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Extension building at Auroville Institute of Applied Technology

Sri Aurobindo - Google Search: "The Hindu : Engagements : In Chennai Today - Sri Aurobindo Society: Meeting, 5, Smith Rd., Anna Salai, 6-30 p.m.."
German industries plan investment in Tamil Nadu The Hindu - Chennai, India He was speaking at the inauguration of an extension building at Auroville Institute of Applied Technology. “Germany has taken the lead in becoming the ...
Channelscom Web Video DVR Auroville TV Auroville Filmfestival tube ...Watch this impressive Auroville Filmfestival 09 tube installation by Jesse and Jonas on Wednesday, 16th Sept. somewhere between Certitude and Solar Kitchen.
Delhi Events: "Sri Aurobindo: A Contemporary Reader" by ... By Rohit Malik "Sri Aurobindo: A Contemporary Reader" by Sachidananda Mohanty" Book Discussion at Main Building, IIC - 6:30 pm on 29th September 09. Time : 6:30 pm. Entry : Free, Call 011-24619431 ( IIC ) to re-confirm any last minute change or ... Delhi Events - Upcoming Events -

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Sri Aurobindo Society and Sri Aurobindo’s Action are two brothers

Sri Aurobindo’s Action Home The five Dreams The Beginning Aim and Objectives Activities Your Participation Contact Us

Research into all aspects related to India’s Resurgence and Human Progress in general and arrive at practically applicable spiritual solutions. Broadly, topics covered are

  • Science of Living
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Economics and
  • Political Management (Governance)

The Journal – a monthly journal of the same name i.e “Sri Aurobindo’s Action” is being published and widely circulated all over India and abroad
Developing Action Teams in various parts of India who would work towards India’s Resurgence.
Events – Organising Camps, Seminars and any such activity to educate the youth on the true aim of India and the role of every Indian.
Print, publish and distribute journals and other literature in various languages
(Given below is the list of some of our publications)

1 Gleanings from Mahabharata Shyam Sundar Jhunjhunwala 45
2 Gleanings from Ramayana Shyam Sundar Jhunjhunwala 45
3 In search of Hinduism Dr. Prema Nandakumar 30
4 Down memory lane Shyam Sundar Jhunjhunwala 120
5 En route (On the path – Conversations with the Mother) Shyam Sundar Jhunjhunwala 50
6 From the Editor’s Desk – Some Socio-Spiritual perspectives Shyam Sundar Jhunjhunwala 95
7 The wisdom of India Shyam Sundar Jhunjhunwala 45
8 Bhagavat Gita(translated in free verse) Shyam Sundar Jhunjhunwala 40
9 Pondicherry Environment Aju Mukhopadhyay 40

Sri Aurobindo’s Action offers consultancy to institutes or individuals who wish to establish education centres, culture centres, health centres or business enterprises in the light of Sri Aurobindo towards ushering in a new and perfect societal order.

Your Participation
Sri Aurobindo’s Action aims at a collective change and every human being is an essential unit in the integrality. All are welcome to follow the Sunlit Path of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo and work towards India’s Resurgence. Given below are a few ways of being part of this collective effort, movement and a sublime ideal.

Subscribe to the journal
ABROAD Air Mail ANNUAL : $ 20 USDLIFE : $ 400 USD
ABROAD Sea Mail ANNUAL : $ 10 USD LIFE : $ 200 USD
Support in research and in organising the projects and events at Pondicherry
Start study circles and Action Teams in your locality.
Donations and Contributions for all the research, events and projects.
Initiate projects – schools, healthcare centres, culture centres, business enterprises any such project in the light of Sri Aurobindo

Sri Aurobindo Ashram
Pondicherry (Puducherry) – 605 002
+91 - 413 – 2334908

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Sri Aurobindo Society, Tirupati observed the tenth anniversary of the enshrinement of relics

Overcome your fears to face divinity Deccan Chronicle
Home > Sunday Chronicle September 13th, 2009 By Mani Shankar

You will never experience God by just using more words. You need to go beyond — you need to overcome your fears and dive into deep pools of joy, you need to touch the source which created the mind in the first place. If you can do this, you will suddenly, spontaneously come face to face with Divinity itself. You will, as Sri Aurobindo said, ‘tear the veil from Deity’s face’. You will understand what every great Vedantic master has understood from the last 35 centuries, and like them, you will never be able to describe what you felt. When Buddha was asked about God, he looked at a flower and smiled in silence. Your answer will probably be the same. The author is a filmmaker. Email him at

The Hindu : Andhra Pradesh - Tirupati News : Tributes paid to Sri Aurobindo Staff Reporter

TIRUPATI: Rich tributes were paid to renowned spiritual guru Sri Aurobindo by his devotees and general public on Saturday. Devotees performed milk bath to his statue.
Sri Aurobindo Society’s Tirupati branch observed the tenth anniversary of the enshrinement of his relics at its NGO’s colony premises. Preserving physical parts or remnants as a relic is not only in remembrance of the great souls, but also to draw magical powers and inspiration from them. It is an age-old practice transcending faiths and religious affiliations. Sri Aurobindo’s nail and hair were enshrined as relics in the Tirupati branch alongside his statue, making it one of the 223 relic shrines in the world.
B. Venkatramaiah, a retired IAS officer and chairman of Sri Aurobindo Society’s state committee, explained the significance of relics. P.V. Ramasubba Reddy, principal of SV Medical College, said one could feel the area reverberating with tranquility due to the presence of the relics.
A book, Prayers and Meditation, authored by The Mother and translated into Telugu by Kamalakara Venkat Rao, was released on the occasion. M. Balarama Reddy, president of the Tirupati branch, explained the activities.

