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1910: Sri Aurobindo sailing secretly on board the Dupleix from Calcutta to Pondicherry

The Mind Can Control the Body's Responses « Sri Aurobindo Studies by sriaurobindostudies
Sri Aurobindo explains: “that by which the mind can transmit its ideas and commands to the body, can train it to be an instrument for new action, can even so impress it with its habitual demands or orders that the physical instinct ...
Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book 2, Part I, Chapter 1, Indeterminates, Cosmic Determinations and the Indeterminable ...
The SUPPLEMENT TO THE REVISED EDITION OF SAVITRI is available at the bookshop SABDA, SRI AUROBINDO ASHRAM. It is really more convenient to look up things there, instead of having all this under, around, above etc. the original text. ...
Savitri retouched for those who are interested in 'original texts':
it's only the attempt to restore a wonderful site. one day, it vanished not leaving behind tracks. therefore, it is not fully functional, but a lot of informations 'ON REVISED EDITIONS' can be obtained here: :) Hermann
But from that did the Sri Aurobindo Ashram management (unlike Mr. RYD) ever abuse ...
Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother. ... Sri Aurobindo: A Contemporary Reader Edited by Sachidananda Mohanty, Routledge India, ...
Two words “retouched” and “hagiography” in the preface of The Lives of Sri Aurobindo speak volumes and constitute a defiant methodological manifesto. ...
PSYCHIATRY- Romanian Free Psychiatrists Association (APLR ... By Asociatia Psiahiatrilor Liberi din Romania 
For those who undertake the path of personal transformation (i.e. yoga), Sri Aurobindo describes three successive phases of this transformation -- the psychic, the spiritual, and the supramental. ...
31 Mar 2010 ... SRI AUROBINDO - “The aim of education is to help the child to develop his intellectual, aesthetic, emotional, moral and spiritual being.” ...
For as Sri Aurobindo, India's great yogi, philosopher and revolutionary said: "It is .... Sri Aurobindo recalls that during his first stay in South India, ...
santoshk1‎ - Twitter - Sri Aurobindo.after every cycle of denial, spirituality & occultism revive with new intensity to offset imbalance caused during denial phase
Jitendra Sharma - Professor of French and Chairman, Sri Aurobindo Society of Calicut at St. Joseph's College, Devagiri, Calicut-673008 (Kerala), India.
My Mind: A Flower To Auroville Mother-12 By Indira Renganathan
A Flower To Auroville Mother-12. Sangu Pushpam (White Butterfly Pea, Clitoria ternata 'Alba' Clitoria ternatea) Unto the Lord all by nature's blues. Hued with our queries..bespeak on. Ominous worries all.. freak upon ...
A Flower To Auroville Mother-12 by Indira Renganathan
Sangu Pushpam (White Butterfly Pea- Clitoria ternata 'Alba', Clitoria ternatea) Unto the Lord all ...
That is why I have held out for an impersonal, fairly and scholarly edited "critical edition" of Savitri which reports exactly what changes have been made to every word, why they were made, and the exact reasons for making them. That would only be fair and honest. Anything less than that is an attempt to hijack this extremely important sacred text, saying "My version is the best simply because I was in the right place and time to edit it in 1992-93." That does not make any sense to me. Posted by Cosmic Piper to Savitri Era Open Forum at 9:31 AM, April 01, 2010
From Aurobindo Ghose to Sri Aurobindo: photographic exhibition APROPOS THE EXHIBITION
This exhibition takes place in the cadre of the Auroville celebrations of Sri Aurobindo’s Centenary Arrival in Pondicherry. With the exception of two statements by the Mother, all the texts displayed are from Sri Aurobindo – including when they are written in the third person, as he commonly did when writing about himself. Even when he signed as Kali, this is Sri Aurobindo. Unless otherwise specified, most texts are reproduced from the book “Autobiographical Notes and Other Writings of Historical Interest,” vol.36, CWSA, which are on display. So are most of the printouts from which I have made the selection, which is on display for general consultation.
As the publisher clarified, “This volume consists of (1) notes in which Sri Aurobindo corrected statements made by biographers and other writers about his life and (2) various sorts of material written by him that are of historical importance. The historical material includes personal letters written before 1927 (as well as a few written after that date), public statements and letters on national and world events, and public statements about his ashram and system of yoga.”
THE PURPOSE OF AVATARHOOD IN THE LIGHT OF VEDANTA is composed of excerpts taken from “Essays on the Gita,” and ONENESS – THE INTEGRAL YOGA OF KNOWLEDGE, of excerpts taken from “The Synthesis of Yoga” (see attachments). Most of the selected texts are autobiographical, or explanatory of Sri Aurobindo’s views and goals. I have deliberately added these two large texts, and made printouts for an easy reading, because of their extraordinary importance regarding Sri Aurobindo’s and Mother’s path of Integral Yoga and the very nature and mission of the Avatar.
Also on display is “Homage to Sri Aurobindo,” a faithful reproduction of all the photographs and texts for the 1972 Sri Aurobindo Centenary exhibition, which the ashramite Kittu Reddy had put together on the Mother’s request. The Mother went through every text and photograph and asked for them to be published in a book as well.
The two large photographs, each 44 x 66 inches in size, were taken by the renowned photographer Henri Cartier Bresson. After having withdrawn to his room in 1926, this was the only time that Sri Aurobindo allowed himself to be photographed.
All my gratitude goes to the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust, the Ashram Archives and the Dept. of Physical Education that have made this exhibition possible, kindly providing the printing of Sri Aurobindo’s photos according to the same arrangement that the Ashram has with all the Sri Aurobindo Centres. As a personal request, for copyright reasons, no photographs are to be taken of this exhibition. Thanks for respecting this. Paulette from Paulette date 1 April 2010 01:33  subject Re: [Avcompats]
Auronet 1 Apr
Event /30 Mar - 29 Apr / 02:30 pm - 04:30 pm Yoga & Sophrology with Sandra at ILC Studio, Verite
Class /01:39 pm Ashtanga yoga
Event /03:00 pm Cycle To Work Challenge
2 Apr
Event /30 Mar - 29 Apr / 02:30 pm - 04:30 pm Yoga & Sophrology with Sandra at ILC Studio, Verite
Class /01:39 pm Ashtanga yoga
Event /03:00 pm Cycle To Work Challenge

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