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A sense of cohesion having communal goals

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God can only be known by symbols because in its ultimate reality it defies logic and exceeds perception – Sri Aurobindo https://t.co/O9jlMsqgib

William James, the first psychologist to demonstrate “war”, the author of the seminal essay named ‘The Moral Equivalent of War’, coined the term “discipline”, indicating a sense of cohesion having communal goals towards the service of greater welfare.

At the personal level, war makes us feel more alive, awake and alert. As per the bird’s eye view of James, “it ‘redeem[s] life from flat degeneration.’ Moreover, it gives us purpose and meaning, going beyond the monotony of daily life. “Life seems cast upon a higher plane of power”.  In this age, the development of democracy, nuclear deterrent and especially sports as the “moral equivalent of war”-as mentioned by James, are some salient factors getting around for the rise in peacefulness. Apart from this, the rise of international trades, communications, and the Internet are also capturing the worth mentioning place values.  Thus, empathy has been rising, and moral inclusions are promoted. However, it must be reminded that perpetuating overconfidence of human psychology to control and secure the self-invented technologies or war innovations like missiles, nuclear weapons, artificial intelligence, and so on, had been giving rise to complacency.  Besides, Hilbert's problems of security, the future of various war technologies have also been raising various ethical and political debates regarding what type of community we will be leaving for future generations. Rajabhishek Dey [The Psychology of War, Steve Taylor Ph.D., https://www.psychologytoday.com/intl/blog/out-the-darkness/201403/the-psychology-war]

Bhagavad Gita and Mahabharata. Analysis of Chapter V Kurukshetra from Essays on The Gita by Sri Aurobindo https://t.co/dGsX0Jpz4R

I hear you. Grappled with same binary, still do to an extent. Solution seems to be poise of the Gita, to engage in battle while positing our consciousness on the Divine. That way life and sadhana need not be divorced. A vast world-action, even terrible, is the way of Kshatriya.
And I use term Kshatriya for its characteristic impulse to make progress under hostile conditions. This varna template makes one not foster the other three varnas implicit or behind dominant one. Makes us hobbled. Read Essays on Gita by Sri Aurobindo, if you have not, will help.

He is an international icon ! Whitman, Yeats, Tagore n Sri Aurobindo. 4 world poets of the modern age.

“He’s become an American icon, and I think that was a hope of his." —Karen Karbiener
Learn more about Walt Whitman and the #WaltWhitman200 exhibition now. https://t.co/t1hV5qpG5X


Ginsberg was the apostle of a truly visionary sexuality. Like the expansive, sensual, democratic Whitman but unlike the twisted, dishonest, pretentious Foucault, he saw the continuity between great nature and the human body, bathed in waves of cosmic energy. (Salon 4/15/1997)
Our guide should be not the frigid, head-tripping nerd Michel Foucault but prophetic Allen Ginsberg, who fused Hinduism with Walt Whitman to give us a radical vision of energy, passion, and sensuality—of homosexual desire grounded in the amoral rhythms of nature. (VT 1994)
For gay men, free love detached from all reference to nature meant that, by the eighties, their ruling theorist would be social constructionist Michel Foucault rather than the nature-revering Whitman or Ginsberg. (Arion 2003)

Deplatforming & unpersoning are examples of Foucauldian ‘dividing practices’. Foucault’s own examples include the isolation of lepers during the Middle Ages, & later the confinement of the insane. Unpersoning is an especially devastating & effective method.[..]
They want to defend essentialism, which Foucault rejects. Foucault doesn’t say ‘there is no human nature’, he rather changes the subject and asks how was human nature defined in any given epoch. Who was doing the defining? Etc.

I’ve wondered why people like paglia and many on the right shit on Foucault when the the majority of what he’s doing is critiquing elite power dynamics

Explore #Foucault's thoughts on homosexuality in this OUP blog. A major influence on #queertheory, he examined the issues of power, repression, and sexuality and the ways in which societies penalize those who reject the norms #PrideMonth #philosopherOTM  https://t.co/OuI06CYOcq

Excuse me, but I am tired of seeing posts like this. William Blake, Walt Whitman, Foucault and other free thinkers sought to liberate sexual activity in general, not to shackle it to “queerness,” and “deviance.” Sexuality liberated is Private!

