Friday, November 27, 2009

Role of the Ashram Centres in the Path of Sadhana shown by Sri Aurobindo

West Bengal 'Sri Aurobindo Kendra Sammelan' on 20 December 2009
'Sri Aurobindo Kendra Sammelan' has organized a reunion of all Sri Aurobindo Ashram Centres in West Bengal in the premises of Lakshmi's House, (Sri Aurobindo Institute of Culture, 3 Regent Park, Ranikuthi, Kolkata-700040) on 20 December ...

International Congress in Auroville “Spirituality beyond Religions”, 5-8 January 2010 Mon, 06/15/2009 - 11:42am — International Congress in Auroville, 5-8 January 2010 “Spirituality beyond Religions” A New Path to a Universal Cultural Dialogue

Auroville International meeting in Bhubaneswar, 1-6 February 2010
Home > Organisation & Credentials > Auroville International > AVI meeting in Orissa 1 st to 6 th February 2010 We will stay in the beautiful Mayfair Lagoon hotel in Bhubaneswar, for which we have negotiated a very special rate. There will be two days of presentations to local people and visits to some of the most beautiful temples of North India, including the famous Jagannath and Konark Sun temples.

Mirror of Tomorrow :: Sanatana Dharma XXVI—the Four luminous ...
21 Nov 2009 by RY Deshpande In The Guardians of the Light Sri Aurobindo reveals the greatness of these four luminous and mighty Lords which is freely paraphrased and rendered in the following to get a general idea about the cosmic-transcendental working. ...

Mirror of Tomorrow An essay on the psychic being—by Paulette
Thu 19 Nov 2009 Permanent Link Cosmos
People are quite poor sadhaks if they need questions and answers sessions to find out whether they have, or had, “the knowledge of the psychic being”—eventually, after decades here or at the Ashram! [...] If only people took the trouble to read Sri Aurobindo and the Mother and find out things by themselves, directly through the Guru. [...] There are psychic qualities (also typical of the Christian saints, Sri Aurobindo explained) which are immediately recognizable in a person: simplicity, humility, sincerity, straightforwardness, aspiration, self-offering, self-effacing, generosity and so on. Conversely, one thing often ignored is that the psychic is a warrior, a warrior for Truth; but it fights calmly, steadily, with detachment and equipoise, without the vital’s anger, despair and revolt. ~ Paulette

The Metamorphosis of a Sadhak-Scholar -- by Raman Reddy
24 Nov 2009 by Raman Reddy On the one hand, Sri Aurobindo and the Mother have given us absolute certainty with regard to the general direction we should be heading in, that is, if we don't want to get into unnecessary difficulties. On the other hand, ...

Fwd:-The Sunlit Path: November 15, 2009
19 Nov 2009 by RAHUL GANDHI SRI AUROBINDO CHAIR OF INTEGRAL STUDIES SARDAR PATEL UNIVERSITY Dear all, I am happy to send herewith the November 15,2009 issue of " The Sunlit Path", e magazine of Sri Aurobindo Chair of Integral Studies, Sardar Patel University. ...

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