Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Abolish desire & replace by action of purer motive power

SRI AUROBINDO'S ARRIVAL TO PONDICHHERY. Meditation with the Mothers Music Evening 7:00 TO 7:30 P.M. Centre will remain open from 8:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. Sri Aurobindo Society, 11, Sahakar, B Road, Churchgate- 200 020.

The Master Meets His Mission from Auromira Yoga by Dr. Ramesh Bijlani
Sri Aurobindo’s arrival in Pondicherry on 4 April 1910 marks the culmination of a long and tortuous preparation that was necessary in his outer life before he could settle down with the mission of his life… An instrument of the Divine was needed to provide this message to the world, particularly the West, which was affected the most by the material prosperity and spiritual poverty generated by the industrial revolution. And, who could be better than Sri Aurobindo as that instrument – an intellectual giant who had 14 years of intelligent engagement with the West, and 14 years of self-study in the East, along with spiritual siddhis of the highest order. This rare instrument was too precious to be battered and bruised by the batons and bullets of the British police. Hence the divine intervention that forcibly pulled him out of the freedom struggle. [Excerpts from an article first published in The Call Beyond (A periodical published by Sri Aurobindo Ashram – Delhi Branch) April 2010] 

Peter Heehs, a US national who is a self-styled "scholar" and writer, published a book called The Lives of Sri Aurobindo, purporting to be a biography of Sri Aurobindo. By his own admission, Peter Heehs has no formal educational ...

As the intuitive and evolutionary thinkers like Sri Aurobindo and Teil-hard-de-Chardin have pointed out, the main evolutionary challenge facing humanity is the growth of consciousness from the rational, divisive and analytical consciousness of ...

Tweets santosh krinsky  @santoshk1 Sri Aurobindo. 1st condition of inner revolution & transformation of life energy: abolish desire & replace by action of purer motive power 1:29 PM - 4 Apr 12
Auroville Radio  @AurovilleRadio Kalarippayat, Mohiniyattam and Theyyam performed by Udayan's Masters at Sri Aurobindo Auditorium, Auroville. 1:01 PM - 4 Apr 12 via aurovilleRadio
Tunku Varadarajan  @tunkuv When a govt expels a historian, you can be sure it is thin-skinned, paranoid and pandering to the gallery of intolerance #Heehs #India
Gautam Chikermane  @gchikermane The book, The Many Lives of Sri Aurobindo, is the best biography of the freedom fighter turned spiritual leader. Most haven't read the book. The book has been banned on the advice of Orissa DG Intelligence - he hasn't read the book. Is India going to end up being the place from where all free speech, intellectuals, ideas will be banished? After Salman Rushdie and MF Husain, the fundamentalists have turned their guns on Peter Heehs, an ashramite serving in India for 41 years. As one who has read the book (The Lives of Sri Aurobindo), I can say that it's unlikely ever to be surpassed: Ram Guha 9:13 AM - 3 Apr 12 Real issue: India - country of Gita, Vedas, Upanishadas - cannot tolerate truth or alternative points of view. Heehs is latest victim. 12:19 PM - 4 Apr 12@RupaSubramanya Peter Heehs is an issue of religious fundamentalism, not security as claimed. His visa denial is a shame. 11:08 AM - 4 Apr 12

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