Institute of Culture, 3 Regent Park; 6 pm: Discourse on The Life Divine by Prof. Biswanath Roy. 
The youth wing holds weekly readings of Sri Aurobindo's works and ... It was on April 4, 1910 that Sri Aurobindo reached the city of Pondicherry from ...
Since 1963, he has been an ashramite at Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry. Manoj Das is currently an English professor at the Sri Aurobindo International
Then I found a teacher from the International School belonging to the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry. His name is Narendra. He has developed a novel, inspiring and light method to teach grammar, which doesn’t feel like you do any grammar at all. At the same time it isn’t diluted for beginners so you don’t end up with partial knowledge. I also followed a few Sanskrit Conversation camps, which all brought about more familiarity.
Narendra says he owes his method to Sri Aurobindo and his companion The Mother who inspired him to come up with the course we now follow in Dublin. This is one of the many things The Mother said to inspire him:“Teach logically. Your method should be most natural, efficient and stimulating to the mind. It should carry one forward at a great pace. You need not cling there to any past or present manner of teaching.”
This is how I would summarize the principles for teaching Sanskrit as we carry it out at present:
1. Language learning is not for academics as everyone learns to speak a language from an early age before they can read and write and know what an academic is. So why insist in teaching Sanskrit academically?
2. The writing script is not the most fundamental thing to be taught. A language is firstly made of its sounds, words and spoken sentences. [The script we use -though very beautiful- is only a few hundred years old.]
3. Always go from what is known to what is new.
4. Understanding works better than memorisation in this Age. Learning by heart should only take up 10 percent of the mental work, rather than the 90 percent rote learning in Sanskrit up to the recent present.
5. Don’t teach words and endings in isolation; teach them in the context of a sentence as the sentence is the smallest meaningful unit in language.
6. Any tedious memory work which cannot be avoided should be taught in a song.
7. Do not teach grammatical terms. Just as we don’t need to know about the carburetor, when we learn to drive a car.
8. The course should be finished in two years by an average student according to Narendra. This may be a little optimistic given that we are a little out of the loop not living in India, which is still Sanskrit’s custodian. At present I would say it is going to be a three-year course.
9. Language learning must be playful. Use drama, song, computer games and other tricks to make learning enjoyable.
We have started on this course since September and it has certainly put a smile on our pupils’ faces, which makes a pleasant change. I now feel totally confident that we are providing your children with a thorough, structured and enjoyable course. Our students should be well prepared for the International Sanskrit Cambridge exam by the time they finish –age 14/15- at the end of second year. We will also teach them some of the timeless wisdom enshrined in various verses. At present we are teaching them: “All that lives is full of the Lord. Claim nothing; enjoy! Do not covet His property”- in the original of course.
Sri Aurobindo said “…at once majestic and sweet and flexible, ...

You have a valid point. All one can say is, there are far too many imponderables in life, and this could be one of them though of a very minor kind. My puzzle is however different: it is this author who is given a recommendation for rendering “valuable” services. Hypocrisy—that is all one can about it. There is nothing spiritual in it, and that causes pain. We seem to be hypocrites in our sleep also, to modify Hazlitt. ~ RYD
whoever this vd is, has no courage to give his full name and that is why he is hiding. Posted by Anonymous to Savitri Era at 9:26 PM, May 03, 2010 Carphone Warehouse Broadband Services ( London, United Kingdom
Von Franz was convinced that through the feminine principle of Eros or relatedness, along with feeling and intuition, the wounds created by the Western patriarchal worldview will be healed.