Friday, August 10, 2007

Sri Aurobindo is magnet

If you are not a regular visitor to Pondicherry, you might start wondering why you even chose to come here. But have patience. This chaos has beauty and rhythm in it and would vanish as soon as you turn into the Ashram Area, near the beach, which was our destination.
This is the point where the contrast between the two parts of the town hits my senses. The tranquility is almost deafening. It goes so deep into the mind and heart that it starts hurting. As my breathing deepens the place fills me with energy. Not the bubbly boisterous kinds, but an energy that comes with being at peace with yourself. The harmony of the place with nature almost sings to you; only that you don’t hear the music, you feel it.
To feel this Aura one does not need to be a devotee who follows the teachings and sayings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. The Place Pondicherry treats everyone alike and treats everyone to its divine healing power. The place calls you and then calls you back. It talks to you. Two of my friends, first time visitors to the place, made phone calls to family and friends and told them that they must come and experience the place. That’s how Pondicherry is. Experience! Feeling! Posted by Ansh at Friday, August 10, 2007
Wise-Owl comments: on 9 Aug 07 21:23:00 PM Hello Anshie., One more >> Feather to Sri Aurobindo He is magnet. If his thoghts have mooved one more person then imagine all those who have visited him when he was alive . He still for many like me is always alive. in every nook and corner of my room where i live he is present in various form. Sri Aurobindo is the name spells determinaton, faith, that no guru in the modern universe can be compared. he is still alive. I have seen his mortal remains even after a month it was as if he is in a long sleep. a smile in his face and one can feel the inner strength he passes to us in wavy form. god bless you

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