Thursday, November 01, 2007

Auro-Mirran-centric view of spirituality

I of course have an Auro-Mirran-centric view of spirituality — and I don’t think anyone else even comes close to them in terms of just how fulfilling and complete their philosophy is — but I have no problems with others who choose different paths. I think each soul has its own calling depending on a number of different factors. And lesser Light always seeks greater Light, so if one is so convinced that their path is the most complete and most universal or integral, then one must live it and time will tell if that conviction can stand the test of lived experience or not. If this yoga that I am practicing is not the most universal one, then I will gladly welcome a day when I will be consumed by an even wider spiritual path. I do not think that the spiritual transmission ended at Sri Aurobindo and the Mother — of course not. As Sri Aurobindo says: “Our life is a march to a Victory never won.”

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