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April 24: The Mother returns to India for good in 1920

Sri Aurobindo Ashram-Delhi Branch


24.4.2016, Sunday




07:00 a.m 

Invocation by Karuna Didi

10:00 a.m.

Musical Offering by Karuna Didi 

10:30 a.m.

Will the Superman Have Less Mental Ability than Man?  

(Based on Words of Long Ago, pp. 115-126)

A Talk by Dr. Ramesh Bijlani

11:30 am

Talk on Savitri by Mr. Prashant Khanna

06: 30 p.m

March Past Lights of aspiration

06:45 p.m.

Reading by Tara Didi


Musical offering by Shivaprasada Rao

When the Mother was in Japan, she once addressed the women there, and said something that should be of tremendous interest not only to women anywhere in the world, but to mankind as a whole. She spoke on the mundane subject of maternity, but gave it a twist that makes women potentially the agents of a radical change in human nature. The process of creating a new life through maternity can be a conscious process. The mother’s thoughts and feelings during pregnancy can shape the consciousness of the baby taking shape in her womb. 

Центр Интегральной йоги Шри Ауробиндо и Матери "Тебе Мирра",

The Final Arrival - Mirra Alfassa -

Mirra Alfassa – The Mother( 1878 1973) via

madurai today - The Hindu
5 hours ago - Sri Aurobindo Study Forum: Discourse on Sri Aurobindo's 'Life Divine' by Subramany, Nithyatha, Auro Lab, Veerapanjan, 10 a.m.

Latest Spiritual Articles List –
40 secs ago - By Sri Aurobindo on 23/04/2016. Ido not deny that so long as one allows a sort of separation between inner experience and outer consciousness, the latter ...

Remembering my father | The Shillong Times › 2016 › April › 23
My father Pradip Choudhury was born on November 17th 1931 in Karimganj town of Assam. - ... Keatinge road welfare organisation, Matri mandir, Gitanjali Dance Academy, and former member of Sri Aurobindo institute of Indian culture, Jagannath Mandir ...

Versatile Verve for Divine Verses

The New Indian Express-13 hours ago
Children learn through nursery rhymes,” says Badhe, who took about a year-and-a-half to complete his book, which was published in 2015 by Sri Aurobindo's ...

Sythesis of Yoga April 15, 2016 with Sraddhalu Ranade ...
11 hours ago - Uploaded by Bob Smith
These offerings are produced by Integral Studies.TV. They are the teachings of Sri Aurobindo that are fully ...

The Mexican Communist Party Was Formed By An ... - Source
13 hours ago - He was highly influenced by Sri Aurobindo Ghose and Jatindranath and was swiped by the idea of nationalism. Roy fled to Mexico and formed the Mexican ...

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All scientific evidence points to Aryan migration

AUGUST VOICES: This's my new book about which I'll speak at Islamabad Literature Festival #IsbLF #IndiaPakistanDosti

Instructive that the two axes of scholarly discussion which so irks these #Hindutva orgs. are #caste and #sexuality. 

Remember that for the common American Abrahamistic mythology is no myth but history

I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Vedic Vision in the light of Sri Aurobindo part 1
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Vedic Vision in the light of Sri Aurobindo part 2

We must not be swayed by politics, ideology & propaganda. ALL scientific evidence points to Aryan migration.

Manipal Centre for Philosophy & Humanities talk on Self & identity by Prof. Stephen Phillips, Univ-of-Texas, Austin. …
[Mainstream, April 4, 2016: ‘Danger to Constitutional Values’ - Statement by Retired Civil Servants, Niranjan Pant...] …
10-Apr-2016, 6.00 PM: A meeting of Savitri Era Party was held in Basai Darapur, Delhi which was also addressed by Gobardhan Dhal, Gen. Secy.
Savitri Era Party will push for #CoreRight concerns like Equality, Individual rights, and Rule of law anchored to the Evolutionary template.
Savitri Era Party seeks abolition of Govt recognition for castes, races, religions, or languages and reservation or preferential provisions.
Savitri Era Religion supports Narisetti's "thesis that children's rights to include complete freedom from religious belief or conditioning."

