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Sri Aurobindo was like I was, confused and bewildered, confronted with a million existential questions

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Since 1963, he has been an ashramite at Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry. Manoj Das is currently an English professor at the Sri Aurobindo International ...
And from there to S. Murali's invocation of Sri Aurobindo's Savitri, an epic poem published in 1970, which aspires to transcend the material plane and “the ... [The mantra of vision: An overview of Sri Aurobindo's aesthetics]
Sri Aurobindo and Ramana spoke to me. I lived through the struggles of these great minds. While Ramana sounded simple at the outset he made me pause and think. Sri Aurobindo was tough. But then I was fortunate enough to read through all that he wrote, not missing out any single line. His complexity I found was only at the outside, while deep within he was like I was, confused and bewildered, confronted with a million existential questions, relishing the great aesthetic experience of being and becoming, at one with the universe. Of course it took me only a little while to recognize his great and steadfast will that gave him the continued impetus to forge ahead in the supreme quest of the spirit. I felt I understood the reason for his overt withdrawal from the world of politics into the silence and solitude of the ashram. It was not a withdrawal at all but an all inclusive immersion into the larger being of the cosmic spirit.
What delighted me most about this amazing intellectual yogi was his continued openness to the questions of the body and the intellect. Someone had called him a radical mystic. Yes, Sri Aurobindo gave clear cut answers to many of my questions. However the greatest challenge was in unlocking these observations in the laboratory of ones own mind. Behind every Jekyll there is this Hyde. It might be one thing to follow these teachings of these noble masters as teachings but another to experientially encounter them. My questing mind was always alert and devious, mischievous. I wanted the cake and to eat it too. Yoga and spirituality demanded great disciplining of the senses and the mind. I was worried whether these might lead to an incarceration of the sensuous self. I wanted the passions of the body and the soul to be equally well balanced. It was a virtual impossibility.
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Aster Patel: Speaking on CHANGE at the 2011 AUM Conference, 73 seconds VIEW HERE More Aster Patel at the 2011 AUM and Loretta Shartsis CLICK HERE to view on Facebook 
Matthijas Cornellison: “OUR PRESENT STATE CANNOT BE THE FINAL STATE”, interviewed forConscious, 58 seconds VIEW HERE
Brian Swimme:   "WHAT WE SEE TODAY COULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED BY CHANCE", interviewed for Conscious, 67 seconds CLICK HERE to view on Facebook
ARTICLE: MAKING CONSCIOUS, film in production
An article in the Spring 2011 edition of Collaboration Journal that follows the unexpected and personal journey of the films Integral Consciousness and ConsciousTo view CLICK HERE  [from Integral Inspirations date 22 July 2011 03:58]
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