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Uniting annai bhaktans from all over the world

Annai Mira Alfassa - The Mother Sunday, January 13, 2008

About The Mother
Early yearsMirra Alfassa (Paris 21.2.1878 - Pondicherry 17.11.73) was born as the second child of an Egyptian mother and a Turkish father, a few months after her parents had settled in France. An extraordinarily gifted child, who became an accomplished painter and musician, she had many inner experiences from early childhood on. In her twenties she studied occultism in Algeria with Max Theon and his English wife Alma, who was a highly developed medium. After her return to Paris, the Mother worked with several different groups of spiritual seekers.
Meeting Sri Aurobindo
She first heard of Sri Aurobindo from her friend Alexandra David-Neel, who had visited him in Pondicherry in 1912; and in 1914, along with her second husband Paul Richard, she was able to travel to Pondicherry and meet him in person. There, she immediately recognised him as a mentor she had encountered in earlier visions, and knew that her future work was at his side. Although she had to leave India after the outbreak of the First World War, first returning to France, and then accompanying Richard to an official post in Japan, in April 1920 she returned to join Sri Aurobindo in Pondicherry and never left again. Sri Aurobindo recognised in her an embodiment of the dynamic expressive aspect of evolutionary, creative Force, in India traditionally known and approached as the 'Supreme Mother'.
Sri Aurobindo Ashram and Auroville
It was the Mother, as Sri Aurobindo's 'Shakti', who organised the growing group of followers around him into the Sri Aurobindo Ashram from November 1926 onwards, and who in 1952, after his passing in 1950, created the Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education to fulfil his wish to provide a new kind of education for Indian youth. In 1968 she founded the international township project of Auroville as a yet wider field for practical attempts to implement Sri Aurobindo's vision of new forms of individual and collective life, preparing the way towards a brighter future for the whole earth."Humanity is not the last rung of the terrestrial creation. Evolution continues and man will be surpassed. It is for each individual to know whether he wants to participate in the advent of this new species."
"For those who are satisfied with the world as it is, Auroville obviously has no reason to exist."The Mother, 1966
Consciousness beyond Mind
Both Sri Aurobindo and The Mother worked all their lives for the manifestation of a mode of consciousness beyond mind, which Sri Aurobindo named "Supermind" or "The Supramental". The full expression of this consciousness on earth would result not only in a new species, as far beyond Man as humanity is beyond the animals, but also in a modification of the whole terrestrial creation, even more complete than the change brought about by the entrance on the world scene of the human race.Between humanity and the fully Supramental species there would have to be one or several transitional steps, represented by transitional beings, born in the human way, but able to contact and express the higher consciousness. These transitional beings would prepare the way for the advent of the Supramental Race by establishing suitable conditions.
After Sri Aurobindo's passing, the Mother continued his work of psychological and physical transformation with the help of the new force. An account of her experiences in the course of this work is given in The Mothers Agenda, an intimate record of the last 18 years of her life.Their work continues.
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Orkut- Annai Mira Alfassa Community
"This is for all the Annai believers like me. This is the place to share your experiences about the Miracles the mother has brought into your life."
This is what the introduction of the community reads. A community fast growing, uniting annai bhaktans from all over the world. Its new additions include new links to Annai Songs, blogs etc. and it is aiming to reach a member count of over 1000. Looking at the way it has been growing, one is sure that the aim would be achieved very soon.
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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

"Without God's blessings, NOTHING is possible"
I credit all my achievements, all my success to God, to Annai Mira Alfassa. It is my faith in her that has brought me all my success.
She is the Greatest of them all. One experiences this when one has Faith in god, faith in Annai Mira Alfassa. One feels peace,happiness and much more both Inside and Outside. If you haven't felt that, the time has come for you to feel that.
There are many websites which have information about Annai Mira Alfassa. Some of them are :
If you haven't been on the right path yet , the time has come for you to be where you deserve to be. You deserve to be successful. You deserve to be happy. You deserve to be on the "RIGHT PATH". You deserve to be "BLESSED". All your Sins shall be washed away.
God will indeed bless you , Annai Mira Alfassa will indeed bless you. From now on, you will achieve success and only success. You will be Blessed and Blessed on.
"Count your blessings name them Two by Two,
Count your blessings name them Four by Four,
Count your blessings name them Score by Score,
And you would be surprised there are MILLIONS more."
Lets Join our hands together to create a beautiful world.
I am her follower, I have been her follower and I shall always be her follower.
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