Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sri Aurobindo’s alternatives to the Enlightenment ideals

Text of a talk delivered at the AUM Conference, Los Angeles, May 2003.
Transcript of a Talk given at Nainital, India on 8/16/06. Detachment in a spiritual sense is the development of another dimension within us, a dimension which coexists with our active personality but is outside of it. It is to find an inner freedom, to discover a part of the being that cannot be touched by external circumstances or by the outer being’s activities – a separation within between what we know as ourselves in the world and something which is intrinsic and connected to an infinite being, a sort of an immutable witnessing.
This article attempts to sketch out Sri Aurobindo's contribution to the future of humanity as carried in his major texts. In doing so, it also tries to underline the cross-cultural nature of these texts and the disciplinary redefinitions implicit in them.

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