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I read his biography and was blown away by it

Sri Aurobindo - The very name fills my entire being with infinite gratitude. The true homage to HIM is to remain in this state of gratitude and continue in the world doing everything as a pure offering to HIM. HIS life was entirely dedicated for the liberation of the humanity.

Sri Aurobindo attained Mahasamadhi on this day in 1950... Poet of Patriotism & Prophet of Nationalism whose  contribution to India's awakening was epochal...

Remembering and paying my tributes to Sri Aurobindo today, on his 69th death anniversary. An eminent Philosopher and leader, his philosophy, leadership, and principles continue to inspire and motivate the nation.

My humble tributes to a great philosopher, yogi, guru, poet & above all a great nationalist Sri Aurobindo on his death anniversary.
As a civil servant& later as a freedom fighter he played a major role in influencing a lot of leaders & people towards Independence struggle.

I offer tribute to the inspirational social reformer Sri Aurobindo on his death anniversary.

Philosopher, yogi, guru, poet & nationalist, he introduced his vision on human progress & spiritual evolution & was an influential leader of our freedom movement.

The Matrimandir (Sanskrit for Temple of The Mother) is an edifice of spiritual significance for practitioners of Integral yoga, in the centre of Auroville established by The Mother of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram. It is…

First n last printed in 1917, Sarani found a brittle copy in Sri Aurobindo Library Pondicherry n was allowed a photocopy. Sri Aurobindo reviewed d bk n created The Future Poetry out of it. Authorspress agreed to reprint the lost history. @Authorspress

India's independence movement was rooted in a greater civilizational inspiration to return to the Vedas and bring Yoga and Vedanta to the world. Swami Dayananda Saraswati of Arya Samaj, Swami Vivekananda and Sri Aurobindo were most notable in this regard.

Tributes to freedom fighter, spiritual guru, poet, philosopher Sri Aurobindo ji on his punya tithi.

I read his biography only a few months ago, & was blown away by it. Do find time to read about him, if not the full bio then at least his pithy, illuminating quotes 🙏🙏🙏

The concept that humans are the only species that is aware of evolution (including mental evolution) and hence, can try to accelerate evolving into supra-mental being is not just so logical but the most outstanding scientific thought he worked on.

#SriAurobindo's vision of #भारतमाता as #विश्वगुरु guiding humanity again for the future, remains unfulfilled,but is now awakened once more as an aspiration.May his wisdom & power help that become a reality in the years to come. Remembering his #Mahasamadhiday 5Dec1950
आत्मिक नमन!

#Ambedkar's Preamble: A Secret History of the #Constitution of India by @aakash_ironman from @PenguinIndia Vintage

Dr BR Ambedkar, Not Nehru, Gave Us the Preamble to  Constitution
Available for pre-order now:

Panipat: Once Upon a Time, it was the Women Who Ruled the Roost

Salutations and tributes to Babasaheb #Ambedkar a rare blend of social reformer,lawyer,economist, poltician and above all some one who could call a spade a spade be it on Article 370, UCC, on communism, on two nation theory..
A true timeles son of Maa Bharati...

J Edgar - remarkable movie. Clint Eastwood can make some really good ones.

I liked how what the general society considers to be a pussified man made the most difference in a job percieved to be the bastion of "manliness". It's a message for the society to set its priorities right when judging a person.

Perfect perspective. Sobering sensible thoughts. Trust @ARanganathan72 to force us to look at the truth, that for many is inconvenient.

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Comparative works can widen Sri Aurobindo Studies

Assorted tweets collated by @NathTusar Director #SavitriEra Learning Forum (SELF since 2005) #SriAurobindo #FiveDreams

The Meaning of the Vedic Sacrifice

Certainly di, that is a topic that requires close study - to  discern where modern psychology is on the right path and where it is going astray.. Here is what Mother said:
Thanks for the suggestion sir, May the Mother guide

I believe it can be..check how Sri Aurobindo wields English..use of Sanskrit NTs if done with sufficient frequency can acquire familiarity...if Latin phrases can gain common usage, why not ours?!

Someone must now write something on Sri Aurobindo wid reference to the giant-sized western psychologists n social historians occupying the academic space today-especially Foucault n Lacan. It is only thru comparative works that we can widen the scope of Sri Aurobindo Studies.
If he is the "completest synthesis of the East n the West", where lies the western stuff in him? Not much of true stuff on this is available in the market still.
He has to sell his book Sir! Truth doesn't sell much in the mass market! Who cares for Sri Aurobindo?
Publishers should also be blamed. They cannot deny their responsibility.

