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True disciples must not accept hereditary positions

The Mother’s focus was on the learning of the children; She was not for learning of the adults to make money, which is what the SAES’ proposed engineering college would impart in violation of Her wishes and its own objectives. Please read the following together with the last post.
The Mother made an oral comment as well: I have told Tanmaya, I have found a project to get going the students that are here. I told him – all those students who want to learn to succeed in life and make money are not wanted here. We want only those who want to live a higher life. The children have to decide whether they want to belong to the new life or to be “successful” and live an ordinary life. I think that some of the children will go away …
I have signed copies. You will ask him to show you when he will come to you this evening.
This, this makes the situation absolutely clear.
30 January 1972
Page 73
Undated 1958
(Concerning Finances1)
Money is a force and should not be an individual possession, no more than air, water or fire.
To begin with, the abolishment of inheritance.
(Blogger’s comment: As the Mother was for abolishment of inheritance, her true disciples must not accept hereditary positions at least in the establishments blessed by Her and in case someone comes into such position and conducts himself / herself contrary to the Mother’s principles, Her true disciples must act to correct him / her and upon that effort failing, remove him / her from that position.)
Financial power is the materialization of a vital force turned into one of the greatest powers of action: the power to attract, acquire, and utilize.
Like all the other powers, it must be put at the service of the Divine.
(Blogger’s comment: As the Mother was for all financial power to be put at the service of the Divine,  Her true disciples must act to correct anyone undermining the Divine manifestation such as the 34 year old Mirambika Free Progress School and upon that effort failing, act to remove him / her from that position.)
1 Note written by Mother in French. The heading is hers.
In French

After having heard SAES Chairman Dr. Bijlani’s rambling self-righteous monologue during yesterday’s meeting with him, incidentally arranged at the insistence of PJ’s courtiers, the Save Mirambika campaigners have made the following decisions:
1. Transform the 56 days old peaceful sit in into a daytime protest so that they get time to direct their energies for (2) below and make their campaign more visible.
2. Pursue not just the restoration of Mirambika into its pre 14/4 ecosystem but also attack land ownership and user related illegalities discovered in the existence and running of the Ashram and the Mother’s International School.
To mark this new approach, the Save Mirambika campaigners (a) organised a highly successful blood and eye donation camp at the Shiv Mandir this morning together with Sarvodaya residents. The latter have already taken legal action to stop the engineering college proposed by SAES in the neighborhood; (b) reduced the physical infrastructure of the protest site; (c) distributed beautiful Mirambika Forever pins to children & parents; and (d) distributed sweets.
Here is an excerpt from page 39 of Tara Jauhar’s book ‘Growing up with the Mother’(http://www.sriaurobindo.nl/docs/Growing-up-with-the-Mother-Tara-Jauhar.pdf)
“Sweet Mother, why are no diplomas and certificates given to the students of the Centre of Education?
For the last hundred years or so mankind has been suffering from a disease which seems to be spreading more and more and which has reached a climax in our times; it is what we may call “utilitarianism”. People and things, circumstances and activities seem to be viewed and appreciated exclusively from this angle. Nothing has any value unless it is useful. Certainly something that is useful is better than something that is not. But first we must agree on what we describe as useful— useful to whom, to what, for what? For, more and more, the races who consider themselves civilised describe as useful whatever can attract, procure or produce money. Everything is judged or evaluated from a monetary angle. That is what I call utilitarianism. And this disease is highly contagious, for even children are not immune to it. At an age when they should be dreaming of beauty, greatness and perfection, dreams that may be too sublime for ordinary common sense, but which are nevertheless far superior to this dull good sense, children now dream of money and worry about how to earn it. So when they think of their studies, they think above all about what can be useful to them, so that later on when they grow up they can earn a lot of money. And the thing that becomes most important for them is to prepare themselves to pass examinations with success, for with diplomas, certificates and titles they will be able to find good positions and earn a lot of money. For them study has no other purpose, no other interest. To learn for the sake of knowledge, to study in order to know the secrets of Nature and life, to educate oneself in order to grow in consciousness, to discipline oneself in order to become master of oneself, to overcome one’s weaknesses, incapacities and ignorance, to prepare oneself to advance in life towards a goal that is nobler and vaster, more generous and more true—they hardly give it a thought and consider it all very Utopian. The only thing that matters is to be practical, to prepare themselves and learn how to earn money. Children who are infected with this disease are out of place at the Centre of Education of the Ashram. And it is to make this quite clear to them that we do not prepare them for official examinations or competitions or give them diplomas or titles which they can use in the outside world. We want here only those who aspire for a higher and better life, who thirst for knowledge and perfection, who look forward eagerly to a future that will be more totally true. There is plenty of room in the world for all the others. 17 July 1960.”

These conversations are of the Mother with Satprem who used to record the Mother’s voice and his collection was named ‘The Mother’s Agenda’. Here are a few extracts taken from the Agenda which reveal the Mother’s view on Tara Jauhar Didi.

          T. or T. J. here stands for Tara Didi.

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