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Shikha Guha's courage, dedication, discipline and sense of dignity made her unique

The Hindu November 23, 2015
Around 100 people from Puducherry, Auroville, NGOs, schools and colleges gathered on Beach Road to show their support as activist Pushpanath ...
Among Mr. Krishnamurthy's supporters were children of the Satya Special School, Puducherry, who walked with him for a short distance and children from the Udavi School in Auroville who are also participating in a walk.
“Fair Trade offers producers a better deal and improved terms of trade. It allows them the opportunity to improve their lives and invest in their future, their environment and their communities,” according to Fairtrade India.
Fair Trade is an alternative approach to conventional trade based on a partnership between producers and traders, businesses and consumers.
What is a Fair Trade Town?
“Any community that makes a collective commitment to Fair Trade. Each Fair Trade Town campaign is unique but all Fair Trade Towns bring people together and raise awareness and understanding of trade issues,” according to the website of Fair Trade Towns.
“FAIRTRADE Mark appears on products that meet Fairtrade standards and come from Fairtrade producer organisations.”

23.11.2015 Radio
‘Go Push go’ were the words heard from the group of people supporting Pushpanath for the 450 km long walk, which commenced from Gandhi Thidal in Pondicherry on the 20th of November, Friday.
The intention of the walk is to create awareness about climate change and support the newly proposed Fair Trade Twin Towns – Pondicherry and Auroville.
Even though the 64 year old activist has ‘ageing legs’, as he said, the ‘extra-ordinary’ downpour of rain, in fact encouraged him more for the walk, as the cause for the same was more important and needed for the living community around the globe.
The first stop being Auroville, we saw Push sipping cups of chai and grabbing some pieces of cake at the Visitor’s Centre. Listen to what he has to say about the incredible journey and his ideas of climate change.
Join hands with him by knowing more about his stops between Pondicherry and Ooty, his final destination. The walk ends on the 10th of December!

TNN | Nov 24, 2015
KOLKATA: Shrimati Shikha Guha, who left her physical body in the afternoon of November 23, 2015 was an inspiring figure in the truest sense of the term. In 1972, a meeting with The Mother at Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry changed the course of her life. Subsequently, like Shrimati Joya Mitter, she rendered selfless service to Sri Aurobindo Institute of Culture and The Futrure Foundation School in many roles and dimensions. 
She provided exemplary leadership in making Arun Nursery School a name to reckon with. It was largely through her efforts that a new campus of the school was opened at Satindra Pally, Garia. She also played a significant role in the foundation and growth of Sri Aurobindo Vidyabhawan, Balichak. 
Shrimati Shikha Guha's courage, dedication, discipline and sense of dignity made her unique. However, what endeared her to one and all was her unparalleled grace and capacity to love everyone from the innermost core of her heart.

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