Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Doubt, dishonesty, falsehoods, and certitude of the Divine

Mother's Agenda
Through repeated, everyday experience, I am increasingly convinced that all disorders in the body and all diseases are the result of DOUBT in the cells or a certain group of cells. They doubt the Divine’s concrete reality, they doubt the Divine Presence in them, they doubt their being divine in their very essence, and this doubt is the cause of all disorders.2
As soon as you succeed in infusing into them the certitude of the Divine, the disorder disappears almost instantly, and it recurs only because, not having been definitively driven away, the doubt reappears.

“The soul wears no disguise….” That’s fine. It was so concrete how the human (especially mental) consciousness ALWAYS wears a disguise: you have to appear like this, you have to appear like that, you have to give this impression, you have to have that appearance—a disguise.


Integral Liberation, Fulfilment, Realisation and Action Starting from the unity of all creation, the integral Yoga requires the seeker to accept, balance and integrate the transcendent, the universal manifestation, and the individual role in that manifestation. This prevents the artificial solutions of “cutting the knot” of the world’s distractions by avoidance; and equally it prevents the artificial solution of pretending that there is no Transcendent and only the world and its forms and beings are of any importance. “Reality omnipresent” implies that the liberated soul takes on the standpoint of the Divine, has one foot in the Transcendent, so to speak, and the other in the rolling out of the manifestation as the will and expression of the Divine.


Looking nostalgically towards the past is far too deeply ingrained in our habits of thought.  We need to reclaim our sense of the future from Silicon Valley and Hollywood.
-Steven Shaviro, in his review of Inventing the Future: Postcapitalism and a World Without Work, by Nick Srnicek and Alex Williams http://www.shaviro.com/Blog/?p=1328

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The Storyteller's Secret: How TED speakers and ...

Carmine Gallo - 2016 - ‎Business & Economics
This happened then that. This happened because of that. 
This happened and it was related to that.” 
Let's break down the structure that Prince says gives stories their specificity and apply it to the story that Pete Frates told ...
We have a built-in radar to protect ourselves from dishonesty and falsehoods. We’re not always accurate, of course, and some people have better “BS” detectors than others. But the more specific a story, the more evidence we have against which to measure a story’s truthfulness. People want to believe that you’re telling a true story. We listen for specifics to help us distinguish between fact and fiction.

The Storyteller's Secret: How TED speakers and ...

Carmine Gallo - 2016 - ‎Preview
The manuscript shows longer words crossed out and replaced with short ones. For example, he replaces “liberated” with “freed.” The ending paragraph of the speech became a rallying cry for the British people. In 180 words,Churchill lays out  ...

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That form of discourse (for there is only one), is narrative. The term denotes that kind of discourse which has the form or structure, "this happened, then that," or  ...

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That form of discourse (for there is only one), is narrative. The term denotes that kind of discourse which has the form or structure, 'this happened, then that',  ...

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