Thursday, September 10, 2015

Allow more and more of the psychic Light to shine through

Don Salmon says:
This is the entirety of a letter that is excerpted in Letters on Yoga – it’s one of the clearest statements I’ve ever seen by Sri Aurobindo the difference between the highest ideal of the non yogic life and the yogic life.
The question I’ve been relentlessly pursuing on Auroconf – these past 2 years and back in the 90s – and which has been the focus of my life’s work – is how do these two interact?
What relevance, if any, does the yogic ideal (or yogic knowledge, actually) have for those only interested in living the ordinary human life (the vast majority of whom have absolutely no interest even in the highest human ideal, but even for those interested in developing a highly sattwic life)
The ovewhelming consensus among most psychologists and therapists who are interested in the yogic life has been, for years, that it has no relevance at all. You get to the sattwic, and then go on to the spiritual.
I’ve always believed that even the develop the sattwic nature, the deeper spiritual knowledge is profoundly important (for those therapists, counselors, teachers and others who are responsible for supporting people in developing a more sattwic nature)
But the other question more relevant to auroconf – what is the relevance of the ordinary means of developing a sattwic nature for those consciously doing yoga? The overwhelming consensus seems to be that it has no relevance at all. Whereas Sri Aurobindo says the key to developing the ideal nature for one devoted to the ordinary ideal of human life is a strong mind and will (the sattwic buddhi of traditional Indian psychology) the IY catechism seems to be to hold up one’s finger sin the form of a cross as if warding off the devil himself when the question of using one’s mind to harmonize the nature.
Mother and Sri Aurobindo have made clear, countless times, that until surrender is complete, some personal effort is necessary. By “personal” I suppose one could say they are referring to the psychic being, but what if the psychic is not awake? (or at least, at times when one has little or no contact with it). I don’t see any other way of understanding the means of personal effort than to say it is the “topmost instrument” (as Sri Aurobindo refers to it in Synthesis) – “our intelligent will”, the executive functions, the capacity of our mental consciousness to attend calmly, holistically, empathically, and compassionately, from a place of inner quiet, to allow the various parts of our nature to naturally, organically become more and more integrated so as to thin the “crust” of the surface nature in order to allow more and more of the psychic Light to shine through.
Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.

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