Tarachand badjatya used to stay in Golconde guest house at Puducherrry, and has helped ashram playground etc to direct movies on Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. Still in their all movies they pay homage to The Mother and Sri Aurobindo.. gratitude @Auro_Mere  ..#sriaurobindo
Here is a still from movie Maine Pyaar Kiya in this movie you can find their frames at many places in movie . #sriaurobindo

I might have tweeted any number of links but people don't read nor need any further clarification. Why our educated folk are so reluctant to read Sri Aurobindo is a mystery. Articles on him are generally superficial and misleading. His #FiveDreams however contain seeds of future.
Darwin signifies a watershed; so many fields of inquiry got reconfigured to accommodate his findings. But in India it feels like he never mattered; ancient texts contain all the wisdom. Thankfully Sri Aurobindo took up the pen; after a dozen incomplete drafts came The Life Divine.

Savitri Era Political Action: Sri Aurobindo's agenda has potential of capturing power @NathTusar
"If this is not the solution, then there is no solution; if this is not the way, then there is no way for the human kind" #SriAurobindo #FiveDreams #WorldUnion
Those who are drawn towards the vortex of Sanskrit texts in their youthful enthusiasm are inviting trouble for all their life. One text will lead to another and then multiple commentaries etc. would rob many pleasures and cause vertigo. Sri Aurobindo's English translations safer.
Sri Aurobindo has hinted at Sanskrit possessing original root sounds that are self-creative. However no such quest is on and subjective findings are suspect. As regards the Mantra aspect Sri Aurobindo's poetic output in English is more accessible and relevant for the modern times
Proof is the very fulcrum of science but since there are immeasurable fields of knowledge beyond the confines of science philosophical speculation comes to the rescue. There epistemology is as crucial as empiricism. I'm not an atheist but against Astrology, Mythology, and Rituals

Its not about me, sir. I asked you a simple question, based on your tweet, but rather you got offended. So its like you want to question anything & everything, but if someone questions you, you get offended. Justness is also scanty like common sense.

“This is not the time, nor the place, for liberals to throw their hands up in despair and surrender and accept fate. Doing so would be profoundly illiberal.”
Enough obituaries have been written for liberalism, but ideas of openness and dissent will always remain relevant. ⁦@saliltripathi⁩
Lovely piece Salil. Just one quibble Arundhati Roy did not coin “comfort the afflicted & afflict the comfortable” it was Finley Peter Dunne

Brilliant @_YogendraYadav on the “3 mistakes of Modi critics in India”
And why he things ‘soft-Moditva’ is not one of them

and finally, this bedtime story by @SankarshanT is mandatory reading for all so we don't forget those left to be forgotten

In my @htTweets column today I write on the evolving idea of social justice in India. From demanding end of untouchability and caste-based exclusion to demanding representation in jobs & legislature, it has now become demand for socio-economic mobility.

.. Your argument is not rational. It's a distorted reflection of following argument: Huge sized Nation was built by British Bureaucracy. The heat and friction of United India led to willing surrender - unite to surrender. The frustrating thing about any dinosaur sized

Pre-retirement judgements sometimes get influenced by post-retirement jobs.
There should be a two year mandatory cooling off period after retirement of a judge and before his subsequent appointment.

Stephen Hicks Ph.D. Exposes Postmodern Professors War on Young Minds #Objectivism #GrowLiberty
Check This Out:

Distortions, Errors, Misrepresentations – Devdutt Pattanaik’s Mahabharata | @AbhinavAgarwal IndiaFacts via @IndiaFactsOrg
Vedic view of evolution from Upanishads to Sri Aurobindo is an evolution of consciousness, not merely of bodies. Only possible because consciousness seeded the universe at its origin. Not a matter of Darwinian natural selection but the power of consciousness (Chit-Shakti).

These words of Sri Aurobindo ring with another note and set us thinking when we see countries like China and North Korea. People have been turned into robots and individual liberty & growth & expression trampled upon ruthlessly.

