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Discussing Sri Aurobindo's works and his yoga

Interested mainly in the Adventure of Consciousness, I believe in human progress and evolution and in the inner capacity of Man to outgrow and master all his imperfections and darkness, to grow into a creative, constructive and higher divine being, along with the society, conquering all inner and outer darkness, crossing all barriers and divisions. I am a retired Officer of the Orissa Administrative Service from Orissa, India. Since adolescence, I was inspired by Sri Aurobindo and The Mother (Mira Alfassa) and sought to understand and follow Their Teaching, and make others understand and follow Them.
In 1956, I read The Life Divine, and gradually, read almost all that is written by Them and about Them. I have visited the Ashram and Auroville some times. I organized some Sri Aurobindo centres in Orissa, and often met Prapatti and Ramkrishna Das. I and my wife and children had a special Darshan of The Mother on my birthday on 3rd March 1972. Mira Aditi Centre has published my Bengali translations of some books including Sri Aurobindo or the Adventure of Consciousness by Satprem, India's Rebirth and India the Mother, collections from the writings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. View my complete profile

One can have Multiple Religions - by Choice - by Dilip Kumar Roy Jan 10, 2012
I like this statement by Devinder Singh - We must move from becoming Sikhs by birth (belief) to Sikhs by choice (experience). How about this one - one can adhere to multiple religions, if that synchronises well within your consciousness?
I am a Hindu by birth, but feel profound comfort and joy each time I hear a line from Jallaluddin Rumi or St Ignatius of Loyala. Or that Saint Vincent's words uplift me no less than Sri Ramakrishna or Guru Nanak. 
That I can spend an hour of sweet joy over a Jap-ji chant just as a song in praise of the Virgin Mother at a church evokes a mood of reverence. Moments  when the Ahzaan from a mosque puts you onto a mood of prayer and surrender, just as an abhang from Tukaram makes you realise that the entire universe is  Panduranga Himself! 
Or that a Buddhist Vihara gave me as much Peace as the Dargah of a Sufi Saint. How am I to share this with those stuck in beliefs of the Book, or those who say I am being falsely syncretic, phony and politically correct. Either God is a nuisance created by religions or Religions are a nuisance in the eyes of God.
We just need theological freedom if we are to know and explore God.  Theological exogamy should be an in-thing - too much of intellectual incest has happened in the name of One Belief, One God, One Doctrine! 
Ah, how sweet was the day when I rejected affiliation with religions. Then God became real to me - in all religions! 
What is my religion? - a Job Application Form asked me 20 years back. Hindu, I could have replied, with a Christianised upbringing. With Buddhist leanings and Sikhi Adoration and in love with each word of Jallaluddin Rumi and His path. Regards, Dilip

I think we could form a smaller group within this discussion group who would be focussed on discussing Sri Aurobindo's works and his yoga. If the moderator would consent to form such a group, I would be glad to be one of the participants of that group. 
The primary focus of that group could be to understand better Sri Aurobindo's works and reinforce our individual spiritual development through this virtual satsang. Regards, Dilip

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