Friday, November 14, 2008

Champaklal Ji never tolerated any insult or slander against the master

S has left a new comment on your post "The Crucification of Sri Aurobindo by His Devotees...":

Very timely post, Dave.D. The person I remember when I read this post is Champaklal Ji - humble, lovely, innocent, simple embodiment of love and service. When he said that he wanted to wash Sri Aurobindo's Dhoties, (that was way back in the 1920s when he first entered the portals of the Ashram) Sri Aurobindo warned him that he would be laughed at. The last moments of Sri Aurobindo in His mortal frame bring tears to my eyes - He embraced this wonderful Champaklal and kissed him.

Champaklal Ji never tolerated any insult or slander against the master. Wonder what the pseudo spirituo-intellectuals would have to say to that!!!

Thank God, Champaklal ji is not there to suffer the barbs of the self appointed critics of the Ashram, devotees and those who in their own way serve the cause of the Mother and the Master.He also serves who stands and waits! Posted by S to Savitri Era Open Forum at 7:55 PM, November 14, 2008

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  1. S, There are also many like myself who may be disappointed by PH's book, but do not believe that attacking him personally, or signing petitions, or getting him thrown out of the Ashram, or using this as a pretext to settle old personal scores and enimities, is the solution. There are many ways to answer bad scholarship. And while one admires Champaklal's intense devotion and love that would tolerate nothing amiss said about Them, don't forget Nolini's calm wideness and vastness either. Perhaps Nolini too may have (or may not have) disliked the tenor of PH's book, but indeed I wonder if Nolini would have sided with that unholy jingoist tribe (Shraddhalu, Alok Pande, Kittu Reddy, Ananda Reddy etc.) who made such a ruckus and mess of the whole affair, vitiating the atmosphere of the Integral Yoga community, (and disheartening even those of us who felt the book was unworthy of emerging from an Ashramite's pen) all in the name of being so-called "hero warriors"? Nay, the movement spearheaded by the above and followed by unamed others, had little of the quiet vastness and calm intensity and wide devotion which must be the yardstick of all truly spiritually inspired action.