Dr. @dnbrgr put together a comprehensive prison abolition syllabus which invites people to read many different books: https://t.co/SLtUs5rIME

1. Limits to Pain: The Role of Punishment in Penal Policy by Nils Christie.
2. Instead of Prisons: A Handbook for Abolitionists by Prison Research Education Action Project
3. Kind & Usual Punishment: The Prison Business by Jessica Mitford

4. Golden Gulag by Ruth Wilson Gilmore
5. Penal Abolition: The Practical Choice by Ruth Morris
6. Abolition Now! Ten Years of Strategy and Struggle Agains the PIC by Critical Resistance.

7. The Crime of Imprisonment by George Bernard Shaw
8. Arrested Justice by Beth Richie
9. How Nonviolence Protects the State by Peter Gelderloos
10. Disability Incarcerated Edited by Liat Ben Moshe
11. Reflections on the Guillotine by Albert Camus

Finally if you are a speculative fiction fan read Octavia's Brood edited by @adriennemaree and @WalidahImarisha. Also read Captive Genders edited by @Eric_A_Stanley

"If a state is going to take its secularism seriously, what might that mean for its education system?"
3rd up in our #Moral #Education series, Andrew Copson considers some #ethical problems for #Secular education in a pluralistic world: https://t.co/Xdal35Q1Hu #philosophy ...

The new left economics: how a network of thinkers is transforming capitalism https://t.co/LdhsS6sVi1

Rejecting capitalist notions of freedom | @PriyamvadaGopal 
Priyamvada Gopal shows how the British tradition of anti-colonialism was heavily influenced by resistance from within the colonies. 
She is the author of Insurgent Empire: Anticolonial Resistance and British Dissent. https://t.co/whdcuSBC0F

The book aims to contribute to, in a modest way ( I mean that) to reconfiguring the way we think about Britain and Britons' relationship to empire as well as how African & Asian heritage communities in Britain think about themselves in relation to Britain  https://t.co/LlDTE93TUr

Acerbic. Insightful. Brilliant. Arundhati Roy's book, Listening to Grasshoppers, examines the darkest deeds of the Indian democracy and asks uncomfortable questions. https://t.co/UMQJuif7WL

#NeverForget Today was the day, June 25, 1975, when Indira Gandhi declared the #Emergency, and THIS is how it happened.
My column, on the darkest chapter in independent India's history. https://t.co/B6WnK3L6pP

Because India's nationalism is moored in the Hindu liberal tradition of pluralism, the country's future as a secular republic is secure, writes @sreemoytalukdar https://t.co/dTF7Ll6r1W

Recently there were few attempts at giving a new interpretation to samskaras. This post, thanks to @zeneraalstuff , is in a way a response. Tries to show what our rishis thought of samskaras. And a short introduction to the main ones. https://t.co/L7MAqK03IN


12) Hymns 71 - 76 (Verses 807 - 855): Description of Rig-Veda, Mandala 01, Sukta 071 to 076 (including more hymns on the powers of Agni); with #SriAurobindo's words on how He arrived at the psychological meaning behind the Vedic system of worlds & the Gods https://t.co/nqF1jHzXwt


13) Hymns 77 - 82 (Verses 856 - 908): Description of Rig-Veda, Mandala 01, Sukta 077 to 082 (including description of the movements of Indra and Agni); with #SriAurobindo's words on the necessity of establishing a philological basis for His psychological theory https://t.co/vZXiQ1dd4w


29. The flame burning within that smoke is the powerful penance of Janaloka. This is also called as Naka or swarga, the plane of Bliss (anandamaya loka) bereft of ignorance and sorrow. Naka also refers to the state of Bliss that can be achieved by individual soul. ||1.6||
@gary_agg and all those who read Sivanandalahari bhaashyam !  Pl.  study today's bhaashyam very carefully may be a couple of times.  It explains a very important philosophical pillars of our Dhaarmic understanding of reality.
26.  .@MarioPuzo901 We are continuing the bhaashyam on Umasahasram from where we left off yesterday.

