Thursday, September 06, 2007

I am much interested in Sri Aurobindo's thoughts

Sri Aurobondo and The Mother visualize the whole life upon earth including human life as a mass of vibrations, mostly as falsehood, ignorance and disorder resisting vibrations of truth and harmony coming from higher regions.
universal forces, good or bad, favorable or hostile are pouring into everyone, without the person even knowing them, but influence the person according to his will or consciousness. The cosmic law never makes a mistake and it never gives any thing to unfit.
The objective world represents the cosmic forces. The subjective "Atman" or "Self" inside psychical being is infinite but suffers from delusion.
Our momentary personality is only a bubble on the ocean of our existence according to Sri Aurobindo.
Kannan S
I am Prof. DR. S. Kannan. M.SC., Ph.D. (ST. JOSEPH'S COLLEGE, TIRUCHI, INDIA THE OLDEST COLLEGE in INDIA) retired from active service in 1999. I have many publications in International Scientific Journals. Currently I am interested in writing articles on various subjects and creating Ads. I am much interested in SRI AUROBINDO'S thoughts and want to write articles based on my understanding. I have studied Tamil and Sanskrit literatures in detail. I am interested in teaching young students and guiding them to think of making India to get back the lost glory View my complete profile Posted by navigate at 8:16 AM

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