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Morality and religion, science and philosophy, art, literature and social and political life

Emotion and its transformation in Sri Aurobindo’s Yoga Psychology. Larry Seidlitz — Sri Aurobindo Center for Advanced Research, Pondicherry.
We find presented in Sri Aurobindo’s treatment of emotions a great paradox and its synthesis and resolution. On one hand, emotions are presented in the most disparaging terms, as the center stage for all suffering, perversion, and obscurity. On the other hand, emotions are viewed as not only deriving from the ineffable Ananda or Bliss which is the very nature and substance of the Divine Existence, but they are also a powerful means into the very heart of that Ananda.]

[Initiation: Spiritual Insights on Life, Art & Psychology - Michael Miovic - Prema Nandakumar, Sri Aurobindo Society]
[refreshing to see review of Michael's Initiation., he is not only psychiatrist but vibrant storyteller & pucca bhakta] 

[Trustees go about diluting the work of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother by turning the Ashram into a free-for-all place 
The failure of the present Ashram management is clearly visible in various Ashram departments. There is now hardly any work ethic or culture: no discipline, no obedience, extremely rude behaviour, no quality work and, above all, Ashramites are burdened with the monopoly of departmental heads who mostly engage themselves in private businesses.
For all the above mentioned reasons, there is an urgent need, an imperative necessity for government intervention in the Ashram administration. When we have a responsible and fair administration, the stress in our day to day life due to the present mismanagement will be definitely much less and we will able to focus better on our inner work. The general apprehension regarding disturbance in sadhana due to the government taking over the Ashram administration is totally baseless.]

[The whole burden of our human progress has been an attempt to escape from the bondage to the body and the vital impulses.] ~Sri Aurobindo
[An ever-enlarging self takes the place of the old narrow self which is confined to our individual mind and body, and it is this moral growth which society helps and organises.]
[If the clarified intellect is not supported by purified emotions, the intellect tends to be dominated once more by the body... The purification has been done by morality and religion, the clarification by science and philosophy, art, literature and social and political life being the chief media in which these uplifting forces have worked. The conquest of the emotions and the intellect by the spirit is the work of the future. Yoga is the means by which that conquest becomes possible.] ~Sri Aurobindo
[the force of the democratic tendency is not a force which is spent but one which has not yet arrived] ~Sri Aurobindo

[The Divine Humanity To Be Evolved Through the Yoga]

[many positives of American higher education – emphasis on academic rigour, independent inquiry and interdisciplinary and flexible learning - BLEW: On Blogging, Learning, Education & Writing (and a bit about NRIs & ex-NRIs too)] via @sharethis

[The Mother and Sri Aurobindo were very sensitive on the matter of compulsory vaccination. Following are references:] 

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