Thursday, September 23, 2010

Heehs portrays Sri Aurobindo as a man with a violent streak

Sri Aravindaya Namaha
Nadaka & Gopika offered us a special concert on the 15th of August in ARKA.
Recorded extracts of this musical moment. 
1  Gananam Tva Krishna's song 3  Vande Tvam 4 Surya Namaskar 5 Guitar meditation
The concert will be broadcast this week in the streaming channelsListen in as Nadaka and Gopika relax you with their sweet melodies, vocals and guitar abounding in beautiful synchronicity. Close your eyes and bring yourself back as you hear their live recording at Arka in Auroville. You can check the schedule time by clicking here
The Mother has seen it and talked about it to Sri Aurobindo, .... Study of the Rig-veda in the light of Sri Aurobindo: The Hymns to Brihaspati by Nishtha ...
One Cʘsmos: The Pneumatic Bleat By Gagdad Bob
In fact, nor did Aurobindo write any books, the 35 volumes of complete works notwithstanding. Come to think of it, this was one of the first things that intrigued me about him, in that he produced all of this material in a relatively brief period of time by merely downloading it from beyond, so to speak, with no real plan or preconceptions, and certainly no eye on the book-buying public. Rather, he just sat there in his little room and banged it out.
Her teachings are based on Sri Aurobindo's Purna Yoga and come from her inner contact with great masters and her soul, who have guided her from serious illnesses, personal tragedies, and death experiences to life, wholeness, ...
Finally, Mahayogi Sri Aurobindo in his birthday message on 15th August 1947, said- “India today became free bust she has not achieved Unity… The old communal division into Hindus and Muslims seems now to have hardened into permanent ...
Mirror of Tomorrow :: Review Article of Peter Heehs's The Lives of ... by RY Deshpande
Regarding Sri Aurobindo's early life as a revolutionary in England and Baroda, there is a deliberate attempt on the part of the author to portray Sri Aurobindo as a man with a violent streak, with a penchant for terrorist violence. ...
Read articles on the "real history" of India by Androis Gautier or read books written by Sri Aurobindo and you'll see what I mean. ... [A New History of India Francois Gautier, The Indian Mind Then and Now (Vande Mataram, 8) Michel Danino]

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