Friday, January 16, 2009

There are any number of brands of the Integral Yoga on the Internet

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by RY Deshpande on Tue 13 Jan 2009 05:24 PM IST Profile Permanent Link

We should recognize that the triple formula of aspiration-rejection-surrender is a formula for the spiritual life turned towards the Integral Yoga. For that to be applicable there has to be first the call, call to live for the Divine and to let the Divine work within us. To be driven from within is the key recognition for the entire effort. Essentially it is a formula for the individual, to begin with, and not for the collective or group life. It cannot be generalized or imposed on anybody, on anyone who is not ready for it, has no ‘call’ for this transformative spirituality. If so, it ceases to be “tricky”.

And what does one mean by “the real life”? We should not mix up the social aspects with the urging and aspiration of the individual’s soul. In other words, guidance from the Integral Yoga for the conduct of the society is be sought in another way, in the way that will ennoble all our longings and aspirations, elevate us to the dignity and greatness of man trying to transcend himself in the greatening values of the spirit. Expect not the triple formula of aspiration-rejection-surrender to be applicable anywhere and everywhere—unless there’s the call.

The question of the biographer’s approach you mention above is for another manner of life, and not for the life dedicated totally for the original Integral Yoga—remember well that there are any number of brands of the Integral Yoga on the Internet and one of them is the crudest rationality alone, and nothing else. A clear distinction must be made between them. In fact, this is one of the confusions lots of well-learned and scholarly people are falling into. But that need not be our chief concern, in the least perhaps. Go to the original Source, the unfailing Fountainhead of Reality, and live in it—and everything will be assured. And there’s no doubt about it. ~ RYD Reply Mirror of Tomorrow

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