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Birth anniversary of Sri Aurobindo will be observed on 15 August at Kolkata maidan

Birth anniversary of Sri Aurobindo will be observed on 15 August at Kolkata maidan at 11.45 AM. State Government will arrange for wreath placing. Government officials will be present on the occasion. Common people can also pay their homage on that occasion. Few words about Sri Aurobindo
Aurobindo Ghosh was born on 15 August 1872. He was a brilliant student and highly qualified, freedom fighter and afterwards a philosopher, yogi. Freedom fighter Aurobindo Ghosh was converted into Shri Aurobindo. He was very much involved in freedom movement of India. He was arrested in 1908 in connection with the Alipore Bomb Case. He was in the jail for one year. From that time transformation of Aurobindo Ghosh from freedom fighter to a spiritual leader started. In 1910 he took retirement from politics and moved to Pondichery. The world found a philosopher, a guru in Shri Aurobindo. Sri Aurobindo died on December 5, 1950.
How to bring up a child | Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo & The Mother
SABDA (Sri Aurobindo Ashram Publication Department) has published a booklet “How to bring up a child“ on this crucially important topic, bringing together ...
Sainik School Chittorgarh - GOLDEN JUBILEE TOURS
96 cadets proceeded on an adventure/educational tour on 06 May 2011 to Van Niwas Bara, Pathar, Nainital conducted by Sri Aurobindo Educational Society, ...
Summer School in the Sun | TEFL Features
(2) Research Topic for Ph.D in English: Treatment of Nature in Indo-Anglian Poetry with Special Reference to Sri Aurobindo's Poetry. ...
Immortality in the Vedas
He studied Vedas jointly with Aurobindo and Bharati's poems and prose writing reflect the line of thinking of Sri Aurobindo. Please note his following verse ...

Sri Aurobindo Ashram Mahasua Wikipedia the free encyclopedia
Sri Aurobindo Ashram Mahasua generally know asMa Mandir run by SriAurobindo Samiti Mahasua is a temple of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother of Sri Aurobindo ...
SAIoC > What's New > 2011 > Sri Aurobindo's 138th Birth Anniversary Celebrations
Collective Meditation, Hoisting of The Mother's flag, March-past... Offering of devotional songs at Hall of Light... Images | Songs by Buddhadev Guha mp3 | more >>
Joe Perezon August 3, 2011 at 10:38 said:
Thanks Tusar. I’ll bear that in mind when I post more on Aurobindo.
Devan Nair - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
There, he read the writings of Sri Aurobindo, particularly the Life Divine and became his life-long admirer and disciple. He visited Pondicherry (now, ...
Syama Prasad Mookerjee - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Sri Aurobindo · Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya · Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi · Vallabhbhai Patel · Purushottam Das Tandon · Vinayak Damodar Savarkar ...
Independence Day & Sri Aurobindo Jayanti will be celebrated on 15th August (Monday) 2011, at Sri Aurobindo Bal Mandir. Students must be present in school ...
The past present and future according to Sri Aurobindo page 1
During my childhood, I've been conditioned to think that there was nothing above the intellect. THAT is the pinnacle of mankind, were they saying but what I later experienced told me otherwise so I began the quest of who I really am and found the writings of Sri Aurobindo. This Rishi was born in Calcutta (India) on August 15, 1872. 
One of his book is called "Savitri - A legend and a Symbol". Of all the books I've read during my entire life, it is the most astounding one and this yet unsurpassed masterpiece will probably remain unequaled even in many thousand years. Savitri is the story of mankind, the vision of its past, present and future. If spirituality is something that interest you, I strongly suggest you to read this work of a lifetime.
Sri Aurobindo Society, Singapore: August 2011
This month's newsletter celebrates Sri Aurobindo's 139th birth anniversary with some thoughts on his poetry as well as on his adoration of the Mother Land, ...
Sri Aurobindo distinguishes between the eternal Spiritual Person, and the personality born into a human birth and subject to modifications and development in the evolving manifestation, the Soul of Personality. …
Sri Aurobindo was involved in India’s freedom struggle, overtly from 1906-1910 and covertly for a few years before that. He had taken up the practice of Yoga in order to gain the strength needed to liberate the country from British rule. In the context of the above post, he was an Artharthi. The following conversation is from A.B. Purani’s Evening Talks.
Auroville Centre for Scientific Research: Exploring a Sustainable Future
A 6-day Workshop at Auroville - September 4-10, 2011
The workshop fee is Rs 9000/- including boarding and lodging from Sunday evening (4th September) until Saturday afternoon (10th September). Please make the payment through a crossed cheque/draft payable to ‘Auroville Maintenance’. 
Note the following words—“presumably”, “does not seem”, “seems to have”, “may have”, “would have”. Is this history or guesswork?
There may still be those left in some doubt as to the stupidity, the arrogance and the naked disloyalty that is at the heart of this enterprise. 
We hope that all the Savitri drafts, particularly in Sri Aurobindo’s hand, are absolutely safe. We also hope that there is no tampering done with them. ~ RYD

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