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Devotees performed milk bath to Sri Aurobindo's statue.

Andhra Pradesh - Tirupati Tributes paid to Sri Aurobindo
The Hindu Sunday, Sep 13, 2009 Staff Reporter TIRUPATI:

Rich tributes were paid to renowned spiritual guru Sri Aurobindo by his devotees and general public on Saturday. Devotees performed milk bath to his statue.

Sri Aurobindo Society’s Tirupati branch observed the tenth anniversary of the enshrinement of his relics at its NGO’s colony premises. Preserving physical parts or remnants as a relic is not only in remembrance of the great souls, but also to draw magical powers and inspiration from them. It is an age-old practice transcending faiths and religious affiliations. Sri Aurobindo’s nail and hair were enshrined as relics in the Tirupati branch alongside his statue, making it one of the 223 relic shrines in the world.

B.Venkatramaiah, a retired IAS officer and chairman of Sri Aurobindo Society’s state committee, explained the significance of relics. P.V. Ramasubba Reddy, principal of SV Medical College, said one could feel the area reverberating with tranquility due to the presence of the relics. A book, Prayers and Meditation, authored by The Mother and translated into Telugu by Kamalakara Venkat Rao, was released on the occasion. M. Balarama Reddy, president of the Tirupati branch, explained the activities.

India 2009 A Pioneer's Perspective
18 Nov 2009 by cjd002 It was by coming here that she discovered freedom through spirituality. In the interview, I ask questions about Auroville, difficulties faced by Auroville, possibilities and dealing with these difficulties, potential disapointments, lessons learned, etc... We spoke a decent bit about religion and Auroville; it's fears of being considered a religious cult, its fear of religion in general, and also the relationship of religion and spirituality.

For Sri Aurobindo, religion is, at its heart, indistinquishable from spirituality, but religionism indicates the empty, blindly followed conventions and rituals of mass religions, such as Christianity in Christendom. In fact, in Turning Points, she even relates meeting the Mother to meeting Jesus. During the interview, she reflects upon the difficulty of discerning the truth without the Mother:

"And it is true, you see, I mean I am always a little hesitant [to declare the truth] because I lived with the Mother; what is true, what is false. And for me, what I learned with Mother, everyone could write and you had this feeling that this is totally the truth, you know."

Without the Mother as a vessel of the Divine Mother, or the Higher Consciousness (as Sri Aurobindo named her), S sees Auroville as struggling to recognize the truth. In regard to the politics of Auroville, she says "there is something old and stuck...playing in Auroville, which is a pity." But S does not lose hope, despite her disapointments and criticism of AV today.

Manifesting Definite Forms Out of Infinite Possibility « Sri ...
Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Chapter 14, The Supermind As Creator. For more information on Sri Aurobindo visit our website

Sri Aurobindo on shadow and light « peony moon
Sri Aurobindo on shadow and light. By Michelle. “You carry in yourself all the obstacles necessary to make your realisation perfect.

I Now Officially Declare « Yes and no
by buttersisonly myname I also believe in Sri Aurobindo's Integral Yoga, though my own practice (to whatever extent I do anything, which is unfortunately not much these days) is a Christianized version. Anyway, here is a line that has enormous impact on me: ...

City's rich heritage a tourist's dream destination in state Prashant Rupera
MS University campus has Lord Buddha's ashes within a radius of 75 km and one can relive the royal Gaekwadi era passing by the sprawling Laxmi Vilas Palace... It's here that the rare paintings of father of modern Indian art Raja Ravi Varma have been preserved. The varsity houses the country's second largest masonry dome at arts faculty. Given an opportunity, no tourist would want to go back without knowing how Shri Aurobindo had taught at MSU before moving to Pondicherry and how father of India's constitution Dr BR Ambedkar had received patronage by Baroda state's erstwhile ruler Sir Sayajirao Gaekwad.

Maharaja Sayajirao University, a treasure royale of heritage ...
Times of India - Darshana Chaturvedi - In fact, the Faculty of Arts building itself was the oldest centre of learning in western India, where Sri Aurobindo once taught.

Indian English literature : retrospect and prospect /
The Nature of Conflict in Sri Aurobindo's Perseus the Deliverer Vinod Kumar Singh, 109. Yajna as the Central Metaphor in Girish Karnad's the Fire ad the ...

International Children`s Short Film Festival 2009 Bosco Information Service - New Delhi,India... City Montessori School (CMS ICFF), Eurovision TV and Auroville Film Festival. with Goethe Intitut, Montessori School (CMS ICFF), Eurovision TV (EBU/UER), ...

International Children's Short Film Fest starts Express Buzz - Chennai, and Don Bosco Egmore, in collaboration with Goethe Institut, City Montessori School (CMS ICFF), Eurovision TV, Switzerland, and Auroville Film Festival.

Tamil Matrimony Search Results
we are Sri Aurobindo devotees. We prefer a groom who is also a Sri Aurobindo devotee. Education and teaching is first and last cho More. ...

Era Savitri - Indonesia Facebook Era Savitri (Indonesia) is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Era Savitri (Indonesia) and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to ...

Roselle, the wonder plant Economic Times - Naturellement, the excellent food brand from Auroville that is now sold in Fabindia stores, makes roselle syrup. I have just realised, while researching ...

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