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Much agony and much energy, and much consciousness would have been saved

The Hindu: Engagements: In Chennai Today
Sri Aurobindo Society: Meeting, AP-514, J Block, 8th St., Anna Nagar, 6 p.m..

Religion events Times Herald-Record 

Matagiri Sri Aurobindo Center — 1218 Wittenberg Road, holds weekly reading and meditation, 9 am Sat. Call 679-8322 or e-mail , ...
Sri Aurobindo, commenting on this issue, states: “If this view of things had a complete validity, then only the absolute idealist, sent perhaps out of some higher existence, unable to forget his mission, stung into indomitable ...
The Indian philosopher Sri Aurobindo said, “In order to see, you have to stop being in the middle of the picture.” This means we have to step outside of ...
Interview Tips - Psychological preparation for facing with Confidence by Srikant Mohanty
Long back, Sri Aurobindo, the famous saint of India said- “A prepared mind can face most of the challenge”. One has to perceive that an interview is a challenge. One selection for a good job can transform the lives in an entire family. ...
Learning Saanskrit by fresh approach – Lesson 45 ... 23 Aug 2010 by slabhyankar अभ्यंकरकुलोत्पन्नः श्रीपादः
Dr. K.C. Varadachari in his article “KALIDASA AND MYSTICISM AND SRI AUROBINDO” 
Sri Aurobindo discovered, for example, that there are several realms of ...According to Sri Aurobindo these other worlds are stacked in a spiral of lower ...
Human beings are creatures of habit. We seek refuge in an uncertain world by indulging in all kinds of humdrum routines - big and small. We impart stability and coherence to our life by staying plugged into some social network, eating at regular hours, engaging in small-talk with loved ones or even strangers, meticulously scheduling daily chores - all in the desperate desire to fill that void within. One of the object lessons that we gain from Castaneda's books is the necessity of giving up attachment to such routines. That doesn't necessarily imply that one must become erratic in conduct; it's just that one must stop being an automaton.
Manoj Das and the history of kidney trouble by RY Deshpande on Wed 01 Sep 2010 12:11 PM IST |  Profile |  Permanent Link
He had a golden opportunity to reach a world-wide audience, smart and intelligent, the eager if not ‘hungry’ academics and the brilliant but bone-dry neo-enlightened ones, he should have told it that, “please read the book with caution, that its argument of primary sources is a façade, that they should not go by it as there is so much of misrepresentation in it, misrepresentation if not falsification.” Its one most persuasive and disarming example is, as pointed out by Sandeep in yesterday’s comment above, “the history of kidney trouble and Sri Aurobindo’s ‘death’
Re: Sraddhalu Ranade ... I reject the biography, says Manoj Das by RY Deshpande on Sun 29 Aug 2010 04:40 PM IST |  Profile |  Permanent Link
I honestly wish it had come out so categorically two years ago. I wish also its wisdom had been accepted by the Ashram authorities, which they should do at least now. But Manoj Das’s presenting it at this stage of developments gives one also the impression of him adjusting his sails to the strong winds that are blowing today. He is a politician at the core, and this is perfectly understandable. Much agony and much energy, and much consciousness, would have been saved had he asserted it earlier, had he prevailed on the Ashram authorities who look upon him as their wise-influential-respectable advisor-mentor. 
Anonymous, I suppose it must involve things like publicizing someone else's profession and location while concealing even one's real name, indulging in personal attacks and calumny while resenting them when they recoil on oneself, making allegations without evidence, and last, but not least, a refusal to look at the mirror! (I am being ironical!) LOL
Any allegation of misconduct unsupported by evidence probably springs from malice and jealousy rather than truth.
Let us have simple confidence in the Mother and Sri Aurobindo. Let us live humbly, simply, beautifully, peacefully for Them. Then we have stepped into what Sri Aurobindo says, the ever-lasting day, the Divine Life where the golden Sun ...
Niranjan Guha Roy was born in East-Bengal, the 30 May 1920. He was a Pilot in the Royal Air Force during the war. In 1945 after the war he joined the Ashram of Sri Aurobindo in Pondichery where he remained upto 1984. Then he went to France, Britany where he created a place called Motherland in honor of the Mother. He left his body in August 2005.
Niranjan Guha Roy has tried to express through his writings, paintings, music, photos and films his deepest spiritual experiences and aspiration and to give a body to his vision of the New World of beauty and harmony coming on earth. But above all his work and life are an offering to the Mother and Sri Aurobindo.

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