Atleast in Odisha schools run by RSS/VHP,Satya Sai Trust,Sri Aurobindo trust ,etc are giving serious completion:-)

Interesting article that presents varied perspectives in dealing with the climate problem, on a quadrant where the two axes are globalism-nationalism and capitalism-socialism.
In  dealing with fires in tropical rainforests, we should address root causes, not surface symptoms.
If you believe in doing Sādhana over multiple lives, it is fine. 😀 Besides, the beauty of Sanskrit is the effect on the mind. It cools it down through the vibrations of the inner voice when we read the texts.

Plasim Radar

The Meaning of the Vedic Sacrifice - The Manduka Upanishad, in Chapter One: Section 2 has a series of verses describing the act of the sacrifice. Most commentators interpret this in a strictl...

Against relevance - The oath used to mean something. It used to ensure the rectitude of our politics and the integrity of our law. It used to be the guarantee of our words a...

Sri Aurobindo’s poem “Love and Death” (a talk in Hindi TH 036) - The talk is based on Sri Aurobindo’s longer narrative poem ‘Love and Death’. The poem is written in blank verse while in Baroda around 1899 in the pre-yo...

The River of Time and the Return of the Repressed - Heraclitus is especially notable for his paradox that you can’t put your foot in the same river twice (and perhaps even once). The river is time, and it is...

German romanticism, American transcendentalism, and Bengal Renaissance - Assorted tweets collated by @NathTusar Director #SavitriEra Learning Forum (SELF since 2005) #SriAurobindo #FiveDreams Narad's Arrival at Madra. By RY Des...

Amartya Sen on why India lags China - Amartya Sen wrote an op ed in 2013 titled 'Why India trails China'. MODERN India is, in many ways, a success. Its claim to be the world’s largest democracy...

- Earth humor, ar! ar! I got an A on my final paper on Martin Heidegger. My girlfriend, who took the class with me, was enraged that the Heidegger paper I wr...

Savitri Era Party keeps the hope of alternative politics burning - Tweets in original by @SavitriEraParty and @NathTusar: No one in Odisha is willing to look beyond BJD and BJP. Savitri Era Party however keeps the hope of...

Film Review: His Father’s Voice - I just saw “His Father’s Voice” and it fills me with hope for the future because it shows that Indian cinema is now closer to being global cinema in its co...

What is Life? – II The Scientific Perspective and the Spiritual Vision – M S Srinivasan - In the first part of this article we have studied the nature of life in the light of modern scientific perspective. In this part we will explore the spiri...

Asian historicism before Protestantism - We are surely familiar with the pattern by now: members of an Asian tradition are concerned about supposed corruptions in their tradition which depart from...

Asian historicism before Protestantism - We are surely familiar with the pattern by now: members of an Asian tradition are concerned about supposed corruptions in … Continue reading →

Shobha Mitra : The Story of a Dedicated Soul by Anurag Banerjee - Dear Friends, On Wednesday, 31 July 2019, the Aurobindonian community lost a great music maestro and a creative genius with the passing away of Shobha Mitr...

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From being a rationalist to being a devotee

Assorted tweets:

Folks - Let's talk about race, privilege, identity, and what constitutes a legitimate claim to knowledge in the study of Indian history. THREAD #AcademicChatter #AcademicTwitter #history #India
So, does my race matter? Yes. I have benefited from white privilege at every stage in my life, including now. I oppose white privilege and strive to make the playing field more equal. Simultaneously, I try to use my white privilege for the greater good, to call out injustices.
Knowledge of history is not found in the water that you drink, nor in your blood that runs through your veins. Historical knowledge is gained by long, intense, laborious training.
So, folks, identity matters, but it is not the basis on which historians speak. If you want to listen to someone's views on Indian history because of their appearance, you're rejecting the very basis of academic inquiry, namely the bedrock of knowledge and analysis.

Audrey Truschke- how soul vultures lie about Indian history for cheap conversions – She belongs to a soul vulture family. Should not be allowed to enter India as her prime motivation is conversion through false narratives

Even hotter take: Derrida's critique of Agamben is clearly motivated by personal animosity! And many Derrideans accept it due to in-group dynamics rather than a fair assessment of Agamben's work! Which is fine. There's so much to read.
I'm working on Homo Sacer today, and it strikes me that antiquated medical texts are an "area of competence" for Agamben throughout his career. We get a good helping of that in Stanzas, in the third part of Homo Sacer, then in Use of Bodies.

