Sunday, February 25, 2007

Then is thrown off the legacy of the past

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Although vanquishing Death is a divine decision taken in answer to the forceful prayer of Aswapati to the Divine Mother, it has to be implemented by her by incarnating herself here. It has to be done through an instrumental being and she herself becomes one. Now that human Savitri has to gear up for achieving the redoubtable victory. Her work is in the physical and the very cells have to respond to the call. There are some cells who know or have faith that it is the Supreme who is going to transform them; but the others say, “Ah!” Savitri has to suffer for these “Ah”-wallahs.
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…only the unborn spirit's timeless power
Can lift the yoke imposed by birth in Time
Human destinies born in Time can turn into true post-human destinies, in Time, only by the unborn spirit’s timeless power—and there is no other way, nānyah panthāh asti, or as the Upanishad would say: “There is no other path for the great journey.” And yet our willing and conscious participation is expected. Post-human destinies come unto human destinies only by invoking them in various ways, actually in countless ways, by our spiritual, philosophic, scientific, religious, aesthetic, emotional, physical, technological, industrial, commercial pursuits in life and in dream and in reflection and in vision and in idea of the truth and the beautiful and the joyous.
Our thought and feeling and will and our soul and spirit can open out to the timeless power waiting to enter into the scheme of things here. When this happens, then there is no more the yoke imposed by birth in Time. Then is thrown off the legacy of the past, dissolved the vanished forms which were accepted blindly by the body and soul, accepted in a kind of pragmatism to progress. This has happened to Savitri, the interminable line erased; to an extent it can, in fact must happen to us also.

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