261. This in turn leads us to the realization of ‘sivoham’ of our oneness with Parameswara in Sivaanandalahari!
Sivoham, Sivoham 
262.  Tomorrow we will take up the next sloka.

The effect of an unselfish dharmika man around girls n women cannot be underestimated.  Just like effect of mother on small kids cannot be.  Anyway,  everybody wants jugaad,  nobody wants to invest n sacrifice for a dharmika community.

Time is always moving and taking things to their conclusion. Like a little kid one day becomes a old man, a big tree sprouts up from a tiny seed, a valley becomes a desert. We need to move with time. Whoever is waiting for an approval to move is only deceiving himself.
That's why Sanyasi's perform their own Sraddha before taking Sanyas. They have taken up a vow of moving alone and not to depend on anyone. Chart you own path. Each and every successful person has charted their own path.
Everyone of them had to clash with the society. The clash between society and a powerful person is the most ancient battle in the history of mankind. Clash between collectivism and Individualism. Vama Marg is individualistic.
It's fear which makes us weak and inactive. The difference between  a passive person and active person is actually fear. The fear of failure vs the urge to reach the success. That's what makes the difference.

it's always easy to gang up on one like a pack of wolves,requires no qualification, not even any guts :) only the lone warrior reaches enlightenment, as zen philosophy puts it and luckily for us, Bengal never lacked single 🐅,who stood away from flow, in all fields https://t.co/DTddlmSBPS

Who stole my river? In the past 100 years, nearly 700 rivers have died in the delta of the Ganges in Bengal

Just today I came to know that some historians believed Junei, a place 2.5 km before Konarka, holds an important place in history. They believe this place was the capital of King Kharabela. @TapanSatpthy sir, @PramodpandaVk sir, @ashishkumar_tw  @mishra9_supriya @TheCrazy_Freak
Tarani bhai. You were also present there..You know better than me. https://t.co/cC0Ux6OpJm

Reading "The RSS: A View to the Inside" by Walter K Andersen & Shridhar D. Damle. Had always wanted to read an authoritative account of the Sangh. https://t.co/hXE4AWT0CU

Savitri Era Learning Forum: Vama Marg is individualistic https://t.co/mMTZyfTM8I

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A practical and effective means of coming out of the present chaos

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Yet, this dream is on the way of becoming a reality. That is exactly what we are seeking to do at the Ashram of Sri Aurobindo on a small scale, in proportion to our modest means.
The achievement is indeed far from being perfect but it is progressive; little by little we advance towards our goal, which, we hope, one day we shall be able to hold before the world as a practical and effective means of coming out of the present chaos in order to be born into a more true, more harmonious new life.
The Mother

From the astronomical point of view the earth is nothing, it is a very small accident. From the spiritual point of view, it is a symbolic willed formation.
#TheMother #IntegralYoga https://t.co/vq1zup1SAS

What I cannot do now is the sign of what I shall do hereafter. The sense of impossibility is the beginning of all possibilities. Because this temporal universe was a paradox and an impossibility, therefore the Eternal created it out of His being. #sriaurobindo https://t.co/vbJMNLBJg9

Sri Aurobindo: YOGA: we mean by this term a methodised effort towards self-perfection by the expression of the secret potentialities latent in the being & a union of the human individual with the universal and transcendent Existence we see partially expressed in man & in the Cosmos

In the current issue of Renaissance, our e-journal, we feature some fundamental tips for beginners on the path of sadhana/yoga. These letters were written by Pavitra, one of the earliest disciples of #SriAurobindo and the Mother #InternationalYogaDay https://t.co/ptSIbUmoht
We are working on various innovative projects and keep organisig various programs for learning Sanskrit and Indian Culture. Follow us if you are interested to participate and learn. @Sampadananda @beloome #LearnSamskritam @languagecurry

If I am not wrong,rishi aurobindo and PY had made similar observations on non-monetary form of wealth system being a better option. @raptor_fossil @ArpanAgarwal3 @kalisbrood @BharatPronam @Sanjays81301051 murlignosis please feel free to chime in
The rise of communism in Bengal has more spiritual undercurrents than most even would try to figure/sort. The communist bastion in short term,blocked flow of the tentacles of global monetary chain into land of wb,thereby preventing temporary prosperity of this land. https://t.co/ma8lhMI3jv
@kalisbrood @raptor_fossil @ArpanAgarwal3 @redLotus1_ @Sanjays81301051 @Auro_Mere  u may like this I was reading these by taking printout of PDFs till now,but it's always better to have the touch of a real book in hands,that ways ideas get transmitted directly as I feel.