We begin a new series on the enduring fight for survival of an ancient civilisation against a menacing, violent ideology: the first that has refused to submit to the onslaught, the last of the great pagan bastions..Who will win..?
#Quran #Islam #Hindus

The Qur’ān, the Mu’mins, the Ahl-e-Qitāb & The Kāfirs – I
A spate of violence unleashed on Hindus by Muslim mobs in the recent months in India have to be viewed in the context of a larger war of civilisation that has been going on since fourteen centuries

All Muslims turn towards the Kaaba to pray, but this was not always so. In the initial phase of Islam, Muslims turned towards Jerusalem. It was only later that the qiblah was changed to the Kaaba, writes @mjakbar,

The Ahmedabad Session of the pre-independence Indian National Congress that met on 24 December 1921 officially appointed Mohandas Gandhi as the dictator. Read what happened next.

There's one device I want you everyone to keep in mind when reading about Hindu Princely states. Nehruvian era historians distorted their actions greatly, in order to justify the merger

A careful reader can see Bankim Chandra ji's writing transition from being a rationalist to being a devotee through out the book. The transition, whether by intent or by destiny, is beautiful @Sai_swaroopa @AbhinavAgarwal @IndicAcademy @indictoday

I don’t know. Does anybody know? 😀
I would guess the outlook for sport would be similar to Yōga, or to the Mārga dance forms in Nātyaśāstra: avoid risky sports that bring harm to the body, avoid games of chance/gambling, cultivate sports that bring union to the body and mind.
From the point of view of Nātyaśāstra, the performance is ultimately not for an audience, but for the meditative inner experience of the performer himself/herself. The same is true of sport. From a Yogic perspective, a good sport should encourage this capacity of “flow” over age.

"Nation-state borders, in their current form, cannot humanely, justly, or even efficiently accommodate the depth of transnational interconnection that characterizes our world."

Climate Revolution a ‘Must Read’ for understanding our Sun driven climate as we progress deeper into the new Eddy Grand Solar Minimum. Weather extremes leading to high food prices are here now, and this book describes the expected changes from 2019-2023

Can i have ur e mail id please....I personally involve  in waste  management policy issue which has a huge potential for livelihood good friend from Odisha has strted a compay to provide primary health care fascility in digital platforms..Mail u detais..

Rasagola is good as it has protein. Not eating rice or roti (including their derivatives) is the solution. Body doesn't need them at all. My Bhata chhada andolana!
Please take a look at this seminal work. @BooksPanda @ashoswai @svaradarajan

I realised Mogubai's Tilak Kamod (Sakala Dukha Harana) rendition wasn't available on YouTube. Sharing it with all of you on her 115th birth anniversary. #Mogubai #MogubaiKurdikar

Magic of such timeless classic: one can't remember when & where one heard it for the first time! Whoever in our time hadn't a chance to hear it in  childhood is an unfortunate one.

Krishna's lover Radha was not even named in Srimad Bhagavatam, the canonical text strictly followed by the Hare Krishna Vaishnavites. If I'm not wrong, several other puranas (Brahma-Vaivarta Purana, etc), suggest that Radha is fair-complexioned while Krishna isn't..

The reality is that the religiously motivated nob violence by muslims on non muslims is the highest. Make muslims peaceful, @asadowaisi. Make muslims stop cattle theft, smuggling, mob violence, rape and lynching of innocent Hindus, especially our dalit brothers and sisters.

Same logic applies to you. You believing that 'I am imposing my love for cow' is ur personal choice and is only limited to you. You can't impose your belief on me. I worship and protect whatever I want. Also, I won't get violent when some 'Vishnu Das' is lynched. Jai Shri Ram.

@Auro_Mere Again gone thro’ the article  in @timesofindia ! Appears that only @iitmadras @IITKgp @IITKanpur @iitgn etc are associated with the project ‘Gandhipaedia ‘! I hope there’ll be lots of devotees of #SriAurobindo ,like you’re from @iitdelhi, who can help in ‘Auropedia’ !

