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  1. Pain is the hammer of the gods to break/ A dead resistance in the mortal's heart,/His slow inertia as of living stone. – Sri Aurobindo
  2. All Life is Yoga. - Sri Aurobindo
  3. Le Père Noël m'a demandé ce que je voulais comme cadeau, je lui ai dit qu'il prenne soin de la personne qui lit ce message. -Jitendra Sharma
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  6. (Man) is the closed place and secret workshop of a living labour in which supermanhood is being made ready by a divine Craftsman. -Aurobindo
  7. Man's greatness is not in what he is but in what he makes possible. - Sri Aurobindo
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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Disciples of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo

Breath of grace Madhav Pundalik Pandit 
Seven Dedicated Lives Sunayana Panda

I’d love to get these guys together with us in Auroville

The Hindu : Engagements: Chennai Today

Sri Aurobindo Society: Meetings, AP-514, J Block, 8th St., Anna Nagar, 6 p.m.; 5, Smith Rd., Anna Salai, 6.30 p.m.

The Hindu : Other States-Puducherry News : Calendars usher in ...

The Matrimandir calendar contains pictures of the awe-inspiring monument, and quotes from Sri Aurobindo's Savitri. The Auroline 14-month wall calendar, ...



Sri Aurobindo Integral Institute for Education & Research Sambalpur.

Sri Aurobindo Integral Institute for Education & Research One of the best schools of Sambalpur giving a almost 100% pass-out record each year....


SREEMA SRI AUROBINDO PATHACHAKRA (Divine Language Centre MA 32,GGP colony, Rasulgarh,bhubaneswar,orissa,india) It is a centre where discourses of the

Twitter / santosh krinsky: Sri Aurobindo. principles ...

Sri Aurobindo. principles from other worlds can add direct influence to evolution of involved forces in material world, bringing new options.

Mirror of Tomorrow :: Sanatana Dharma XXXI—Varuna-Mitra and the ...

9 hours ago - This is a paraphrase of the text of Chapter Seven of Sri Aurobindo's The Secret of the Veda. It presents the role of Vayu and Indra and then of Varuna and ...

All choice: Thoughts and Aphorisms 26

What Sri Aurobindo states here, according to The Mother, ... Sri Aurobindo and The Mother came upon this Earth in order to lead us all to the next step of ...
Book Two, Chapter Twenty-Five, "The Triple Transformation"
25 Dec 2009 by admin  THE LIFE DIVINE, by Sri Aurobindo: Book Two, Chapter Twenty-Five, “The Triple Transformation” (Part 2 of 3) · Book Two, Chapter Twenty-Five, “The Triple Transformation” (Part 2 of 3). This rule of different selves in us is at the root ...
Mystical Transformation and Spiritual Creativity » Blog Archive ...
by peter  The work of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother in the twentieth century furthered our understanding of “the mind of the cells” in a supramental consciousness manifested on earth. We have briefly hinted at what the nature of the human body ...
Sharani » Blog Archive » Tis the Season – East Meets West
25 Dec 2009 by Sharani  His youth was firmly rooted in Eastern spiritual traditions, having lived first in Chittagong, Bangladesh and then for two decades in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry, India. From 1964 forward he made his home in New York and his ...
mettafully yours: A Summary of What I've Been Learning
25 Dec 2009 by bhavana  Now, i’ve been living in Auroville India for the last 35 years, which is trying to build a city which will not need money, not need laws, because the citizens of that city will have a consciousness which understands the Whole first, and perceives personal interests in that context. Unfortunately, we the citizens of that city are not yet established in that wholistic state of consciousness, and our efforts to do without money and without laws are thwarted by the prevailing mind-set not only in the world but also within ourselves, in our own mental habits and limitations. What has held us together and with the project (a project which UNESCO endorsed in its beginning and celebrates on its 40th birthday), is a spiritual vision. Not a religious orthodoxy, but a vision of a new consciousness prevailing on the planet. And, as one of our articulators has winningly quipped, we mustn’t overlook that that new consciousness is conscious. Certainly the struggles and achievements of the Auroville experiment, the attempts to do work not as livelihood but as self-expression, the attempts to feed and clothe people collectively, the attempts to avoid legal systems and deal with difficulties in the moment, should be of great interest to the thinkers who are seeing the enormity of the present problem and have an opening to change of consciousness being the solution. Because it is not as easy as having the idea – there is an enormous detailed work to shift the entire economic, political, social context from the old paradigm to the new.
I am particularly thinking of Charles Eisenstein, who’s book The Ascent of Humanity faces the horror of the crises converging on humanity today, but sees it as the inevitable outcome of the course of mental development, and foresees a next step of development, The Age of Reunion. He images our global situation as that of an addict or alcoholic bottoming out, and through that making a radical change in consciousness. He sees the many contemporary movements which describe a new economy, new technology, new education etc. as seeds which would blossom in the world after the crisis. I find that he is carrying forward much of the vision of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, on which Auroville is based, but of which he has never heard. I also think of Peter Joseph, who after painting the terrible picture of global corruption in Zeitgeist, looks to the Venus Project for the new technology and sociology that would allow humanity to blossom in a world of abundance. The Venus Project is deeply rooted in the scientific method, and also in my opinion the mistaken materialist bias of scientism, but it is hopeful and well-intentioned, and brilliant. I’d love to get these guys together with us in Auroville, let them grok the sublimity of Sri Aurobindo’s vision, appreciate the difficult practicalities we’ve been dealing with, learn from each other, and move on together and with the many other contemporary visionaries, to help midwife the birth of the new consciousness. 
GURUDEV RAMLALJI SIYAG: vedas upnishads and tantra
 by drraghu74  Sri Aurobindo and his disciples uncovered connections between the Vedas and the later scriptures such as Upanishads, Puranas and the Tantra by tracing the evolution of concepts, use of common verses and the underlying symbolism between ...

Parents battle admission blues

But to ask me what do I think about the current education system, or have I read any text of Aurobindo is not!" she added.
Yoga and Side Shoulder Stand – Go Beyond Asana to Reach Infinity
The great Indian Sage Sri Aurobindo once wrote, “When we have passed beyond knowings, then we shall have knowledge. Reason was the helper, but reason is also the bar.” A similar shift in status from vehicle to roadblock can occur with ...