I'm not sure what SA said about barter system. But I think Mother did mention sthg akin to paper-note currency being value-less & gold coins of old having greater value etc.

One thing I find very interesting is where science ends Sri Aurobindo begins. Man is an intermediate stage of evolution is quite apparent and also scientifically evident now..Joy Sri Aurobindo

Well said. #SriAurobindo said that Sanatana Dharma is Hinduism and that is your religion. 
Till de day Dindus are just one community in this land among others, this land will remain like this. If the present situation is cool for some people, then , well.... less said, de better.

We sensed moderation in the approach of Modi govt and extended support. Apart from people like Jaitley or RSS, Reliance may be responsible for the middle path. Hindutva and Dynasty are aberrations and must be thrown away. Following Sri Aurobindo therefore is the most sensible way
Each religion is a bundle of superstition and people have no option than to carry forward that burden. They are fighting with each other without having any hand in creation of the religions. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have clearly said about the end of the reign of all religions.

Shubh Prabhat, Brothers !!
I am interested to know about the theology of SriAurobindo and TheMother.
You may suggest me books on that.
Best Wishes, My Brothers !!

Please google

"Mother ,Sri Aurobindo, 4 Asuras"
Satan was one of the 4. But he has converted to #Mither's side in 1905 itself.
He is lord of consciousness, chit or light.
But he became lord of darkness due to deleting of 'I' n separated himself frm Supreme Father like other 3.
and he started the Chinese revolution (nationalist one of Chang Mai shek) as beginning of "terrestrial revolution" on earth.
#Mother is Ādya ParaShakti. Came to earth to convert back or annul the original 4 Asuras (sat, chit, tapas, ananda) , her kids, before the Gods.

Satan after conversion in 1905 started Chinese revolution in 1911 at EXACT TIME N DATE that told #Mother in 1905.
Even breakdown of families n race riots in most advanced America too r his work alone.
All over the earth, he causes maximum disorder till he has to surrender before the #Mother (his also) in Bharat.

This is destined.

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Yoga includes Rasa; Aesthetics is beyond morality

Assorted tweets

Enough of devotion! We now want critical works on Sri Aurobindo's literary output. Of course, nobody shd forget on whom he/she is writing! Can u forget when u r writing on Shakespeare? Like that. Sri Aurobindo is another Lord of the English  language.
He must be placed in a comparative framework. Else the world won't accept his merit. Most in the world r not devotees of Sri Aurobindo.  And our objective will be to make them know him.  Devotion has done enough harm to Sri Aurobindo. Both the devotees n detractors r guilty.
Let us open out the master for all--  devotees n non-devotees. Sri Aurobindo for all shd be the slogan.
Many people are not bhaktas. But they are fascinated by his language of prose n poetry. They are welcome to appreciate Sri Aurobindo. Those who abuse him  shd be treated as becharas!
Sri Aurobindo for Hindus, for Muslims, for Christians, for Sikhs, for Jainas, Buddhists -- Sri Aurobindo for all. Why does an Avatar speak n write English? Because he is for humanity. He is the writer of a great bk called The Ideal of Human Unity.
All can do integral yoga. A change of religion is not needed for that.
Shakespeare is the supreme Lord of Language. Sri Aurobindo has a whole body of aesthetics on Shakespeare. Without  rationality n balance in the devotees Sri Aurobindo will continue to be neglected.
I was referring to Shakespeare's language. Not his substance. Shakespeare n Sri Aurobindo r the 2 greatest Lords of language.  By the way Sri Aurobindo's Interpretation of Shakespeare may be seen in The Future Poetry n Letters.
The idea is to see Sri Aurobindo as a culture hero. Bhakti is one aspect. Personal matter.  There are many aspects of the Master.  Let the no-bhaktas also take some fragrance of him from his sociology, anthropology, literature, psychology etc.