61) Hymns 389 - 394 (Verses 3,914 - 3,951): Description of Rig-Veda, Mandala 05, Sukta 035 to 040 (including a hymn on the legend of Svarbhanu); with #SriAurobindo's words on the true psychological significance of Soma

What is the origin of the different methods of writing,– from right to left, from left to right or, like the Chinese, vertically? SRI AUROBINDO ESSAYS IN PHILOSOPHY AND YOGA SHORTER WORKS 1910-1950 @vakibs @bennedose @Hiranyareta @Shakra_Kulish @Parikramah

Twelve years back @NathTusar, Director, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF), Shipra Riviera, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad (UP) #FiveDreams #WorldUnion
"No term was fixed to the high-pitched attempt;" -Sri Aurobindo. Savitri. Book 2, Canto 1
Savitri Era Political Action: Will Durant, Paul Brunton, and Bimal Roy
@NathTusar, Director, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF), Shipra Riviera, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad UP #FiveDreams #WorldUnion
Savitri Era of those who adore,
Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.

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Strive for a united, peaceful global society

Assorted tweets:

The larger aim of the Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education, Pondicherry, is to strive for a united, peaceful global society. Refreshingly, there is no talk of religion. Modi’s elevation to the post of India’s prime minister in 2014 is a watershed moment for India. @PMOIndia @narendramodi has understood the idea of Bharat Shakti & is therefore the best instrument to confirm & fulfil Aurobindo’s augury.

In absence of concrete ideas and policies, empty symbolism is what passes for pro Hindu polity. (This is why core is important)

That was what the great S R Goel had nicknamed 'windbag' politics, steered in his time by Vajpayee. Alas! that wasn't an exception but has become a well-entrenched tradition.

For the BJP however, especially after the advent of Modi at its helm, ‘Vande Mataram’ evolved into a war cry, a chant that defines the party’s – and other affiliates of the Sangh parivar – view of nationalism.

5/ Sri Aurobindo's difficulty in expressing on paper what he experienced firsthand inwardly, is a GREAT lesson: No matter what the words on the page tell us, they NEVER give us more than a hint or a suggestion or a pointer to what the real meaning of those words are or might be..

Peter Heehs and his American supporters at the Archives of Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry, should be packed off to Donald Trump’s country -- read

The Mother & Sri Aurobindo can't, definitely, be identified with one nation; they worked for the whole humanity or rather to transcend it. Those who are in love with a muscular representation of Sri Aurobindo's political philosophy are, of course, entitled to such a tunnel vision.

Exactly. But Ashis Nandy n Dipesh Chakrabarty refuse to accept our view. And they are the "gods" of social history today!!! Sugata Bose knows his value a bit.

Let's hope that new informed representation of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo surface across disciplines so that the two extremes, 1) yoga and meditation pushed by the Ashram, and 2) militant revolutionary popularised by the left make way for a wider appreciation of their versatility

1. There is need to bring Sri Aurobindo's vision to occupy Indian political space.
2. We also need to be REALISTIC.
3. It would not be like Hindutva.
3. But it would need to address Islamic terrorism and Christian convertion.
4. Let this idea reach all Sri Aurobindo followers.

Marketime: Muscular representation of Sri Aurobindo is tunnel vision
Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF) @NathTusar
Savitri Era of those who adore,
Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.

"Spiritual Dimension of Fertility, Pregnancy and Childbirth in Ayurveda" - essay by Dr. P. Rammanohar, Research Director, Amrita Centre for Advanced Research in Ayurveda https://Spiritual Dimension of Fertility, Pregnancy and Childbirth in Ayurveda

But we had Yogis like Sri Aurobindo who by his acute Sadhna ,turned the course of a World war ! Didn't let Hitler the evil forces win ,This is the strength of his Tap , sadhne & sacrifice ,Don't know abt him but we hv enlightened babas who hv attained victory over nature ! -

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

A sense of cohesion having communal goals

Assorted tweets:

God can only be known by symbols because in its ultimate reality it defies logic and exceeds perception – Sri Aurobindo

William James, the first psychologist to demonstrate “war”, the author of the seminal essay named ‘The Moral Equivalent of War’, coined the term “discipline”, indicating a sense of cohesion having communal goals towards the service of greater welfare.

