Saturday, September 08, 2007

How can it help a person in day to day life

Life & purpose Friday, September 7, 2007 Weakness and Destiny I have been going through some rough patch for quite some time...
Fortunately or unfortunately i did stumble upon the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and Divine mother of Pondicherry. This blog is just to share my interest and thoughts. Hope some of you out there share the interest and help me understand the teachings better. Thank you for reading the blog. Now to the article in the is an article from archive of the next future magazine. One of the lines written by mother in this, caught my attention.
You are weakest precisely in that element which is destined to be your greatest asset
isn't it simple and sweet, just like every thing else she has written. i was doing a task which let me say i am not very good at, when i came across this article. so naturally this line made me think. what does this line really mean. What is mother trying to convey by this line to a child ( i feel more comfortable thinking of myself as her child) like me. Aside from the spiritual or philosophical aspect of this statement, how can it help a person in day to day life... Posted by savitri at 3:38 PM 0 comments

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