10 वर्ष के लिए तय राजनैतिक आरक्षण हर 10 वर्ष बाद बढ़ा दिये जाने के कारण लीडरशिप में आत्मविश्वास की कमी साफ़ दिखती है 
Arumugam Ratnavadivel Surendhran, President’s Counsel, a leading member of the Sri Lankan Bar and a well known Hindu Religions Leader passed away on Monday morning. Mr. A.R. Surendhran was a Senior Lawyer practising at the Colombo Bar and Appellate Courts. 
He was appointed as a President’s Counsel in 2004. He also functioned as an Examiner to the Incorporated Council of Legal Education, and the Chairman of the Law Committee of the Bar Association of Sri lanka. Appointed by the Minister of Justice as a member of the Law Reform Committee on land frauds and a member of the Law Reform Committee on the Law of Thesawalamai. He was also appointed as a member of the Advisory Committee on Law relating to Hindu Religious Trusts. He was the President of the Colombo Vivekananda Society and a Trustee of the All Ceylon Hindu Congress. 
Mr. A.R. Surendhran was an old boy of Jaffna Central College, where he was a student from 1963 to 1974. At college he excelled in studies and extracurricular activities. He was a College Prefect and the President of the Advanced Level Students’ Union (1973). He was also the House Captain of Percival House (1972) and the President of the Hindu Union (1972). He won the First Prize for English Oratory in the Northern Province. He had also won the First Prize for General Knowledge for six consecutive years from 1967-1973. 
He was the eldest son of late Mr. Arumugam Ratnavadivel of Sai Movement and a son-in-law of late Mr. Velupillai Murugesu, Solicitor and Attorney-at-Law, and Founder of Sri Aurobindo Society.
By Sri Aurobindo | Apr 12, 2016 05:06 am. ashram. The whole life is a field of experience. Each movement you make, each thought you have, each work you do, ...
1218 Wittenberg Rd, Mount Tremper. Sunday 24 April 2016, 12:00 till Sunday 24 April 2016, 15:00. Organized by : Matagiri Sri Aurobindo Center. http://matagiri.

EU Khalifa, B Muzaffarpur
But the plays by Aurobindo, Tagore and Harindranath Chattopadhyay laid the foundation of Indian drama in English. ... Rabindranath Tagore and Sri Aurobindo, the two great personalities and poets of India, are the first worth considering Indian dramatists in English . ...

A Gomez-Marin - CECS-Publicações/eBooks, 2016
existence. Materialism has been credited with the creation of great evils, viewed even as the archim- age of a detestable transformation or the misleader guiding mankind to an appalling catastrophe” (Sri Aurobindo, 1918). 2 ...

A Alves - Atas do Congresso Internacional Comunicação e Luz, 2016
Sri Aurobindo sheds a century-old visionary understanding on the topic, which we are still incapable of fully grasping. ... They come to us with opposite faces, their good side and their bad, a dark aspect of error and a bright of truth”(Sri Aurobindo, 1918). ...

M Cornelissen - Qualitative Research on Illness, Wellbeing and Self- …, 2016
Excellent, well worked-out theoretical frameworks and effective practical methods are already available within the Indian tradition, and for the rest of this article, I'll base myself on the work Sri Aurobindo (1872-1950) has done in this direction. ...

U Mohrhoff - arXiv preprint arXiv:1604.01016, 2016
Ulrich Mohrhoff Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education Pondicherry 605002 India... This question has been answered in considerable detail and on a solid experiential foundation by the Indian philosopher (and freedom fighter, and mystic) Sri Aurobindo (Heehs, 2008). ...

D Parasher - Qualitative Research on Illness, Wellbeing and Self- …, 2016
his own self. Sri Aurobindo (1999 [1948]: 67) states: While it is difficult for man to believe in something unseen within himself, it is easy for him to believe in something which he can image as extraneous to himself. The spiritual ...

S Chakravarty - Space, Planning and Everyday Contestations in Delhi, 2016
As early as 1984, Aurobindo Ghose had found that “anti-encroachment” bills, which sought to regularize unauthorized colonies on one hand, while simultaneously criminalizing migrant “squatters” on the other, were violative of the rights of the poor and the middle class. ...

S Mehta
MOTHERS Dr. Sudhir Mehta* MBBS, DCH, DNB (PEDIATRICS), Department of Pediatrics, Sri Aurobindo Medical College and PG Institute, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India. Article Received on 21/12/2015 Article Revised on 10/01/2016 Article Accepted on 31/01/2016 ...

V Chandana - International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharma …, 2016
Yoga as defined by Sri Aurobindo says that, this is a technique to improve the total personality of the individual at physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual levels. Hence it is very important to take up yoga on a regular basis from youth itself to prevent these problems. ...