At the personal level, war makes us feel more alive, awake and alert. As per the bird’s eye view of James, “it ‘redeem[s] life from flat degeneration.’ Moreover, it gives us purpose and meaning, going beyond the monotony of daily life. “Life seems cast upon a higher plane of power”.  In this age, the development of democracy, nuclear deterrent and especially sports as the “moral equivalent of war”-as mentioned by James, are some salient factors getting around for the rise in peacefulness. Apart from this, the rise of international trades, communications, and the Internet are also capturing the worth mentioning place values.  Thus, empathy has been rising, and moral inclusions are promoted. However, it must be reminded that perpetuating overconfidence of human psychology to control and secure the self-invented technologies or war innovations like missiles, nuclear weapons, artificial intelligence, and so on, had been giving rise to complacency.  Besides, Hilbert's problems of security, the future of various war technologies have also been raising various ethical and political debates regarding what type of community we will be leaving for future generations. Rajabhishek Dey [The Psychology of War, Steve Taylor Ph.D.,]

Bhagavad Gita and Mahabharata. Analysis of Chapter V Kurukshetra from Essays on The Gita by Sri Aurobindo

I hear you. Grappled with same binary, still do to an extent. Solution seems to be poise of the Gita, to engage in battle while positing our consciousness on the Divine. That way life and sadhana need not be divorced. A vast world-action, even terrible, is the way of Kshatriya.
And I use term Kshatriya for its characteristic impulse to make progress under hostile conditions. This varna template makes one not foster the other three varnas implicit or behind dominant one. Makes us hobbled. Read Essays on Gita by Sri Aurobindo, if you have not, will help.

He is an international icon ! Whitman, Yeats, Tagore n Sri Aurobindo. 4 world poets of the modern age.

“He’s become an American icon, and I think that was a hope of his." —Karen Karbiener
Learn more about Walt Whitman and the #WaltWhitman200 exhibition now.

Ginsberg was the apostle of a truly visionary sexuality. Like the expansive, sensual, democratic Whitman but unlike the twisted, dishonest, pretentious Foucault, he saw the continuity between great nature and the human body, bathed in waves of cosmic energy. (Salon 4/15/1997)
Our guide should be not the frigid, head-tripping nerd Michel Foucault but prophetic Allen Ginsberg, who fused Hinduism with Walt Whitman to give us a radical vision of energy, passion, and sensuality—of homosexual desire grounded in the amoral rhythms of nature. (VT 1994)
For gay men, free love detached from all reference to nature meant that, by the eighties, their ruling theorist would be social constructionist Michel Foucault rather than the nature-revering Whitman or Ginsberg. (Arion 2003)

Deplatforming & unpersoning are examples of Foucauldian ‘dividing practices’. Foucault’s own examples include the isolation of lepers during the Middle Ages, & later the confinement of the insane. Unpersoning is an especially devastating & effective method.[..]
They want to defend essentialism, which Foucault rejects. Foucault doesn’t say ‘there is no human nature’, he rather changes the subject and asks how was human nature defined in any given epoch. Who was doing the defining? Etc.

I’ve wondered why people like paglia and many on the right shit on Foucault when the the majority of what he’s doing is critiquing elite power dynamics

Explore #Foucault's thoughts on homosexuality in this OUP blog. A major influence on #queertheory, he examined the issues of power, repression, and sexuality and the ways in which societies penalize those who reject the norms #PrideMonth #philosopherOTM

Excuse me, but I am tired of seeing posts like this. William Blake, Walt Whitman, Foucault and other free thinkers sought to liberate sexual activity in general, not to shackle it to “queerness,” and “deviance.” Sexuality liberated is Private!

Dr. @dnbrgr put together a comprehensive prison abolition syllabus which invites people to read many different books:

1. Limits to Pain: The Role of Punishment in Penal Policy by Nils Christie.
2. Instead of Prisons: A Handbook for Abolitionists by Prison Research Education Action Project
3. Kind & Usual Punishment: The Prison Business by Jessica Mitford

4. Golden Gulag by Ruth Wilson Gilmore
5. Penal Abolition: The Practical Choice by Ruth Morris
6. Abolition Now! Ten Years of Strategy and Struggle Agains the PIC by Critical Resistance.

7. The Crime of Imprisonment by George Bernard Shaw
8. Arrested Justice by Beth Richie
9. How Nonviolence Protects the State by Peter Gelderloos
10. Disability Incarcerated Edited by Liat Ben Moshe
11. Reflections on the Guillotine by Albert Camus

Finally if you are a speculative fiction fan read Octavia's Brood edited by @adriennemaree and @WalidahImarisha. Also read Captive Genders edited by @Eric_A_Stanley

"If a state is going to take its secularism seriously, what might that mean for its education system?"
3rd up in our #Moral #Education series, Andrew Copson considers some #ethical problems for #Secular education in a pluralistic world: #philosophy ...

