Sunday, July 08, 2007

They never intended to make a religion or saints of them

from Donald Asoka to Tusar N. Mohapatra date 08-Jul-2007 13:54 subject Re: Aurora Mirabilis : The lack of respect is pathetic Hola Tusar
Thank you for your reply and indeed a whole new agenda is awaiting us, but also, one must remember to remember the past as Sri Aurobindo has said that the past is an intrigal part of our evolution and we are a product of our lifes experience. My wife and I were reading from: Mother- The Mutation of Death by Satprem, this morning and believe that he and Sujata have made a powerful contribution to the world in being a vehicle for humanity to embrace the true essence of both Sri Aurobindo and our beloved Mother, we must however remember that the knowledge and inspiration bestowed upon us by them is intended for us to evolve and digest as our level of awareness permits, they never intended to make a religion or saints of them, only to realize the potential of Saint and Goddleness within ourselves.

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