J Anand - Qualitative Research on Illness, Wellbeing and Self- …, 2016
Page 182. 8 A Narrative Study of Emotional Healing Jyoti Anand It may not be wrong to say that every illness or trauma is accompanied by an emotional response and that while we might not have complete control over what ...
He was close to Aurobindo Ghosh and financed the latter's nationalist publications including Bande Mataram. Mallik was born in Pataldanga suburb of Calcutta ...

I am a HUGE fan of both Jeff Bezos and Warren Buffett. Both are legendary and inspirational... (Amit is a Managing Partner at Prime Venture Partners)
Amazon and Bezos are legendary for paying excruciating attention to detail. The delightful Amazon customer experience in a highly competitive, cut-throat retail business is something to admire. 
What Bezos and crew do with customer experience, Buffett and his CEOs do with the business numbers and their capital allocation process. Almost every business in their portfolio, continues to outperform year after year. And Buffett and crew take pride in finding the best CEOs and staying out of the way.

Takeaway # 4: Are you relentless?

Wit and Humility Great leaders are intense, driven and yet don't take themselves seriously. Both of them, esp. Buffett, thrive on cracking jokes and have a strong sense of humour. They also don't have a problem talking about the world around them. Loved both of their quotes on the current US Presidential election. 

Takeaway # 5:
Take your business seriously but not yourself.

Bezos is obsessively driven by technology while Buffett has religiously shied away from it.

My Week with Marilyn
Colin Clark - 2011 - ‎Preview - ‎More editions
Nor do I. There is no doubt that the technicians are admirable men – calm, professional, efficient. But basically they are replaceable and MM is not. Skills are commonTalent is rare. One day someone will have the courage to sack every ...

“Skills are common. Talent is rare.”

“My life and most people's lives are a series of little miracles -- strange coincidences which spring from uncontrollable impulses and give rise to incomprehensible dreams. We spend a lot of time pretending that we are normal, but underneath the surface each one of us knows that he or she is unique.” 

“You're not lost in the storm, Marilyn. You are the storm.” 

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Spiritual anarchism, rational enlightenment, and pagan religion

Cuttack 07-Apr-16 (6.30-8.30 pm) Recitation: Bandita Ray, Education in India: CH. Nirakar, Biswanath Ray, Gadadhar Mishra, & Prasad Tripathy
Savitri Era Party ‏@SavitriEraParty  49m49 minutes ago Ghaziabad, India
Cuttack 7.4.16 (8.30-12.00 noon) Discussion on Sri Aurobindo's Poems: Sri Pravakar Mishra, Sri Sanjay Kr. Mohapatra, Sri Ramesh Chandra Sahu

Cuttack, 6.4.16, 8.30-12 noon: Discussions on Sri Aurobindo's Poems by Prasanta Kr. Swain, Kalandi Ch. Senapati, Bimala Prasanna Dash et al.
Cuttack 5.4.16: 6-8 pm Recitation Km. Namita Man can collaborate, Speakers: Dr. Biranchi Narayan Mohapatra Sri Rabi Padhi Prof. Biswanath Ray

46th All Orissa Sri Aurobindo Study Circle Conference to be held btwn 4th -7th April 2016 at Matrubhaban, Cuttack …

Today at 7.30 pm special performance at Savitri Bhavan - Silence is All , Sri Aurobindo's poem performed in mime.
Sri Aurobindo Ashram Information Guide, White Town, Pondicherry. 6237 likes · 744 talking about this. This website is a Place of Peace, Harmony and...  

Transformation through Knowledge has a bearing on our bodily existence and on the hope of surmounting Death. [TNM55]

Article on @FoxNews claims Yoga can change DNA. Something #Aurobindo wrote in the #LifeDivine page 876.

@SanyalIndranil why quote from him at all? Does Sri Aurobindo need a certificate of merit?

As to purification, entire purification is not necessary, but some part of the being must have turned to higher things. -Sri Aurobindo

@Swamy39 what is your view on Akhand Bharat ? Sri Aurobindo ensured on 15th August 1947 and said this partition is against Divine force.

