Thursday, February 10, 2011

Music Appreciation workshops from 15th Feb 2011

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Sri Aurobindo Society Presents Music Appreciation workshops for children Starting from 15th Feb 2011 (Age 4 to 8years). At 11, Sahakar, 'B’ Road, Churchgate. Call : 22043076 or 98697 41718
February 10, 2011 --  Sri Aurobindo Society Presents Music Appreciation Workshop for Children (5 - 8 yrs) Starting Tuesday 15th February 2011
During the course of the workshop we aim to give the children a broader perspective of music where we will introduce the elements of music (rhythm, beat, pitch etc.) in a fun filled manner. The workshops will also introduce the children to the aesthetic beauty of different genres of music. Using stories, movement, instruments and songs, the children will be on a musical journey they will always remember. Workshops will be conducted by Kamakshi Khurana and Soham Munim
Every Tuesday: 5.00 to 6.00 p.m.
Venue: 11, Sahakar, B Road, Churchgate - 400 020.
Fees: Rs. 2000/- for 3 months.
For more details email us or call at 22043076 or 98697 41718. 
Auronet Thursday 10 Feb
Class / 06:45 am Sivananda Yoga with Arina
Class / 08:00 am Ashtanga Yoga
Class / 11:15 am Dancing Astrology
Class / 05:00 pm Philosophy of Evolution (3) The philosophy of evolution class resumes on Thursday in the series exploring Gebser, Teilhard, Bergson and Sri Aurobindo. UNITY PAVILION ...
Class / 05:00 pm Hula Hoop & Spinning
Meeting / 05:00 pm General Meeting
Meeting / 05:00 pm General Meeting

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