Mirror of Tomorrow :: Sanatana Dharma XVI— Yajna in Savitri's ...
by RY Deshpande The truth that is there behind this Yoga of Meditation is what is actually revealed to us by Sri Aurobindo in the present passage. Indeed, it is Savitri's meditation and we cannot enter into its magnificence, unique as it is to her ...

the seventh waves: The Four Supreme Angels Or Beings
by the seventh waves Sri Aurobindo identifies them as the Vedic Gods Mitra, Varuna, Bhaga and Aryaman. Visited by an artist friend, Johannes Hohlenberg, who takes a photograph of Sri Aurobindo in standing profile and also paints his portrait in oil. ...

Moving beyond the Limitations of Matter « Sri Aurobindo Studies
by sriaurobindostudies Sri Aurobindo pointed out in The Life Divine that “eventually even these must disappear; for when the laws and forces of the supraphysical are studied with the right starting-point, the means will infallibly be found for Mind directly ...

Savitri: the Light of the Supreme :: Poetic Appreciation of a ...
by RY Deshpande Sri Aurobindo's elucidation of it should also help us in establishing relationship with his many-hued and many-toned and many-breathing and many-winged ornithology of strange or familiar mythical birds that become real in our inner or ...

Thoughts and Aphorisms 16
8 Sep 2009 by Barindranath Chaki The Mother has said, while interpreting Sri Aurobindo, that the mind has several levels or zones or regions from the ordinary physical mind to the higher mind, which receives the rays of the Supramental Light in the form of intuitions. ... All choice

Sri Aurobindo Ghose (1872-1950) eloquently interpreted the basic concepts of the Hindu Dharma and expounded the yoga philosophy for the transformation of human consciousness.

The Hindu: Engagements: Chennai Today
Mundaka Upanishad: V. Purushotaman, Sri Aurobindo Society Centre, AP-514, J Block, 8th Street, Anna Nagar, 6 p.m.

Daily Meditation Works at Sri Aurobindo Ashrm [ Delhi ]
Daily meditation works is organized at Sri Aurobindo Ashrm. This program includes meditation workshop for sound health and long life. Timing:-7:00 PM - 7:30 PM (Except Sundays) Click India Events

Hindutva Undermines the Pristine Values of Hinduism - Mainstream ...
Hindutva was very different from Sri Aurobindo's inclusive concept of Hindu nationalism which was not at all divisive.

Mainstream Weekly Home page > 2009 > 9) September 2009 > Vol XLVII, No 39, Hindutva Undermines the Pristine Values of Hinduism
Saturday 12 September 2009, by Sailendra Nath Ghosh

The word ‘Hindutva’ was coined by Savarkar with an underlying premise that the conglomerate of religious communities which, over the last one thousand years, has been known as Hindus is a separate nation within the Indian nation and Hindutva is its ideology. This concept was in some measure parallel to Sir Syed Ahmed Khan’s concept of Muslims as a separate nation. Hindutva was very different from Sri Aurobindo’s inclusive concept of Hindu nationalism which was not at all divisive. The RSS must admit that Hindutva’s basic premise was wrong and divisive, and that it must now bat for Bharatiyata so as not to have any scope for confusion.

[While the arguments adduced above are the author’s own, the historical facts have been taken from Radhakamal Mukherjee’s book, A History of Indian Civilisation —Part II.]
The author is one of the country’s earliest environ-mentalists and a social philosopher. He can be contacted at and

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Birth centenary seminar on Nishikanto

The Telegraph - Calcutta (Kolkata) Metro Timeout SEMINAR September 10 & 11 at Sri Aurobindo Institute of Culture, 3 Regent Park; 5.30 pm: Inauguration of a birth centenary seminar on Nishikanto. Hosted by Sri Aurobindo Institute of Culture in collaboration with Sahitya Akademi and Visva Bharati.

SEMINAR September 11 at Sri Aurobindo Institute of Culture, 3 Regent Park; 2 pm: The concluding day of a birth centenary seminar on Nishikanto. Hosted by Sri Aurobindo Institute of Culture in collaboration with Sahitya Akademi and Visva Bharati. Today at 2 pm: Genre: Life; speakers: Dalia Sarkar, Biswanath Ray and Nirmal Singh Nahar; at 3.30 pm: Genre: Literature; speakers: Amal Pal, Manabendra Mukhopadhyay and Kalikrishna Guha; at 5 pm: Genre: Painting and Music; speakers: Subhash Chaudhury and Satyajit Chaudhury. Calcutta Telegraph > Front Page > Calcutta > Timeout