@bhootnath @PrachinVaani "bullshit from bongs" - Vivekananda, Aurobindo were Bongs.So, too, was SP Mookherjee. SPM was a high-grade idiot tho

"There is a group of people in Indian parliament who..wish to act #SriAurobindo's ideals.." … #BJPFoundationDay
Mohit Bansal Retweeted Abhinav Prakash

Sri Aurobindo favoured spiritual anarchism with soul kinship, on spiritual illumination rather than rational enlightenment,on inner change
Sri Aurobindo viewed that infrarational can't be dealt by Reason but by spiritual anarchism based on inner harmony and freedom without chaos
Sri Aurobindo favoured true socialization of spiritual truth,a mere socialization of religion leads to churches, priests, conventions, dogmas

We r eager 2 learn from Swamiji & Sri Aurobindo about India & Akhand Bharatvarsha but not from Sagorika Ghose. We r least bothered about her

@swapan55 Your col @timesofindia is disconcerting. Bankim Chandra, Sri Aurobindo never trusted European hands to do justice 2 Sanskrit.

In Japan one thinks of Swami Vivekananda, Rashbehari Bose & Netaji. A civilisational partnership now being restated
Addressed students at #NERIE Shillong yesterday & spoke about Sri Aurobindo's thoughts on education & emerging India
A personal tribute to #PurnoSangma whose life was an affirmative narrative of faith in India: …

Sad to know of PA Sangma passing away. Very informative & affable person. A towering leader of NE a devotee of Yogi Sri Aurobindo RIP.

Kuldip Suri liked your Tweet Apr 2
Aurora Mirabilis: Sri Aurobindo's books in Chinese - The Sri Aurobindo Society, Singapore …

Sampadananda Mishra Retweeted Bibek Debroy
Indian local name: raadhaakundala; The spiritual name given by the Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram is: Silence. 

To the Divine you are worth no more than what you have given Him.- The Mother #sriaurobindo #QOTD #srimaa #themother

As all words come out of the #Silence, so all forms come out of the
#Infinite. #SriAurobindo #IntegralYoga

@indywrites True.But as #SriAurobindo says the secret of lotus can't be found by analyzing mud but by looking up to Light to which it opens

The Yogic Attitude ....if u want to do yoga, u must take more& more in all matters, small or great, the yogic attitude. Sri Aurobindo

Sri Aurobindo, Apr 13, 1907 on the virtues of the Kshatriya …

@kitturd thanks for the follow. It's great to connect with fellow student of Sri Aurobindo

Follow your faith - it is not likely to mislead you. SRI AUROBINDO

Sent to kaalapani & after release went on to be a journalist.also brother of Sri Aurobindo Ghosh. 

@prasannavishy @Ram_Guha what a golden phrase Sri Aurobindo gave us to describe the eminence of Guha. 'Brilliant poverty of intellect' :-)

@ARangarajan1972 1/2 So Sri Ramana Maharshi, Sri Aurobindo, Sri Ramakrishna etc. were irrational beings @dire_nair @TheJaggi @rvaidya2000

"None can reach heaven who has not passed through hell. This too the traveller of the worlds must dare." - Sri Aurobindo, Savitri

@ARangarajan1972 @prasannavishy May Sri Aurobindo save Bengal !

@laksmiluckysam Was moved into tears reading that article about Bapa and Mamu. Cannot thank Mother enough. Thanks for RT. @SavitriEraParty

History of Sri Aurobindo movement in Odisha: Babaji, Prapatti, & Utsabananda Samantaray … #FiveDreams #SavitriEraParty

"Indian Independence was instrumental in realising the unity of mankind." #SriAurobindo #FiveDreams #SavitriEraParty 
@OdiaCulture My vote goes for Prof. J.N. Mohanty for his global standing and integral ethos.
Mar 13, 2012 - Uploaded by Vedanta Movement
Sri Ramakrishna's Ideas and Our Times: A Retrospect on his 175th birth anniversary International Seminar on ... Jata Mat Tata Path / Аll Paths Lead to God
Sri Aurobindo International and Tagore School have signed up for the new concept. Atika says, "We are talking with 'Teach for India' to consolidate plans to ...
Sri Aurobindo had clearly said that “To neglect moral and religious education altogether is to corrupt the race. The notorious moral corruption in our young men, ...

Uniformity is the foundation of Rule of Law. Extraordinary processes is the foundation of Idea of India. Incompatible. Period. 

Essential religious practice: A constitution amendment that would put cultural practices like Jallikattu, Nag Panchami, Dahi Handi and all others out of reach of simple PIL process in the courts. If US based NGOs like PETA want to ban Jallikattu they should be made to go to Parliament and use the statutory route. This makes it to the Core Right list because the security of such practices are essential to a pagan religion.