Sunday, October 24, 2010

How the truths could be applied to political and social life

Sri Aurobindo Ashram: Lecture Series. “The Path of Surrender”, Sri Aurobindo Marg, 10 a.m. to 11-15 a.m..
Sri Aurobindo Society: Meeting, 5, Smith Rd., Anna Salai, 10-30 a.m.. 
Sri Aurobindo Devotees Prayer Group: Prayers to Sri Annai, Sasi Balika Vidya Mandir, Azad Road, RS Puram, 9.30 a.m.; Sri Annai meditation Centre, ...
The Lives of Sri Aurobindo Peter Heehs, 2008
During the six and a half years of Arya’s existence, Aurobindo never strayed far from this fivefold project: to reinterpret the Indian tradition, to develop a metaphysics based on the truths of spirit and nature, to uncover the principles of yoga by which these truths could be experienced, to show how the same truths could be applied to political and social life, and to make them the basis of a spiritualized literature and art.” (p.263) 
"It has been said that democracy is based on the rights of man; it has been replied that it should rather take its stand on the duties of man; but both rights and duties are European ideas. Dharma is the Indian conception in which rights and duties lose the artificial antagonism created by a view of the world, which makes selfishness the root of action, and regain their deep and eternal unity. Dharma is the basis of democracy which Asia must recognize, for in this lies the distinction between the soul of Asia and the soul of Europe". (SABCL, Bande Mataram, Asiatic Democracy)

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