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Our nature must be an instrument in her hands

Editorial - Sraddha, November 2015 - Arup Basu

But since no human system has this endless receptivity and unfailing capacity, the supramental Yoga can succeed only if the Divine Force as it descends increases the personal power and equates the strength that receives with the Force that enters from above to work in the nature. This is only possible if there is on our part a progressive surrender of the being into the hands of the Divine .... Self-surrender to the divine and infinite Mother, however difficult, remains our only effective means and our sole abiding refuge. Self-surrender to her means that our nature must be an instrument in her hands, the soul a child in the arms of the Mother’ (Sri Aurobindo, Essays Human and Divine, 1994, pp.178-80). The Mother, ever practical, makes it much simpler and offers this mantra when she says that in each moment of our life, every movement of our consciousness and body cell, in all our thought and seeing, our very breathing and moving we must “Remember and Offer”.

Sceptics will point out that ‘when Sri Aurobindo left his body, the accumulated result of all his physical consciousness was transmitted to the Mother’s body, and thus there was no waste’ (Kireet Joshi and Jyoti Madhok, But it is done ..., p.98). But with the Mother’s passing away, there was no such body so capable and developed to receive and store the accumulated result of her consciousness. How then can we assume that the work of supramentalisation will continue in the foreseeable future? 

We all know that after Sri Aurobindo’s passing, Mother embarked upon a most painstaking, arduous and ambitious yoga of the cells, using her body as the field of experiment, seeking to make the physical consciousness, matter itself, the body-cell consciousness an unmediated and direct expression of the supreme Divine Consciousness-Force, as the Supreme manifesting through the Mother’s Force. Exhaustive notes of these experiences have been recorded in the minutest detail in her conversations with Satprem in Agenda. 

To return to the doubts expressed about the future of supramentalisation, Mother herself has resolved this problem in her conversation with Satprem in Agenda, vol.11, where she states firmly ‘that the object to be accomplished was the change in the physical consciousness, the change in the physical appearance was a secondary consequence, that would be the last thing to change. She said emphatically that the thing that had to be accomplished was accomplished’ (Ibid, p.107). She says ‘... this change in the CONSCIOUSNESS – has taken place .... The physical is CAPABLE of receiving the Superior Light, the Truth, the true consciousness and to manifest it’ (Ibid, p.108).

On this Victory day, therefore, let the 3-word mantra of the Mother be our watchword and remind ourselves once again that the best way of participating in this great and heroic evolutionary endeavour is to become an ideal child of the Mother. 

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Centre of all resistance is egoism

Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.