Sunday, December 28, 2008

Let Mr. Hartz mix only 0.25% of potassium cyanide in his drinks

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Open Letters Lord's Birth Place Copyright SAABA NEWS No. 64 Dt. 9/02/03
SAABA NEWS No. 64 Dt. 9/02/031. Khichudi – A) only 0.25% of change in words in Savitri! – Richard Hartz. B) ‘my’ or ‘thy’ 2. NEWS. –Kolkata, Pondy.

HELLO I AM BACK! what did you think that I had forgotten you people?! But as they say, ‘ RECULER POUR MIEUX SAUTER! ’ Meanwhile I thank one and all for the patronage, love and the interest that have showered on me from most unexpected quarters of even the hierarchies of the management. Thus on popular demand I am once more at your service for better and good!!

SAVITRI – (Part - 10) - KHICHUDI - So far dear readers and lovers of Savitri, we have had the pleasure to partly study and make our humble inroads in understanding the mentality of our dear and hon’ble friends Hee-Haas, - the so-called research workers of the Archives department of Sri Aurobindo Ashram! Their benevolence, zeal and understanding of Sri Aurobindo is fathomless as earlier seen while analysing a few of their examples of tampering of Savitri as explained by them in a mumbo-jumbo circuitous manner in “Supplement to the Revised Edition of Savitri” – 1994.

Subsequently many of you, including some among the trustees have partly and privately accepted that the tampering of Savitri has indeed been done. However, we did not have the occasion then to analyse two booklets, “On the New Edition of Savitri “ p.1 & p.2 of 1999 and 2000. Mr. Hartz has the audacity to tell you on page 14 of p.1, ‘On the New Edition of Savitri’, that, “Savitri contains more than 180,000 words; 99.75% of these are the same in all editions. Examples of differences in the other 0.25% are given below.

These examples are grouped under three headings according to the principal causes of error: (A) typographical errors, (B) mishearing of dictation, (C) miscopying and mistyping.”

SAABA on this issue has only to state, let Mr. Hartz go and mix only 0.25% of potassium cyanide in his drinks, or even copper or fluorine! In the mystic, spiritual, overhead and mantric poetry it is even worse to make the sublime ambrosia into poison by changing 0.25% in words. But then Mr. Hartz here is like a bull in a china-shop! The Mother did not allow even a comma to be changed

– What SAABA is wondering that with all the new and modern methods now available, new techniques and modern computers at your command, new efficient and so-called research scholars full-time at your disposal, how is it that Mr. Heehs and Mr. Hartz misspelled the word ‘seried’ – 88.35? Mind you this mistake did not exist in 1950 and 1954 editions. This goes to show the meticulousness of Mr. Heehs and Mr. Hartz in creating a new spelling for serried. Sri Aurobindo had done it right, why in the name of correcting a spelling they are adding their own version in 1993, that does not exist in any dictionary?

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