The new left economics: how a network of thinkers is transforming capitalism

Rejecting capitalist notions of freedom | @PriyamvadaGopal 
Priyamvada Gopal shows how the British tradition of anti-colonialism was heavily influenced by resistance from within the colonies. 
She is the author of Insurgent Empire: Anticolonial Resistance and British Dissent.
The book aims to contribute to, in a modest way ( I mean that) to reconfiguring the way we think about Britain and Britons' relationship to empire as well as how African & Asian heritage communities in Britain think about themselves in relation to Britain

Acerbic. Insightful. Brilliant. Arundhati Roy's book, Listening to Grasshoppers, examines the darkest deeds of the Indian democracy and asks uncomfortable questions.

#NeverForget Today was the day, June 25, 1975, when Indira Gandhi declared the #Emergency, and THIS is how it happened.
My column, on the darkest chapter in independent India's history.

Because India's nationalism is moored in the Hindu liberal tradition of pluralism, the country's future as a secular republic is secure, writes @sreemoytalukdar

Recently there were few attempts at giving a new interpretation to samskaras. This post, thanks to @zeneraalstuff , is in a way a response. Tries to show what our rishis thought of samskaras. And a short introduction to the main ones.

12) Hymns 71 - 76 (Verses 807 - 855): Description of Rig-Veda, Mandala 01, Sukta 071 to 076 (including more hymns on the powers of Agni); with #SriAurobindo's words on how He arrived at the psychological meaning behind the Vedic system of worlds & the Gods

13) Hymns 77 - 82 (Verses 856 - 908): Description of Rig-Veda, Mandala 01, Sukta 077 to 082 (including description of the movements of Indra and Agni); with #SriAurobindo's words on the necessity of establishing a philological basis for His psychological theory

29. The flame burning within that smoke is the powerful penance of Janaloka. This is also called as Naka or swarga, the plane of Bliss (anandamaya loka) bereft of ignorance and sorrow. Naka also refers to the state of Bliss that can be achieved by individual soul. ||1.6||
@gary_agg and all those who read Sivanandalahari bhaashyam !  Pl.  study today's bhaashyam very carefully may be a couple of times.  It explains a very important philosophical pillars of our Dhaarmic understanding of reality.
26.  .@MarioPuzo901 We are continuing the bhaashyam on Umasahasram from where we left off yesterday.

261. This in turn leads us to the realization of ‘sivoham’ of our oneness with Parameswara in Sivaanandalahari!
Sivoham, Sivoham 
262.  Tomorrow we will take up the next sloka.

The effect of an unselfish dharmika man around girls n women cannot be underestimated.  Just like effect of mother on small kids cannot be.  Anyway,  everybody wants jugaad,  nobody wants to invest n sacrifice for a dharmika community.

Time is always moving and taking things to their conclusion. Like a little kid one day becomes a old man, a big tree sprouts up from a tiny seed, a valley becomes a desert. We need to move with time. Whoever is waiting for an approval to move is only deceiving himself.
That's why Sanyasi's perform their own Sraddha before taking Sanyas. They have taken up a vow of moving alone and not to depend on anyone. Chart you own path. Each and every successful person has charted their own path.
Everyone of them had to clash with the society. The clash between society and a powerful person is the most ancient battle in the history of mankind. Clash between collectivism and Individualism. Vama Marg is individualistic.
It's fear which makes us weak and inactive. The difference between  a passive person and active person is actually fear. The fear of failure vs the urge to reach the success. That's what makes the difference.

it's always easy to gang up on one like a pack of wolves,requires no qualification, not even any guts :) only the lone warrior reaches enlightenment, as zen philosophy puts it and luckily for us, Bengal never lacked single 🐅,who stood away from flow, in all fields

Who stole my river? In the past 100 years, nearly 700 rivers have died in the delta of the Ganges in Bengal

Just today I came to know that some historians believed Junei, a place 2.5 km before Konarka, holds an important place in history. They believe this place was the capital of King Kharabela. @TapanSatpthy sir, @PramodpandaVk sir, @ashishkumar_tw  @mishra9_supriya @TheCrazy_Freak
Tarani bhai. You were also present there..You know better than me.

Reading "The RSS: A View to the Inside" by Walter K Andersen & Shridhar D. Damle. Had always wanted to read an authoritative account of the Sangh.

