Tuesday, December 02, 2008

We haven't heard much comparison, just more the bald contrast

Re: Explanation of my Stand wrt The Lives of Sri Aurobindo
by Rick on Mon 24 Nov 2008 11:09 PM PST Profile Permanent Link

Dear Koantum, I followed your links and think I may see what you mean. One thing I'm curious about and haven't heard (from you or others, though I may have missed it) is what you might think about other biographies or writings on Sri Aurobindo besides Peter's.

  • What do you think of, say, that long book by Iyengar?
  • Of A.B. Purani's life of Sri Aurobindo?
  • Rishabhchand's efforts focusing more on the political days?
  • Satprem's Adventure?
  • Chaudhuri's writings (not biographical, but he did write "Prophet of Life Divine"?
  • Then—I would say in a whole other category, but you may differ—Nolini, in his writings on Sri Aurobindo and his much more extensive writings on the yoga?
  • Or any of the other such writers?

We haven't heard much comparison, just more the bald contrast: this current "academic biography" as opposed to the previous "hagiographies." To take an entirely different tack from my two recent posts—I'd be interested in some of your specific reactions (or creative responses) you, Koantum or anyone else.

You do make a very intriguing point in contrasting writings "painfully limited in their vision and comprehension" ("in comparison to Sri Aurobindo's own luminous writings")—writings that may have tried but may have failed to express the "inner Sri Aurobindo" versus Peter's book that does not elicit this reaction "because he deliberately limits himself to the documented externalities of Sri Aurobindo's life" ("the outer Sri Aurobindo"). Still, if you are interested, I would like to hear some more nuance, more of your (or others') more- specific reactions to some of these books mentioned or others not mentioned. Rick Reply [+Permanent Link + Permanent Link]

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