Sunday, April 24, 2016

April 24: The Mother returns to India for good in 1920

Sri Aurobindo Ashram-Delhi Branch


24.4.2016, Sunday




07:00 a.m 

Invocation by Karuna Didi

10:00 a.m.

Musical Offering by Karuna Didi 

10:30 a.m.

Will the Superman Have Less Mental Ability than Man?  

(Based on Words of Long Ago, pp. 115-126)

A Talk by Dr. Ramesh Bijlani

11:30 am

Talk on Savitri by Mr. Prashant Khanna

06: 30 p.m

March Past Lights of aspiration

06:45 p.m.

Reading by Tara Didi


Musical offering by Shivaprasada Rao

When the Mother was in Japan, she once addressed the women there, and said something that should be of tremendous interest not only to women anywhere in the world, but to mankind as a whole. She spoke on the mundane subject of maternity, but gave it a twist that makes women potentially the agents of a radical change in human nature. The process of creating a new life through maternity can be a conscious process. The mother’s thoughts and feelings during pregnancy can shape the consciousness of the baby taking shape in her womb. 

Центр Интегральной йоги Шри Ауробиндо и Матери "Тебе Мирра",

The Final Arrival - Mirra Alfassa -

Mirra Alfassa – The Mother( 1878 1973) via

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