Beg to differ sir! #SriAurobindo Has No Parallel !
Beg to differ sir again! Devotees haven’t made any harm to #SriAurobindo ! In fact they’re spreading His Words !! As far as quality of Shakespeare is😟,I had a glimpse of it & found it full of violence, hatred, lust,crime...he can’t be compared with SA! @Auro_Mere @BharatPronam
Exactly ! What #SriAurobindo & the Mother expect from a devotee is Pure Faith & total Surrender!! Rest lies with the Masters!!
Let’s differentiate between study & devotion! #IntegralYoga by #SriAurobindo isn’t meant for all as it’s “call given very rare & few are selected for it !! Otherwise in a world 🌎of billons not a few millions are devotee of SA!!! Because..
Only few can walk in greater light..

I think you mean by devotee a particularly sombre, cheerless breed who shut out all in a nervy way. But yoga includes 'Rasa' which is why it's integral. Sri Aurobindo wants us to understand the hidden poetry, 'Rasa' the world carries within. বৈরাগ্যসাধনে মুক্তি, সে আমার নয়..
Aesthetics is beyond morality. Devotees(some) tend to follow a moral rigour rather than a spiritual one, to build a Sri Aurobindo cult. Defeats purpose. Sri Aurobindo is all embracing, from poetry to battlefield. Branding SA as a school or discipline is a strait jacket.
Since the end of WW2 Sri Aurobindo era has begun. It is felt, not known. Like Ramkrishna had said of special force latent in a person: It's there, but one isn't aware of it.
That's the idea. From the sidewalk of College st to Bastaar forest, to seek & find His fragrance, maybe as a Baiju Bawra or a brooding Jibonanondo Das - depends on your sadhana of previous births. And bhakti? Invisible & individual, like fingerprints.

SA preferred students to devotees. The former inspect, question and analyse before their claim on knowledge. They deny accepting anything without an acid test, and that saves them from becoming blind believers, who out of lethal habit tend to become superstitious eventually.

Understood! But if a student is not a devotee will Sri Aurobindo open himself to that person?
@GoutamGhosal2  himself is a profound devotee.But being an emninent scholar of Sri Aurobindo he is explaining how students should approach Sri Aurobindo in terms of academic aspects. Moreover a comparative study will strengthen the faith of a devotee and help the world to feel it

I don't believe in any astrology,life is a function of a vast karmic field that is connected to a huge collective sentience ,u simply cannot simplify this model enough to a few stars and planets,be that western or indic  :) and my life depends on my ishta,planets can go to hell
Seed is there,as was planted by swami Vivekananda but the planet is not yet ready to unleash the free dance of mahamaya  on physical plane as energy flow ,Kali yuga principle is standing very strong,thus energy comes through the barrier of monetary illusion. https://t.co/9Kr5FTuwpo
Long before ramdev ji started appearing on our tv sets,swami Vivekananda had advised each and everyone in his USA speeches&discourses,to take up 30 minutes of Nadi shodhan and few minutes of basic bhastrika pranayam for maintaining good health :) (Complete Works volume 1+2)
Dada I have not seen one second piece of literature ,not even rishi aurobindo tbh,that combines so many fields or divergent streams of wisdom in the diary of spiritual journey of a common Kolkata man ,only Kolkata can give such literature to the world 
Ulysses by James Joyce shares a similar pattern in the way of narrative ,but Ulysses borrows from history&mythology,not exactly tantra,Philosophy &science like nigurananda. Btw I realised this now,nigurananda may well be considered a mild 'streams of consciousness' writer 

Plasim Radar

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Savitri Era Political Action: Not all societies are attempting to solve the same kinds of problems https://t.co/CRDVR8O7HR

Marketime: Electoral victory is not ideological victory https://t.co/pinJ2hQQ4y

Reimagining and Refashioning Integral Management - Tusar Nath Mohapatra, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF) Ghaziabad https://t.co/YGoEhdLyp7