Savitri Era Learning Forum: Vama Marg is individualistic

Saturday, June 15, 2019

A practical and effective means of coming out of the present chaos

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Yet, this dream is on the way of becoming a reality. That is exactly what we are seeking to do at the Ashram of Sri Aurobindo on a small scale, in proportion to our modest means.
The achievement is indeed far from being perfect but it is progressive; little by little we advance towards our goal, which, we hope, one day we shall be able to hold before the world as a practical and effective means of coming out of the present chaos in order to be born into a more true, more harmonious new life.
The Mother

From the astronomical point of view the earth is nothing, it is a very small accident. From the spiritual point of view, it is a symbolic willed formation.
#TheMother #IntegralYoga

What I cannot do now is the sign of what I shall do hereafter. The sense of impossibility is the beginning of all possibilities. Because this temporal universe was a paradox and an impossibility, therefore the Eternal created it out of His being. #sriaurobindo

Sri Aurobindo: YOGA: we mean by this term a methodised effort towards self-perfection by the expression of the secret potentialities latent in the being & a union of the human individual with the universal and transcendent Existence we see partially expressed in man & in the Cosmos

In the current issue of Renaissance, our e-journal, we feature some fundamental tips for beginners on the path of sadhana/yoga. These letters were written by Pavitra, one of the earliest disciples of #SriAurobindo and the Mother #InternationalYogaDay
We are working on various innovative projects and keep organisig various programs for learning Sanskrit and Indian Culture. Follow us if you are interested to participate and learn. @Sampadananda @beloome #LearnSamskritam @languagecurry

If I am not wrong,rishi aurobindo and PY had made similar observations on non-monetary form of wealth system being a better option. @raptor_fossil @ArpanAgarwal3 @kalisbrood @BharatPronam @Sanjays81301051 murlignosis please feel free to chime in
The rise of communism in Bengal has more spiritual undercurrents than most even would try to figure/sort. The communist bastion in short term,blocked flow of the tentacles of global monetary chain into land of wb,thereby preventing temporary prosperity of this land.
@kalisbrood @raptor_fossil @ArpanAgarwal3 @redLotus1_ @Sanjays81301051 @Auro_Mere  u may like this I was reading these by taking printout of PDFs till now,but it's always better to have the touch of a real book in hands,that ways ideas get transmitted directly as I feel.

I'm not sure what SA said about barter system. But I think Mother did mention sthg akin to paper-note currency being value-less & gold coins of old having greater value etc.

One thing I find very interesting is where science ends Sri Aurobindo begins. Man is an intermediate stage of evolution is quite apparent and also scientifically evident now..Joy Sri Aurobindo

Well said. #SriAurobindo said that Sanatana Dharma is Hinduism and that is your religion. 
Till de day Dindus are just one community in this land among others, this land will remain like this. If the present situation is cool for some people, then , well.... less said, de better.

We sensed moderation in the approach of Modi govt and extended support. Apart from people like Jaitley or RSS, Reliance may be responsible for the middle path. Hindutva and Dynasty are aberrations and must be thrown away. Following Sri Aurobindo therefore is the most sensible way
Each religion is a bundle of superstition and people have no option than to carry forward that burden. They are fighting with each other without having any hand in creation of the religions. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have clearly said about the end of the reign of all religions.

Shubh Prabhat, Brothers !!
I am interested to know about the theology of SriAurobindo and TheMother.
You may suggest me books on that.
Best Wishes, My Brothers !!

Please google

"Mother ,Sri Aurobindo, 4 Asuras"
Satan was one of the 4. But he has converted to #Mither's side in 1905 itself.
He is lord of consciousness, chit or light.
But he became lord of darkness due to deleting of 'I' n separated himself frm Supreme Father like other 3.
and he started the Chinese revolution (nationalist one of Chang Mai shek) as beginning of "terrestrial revolution" on earth.
#Mother is Ādya ParaShakti. Came to earth to convert back or annul the original 4 Asuras (sat, chit, tapas, ananda) , her kids, before the Gods.

Satan after conversion in 1905 started Chinese revolution in 1911 at EXACT TIME N DATE that told #Mother in 1905.
Even breakdown of families n race riots in most advanced America too r his work alone.
All over the earth, he causes maximum disorder till he has to surrender before the #Mother (his also) in Bharat.

This is destined.