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Spiritual content to qualify as religious doctrine

Savitri Era of those who adore,
Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Nadkarni's clarion call

In his famous write-up, Sri Aurobindo’s Opposition Why the Indian establishment resisted him, published in The Indian Express on Thursday, March 21, 2002; MANGESH V. NADKARNI had valiantly identified "four of the strongest intellectual establishments in the country, namely,
  • the traditional Hindu religious establishment,
  • the Gandhian establishment,
  • the politically non-committed but eurocentric university intellectuals who are the products of Macaulay’s educational system, and also
  • the leftist, communist/socialist establishment." #
It can safely be said that nothing significant has been attempted by the devotees and followers of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo in the last 4 years, as follow-up action to Nadkarni's clarion call. Effective counter measures, no doubt, are needed and the implementation has to take 3 distinct lines of action: political, cultural, and religious. Savitri Erans criss-crossing the globe must rise to the occasion and become The Mother's hero warriors. Shying away from the challenge would bring us no laurels. Can we acheive something in real terms in the next 4 years, by 2010?

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The birth-place of Sri Aurobindo

Pilgrimage is integral to religion as well as the tourism industry. While tours to Puducherry and Auroville are very common, Kolkata has not yet caught the fancy of the Savitri Erans. The birth-place of Sri Aurobindo at 8, Shakespeare Sarani should be a site of pilgrimage. So also, the cell in Alipur Jail where Sri Aurobindo was lodged for a year as an undertrial.
Vadodara, too, has its share of glory and Nainital already has a retreat maintained by the Delhi branch of Ashram. All these combined can form an attractive Savitri Era Circuit.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Liberation of Auroville, the original island of freedom

The administration of Auroville is in the hands of Government of India. Although many problems relating to Auroville are still of the nature of, what has come to be known in our electoral politics parlance, BSP or Bijli, Sadak, and Pani, the higher purpose for which it was envisaged can not be articulated from the Public Sector approach. When the rest of the country is witnessing liberalization on an unprecedented scale, it is really ironical to see Auroville, the original island of freedom to be fettered.

Two and a half decades after the infamous takeover the circumstances have changed entirely. Savitri Erans must come forward to demand Liberation of Auroville from the Government hands, in one voice.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Amal not noble enough for Nobel

One just wonders how much a person should achieve to merit a Nobel Prize. The prodigal creations of Amal Kiran range from poetry and criticism to history and philosophy, from science and religion to literature and yoga, from education and psychology to politics and journalism. A direct disciple of Sri Aurobindo and his chosen interlocutor on Savitri, Sethna has lived his more than hundred years as a deputy of the aspiring world.
He is truly a global citizen and radiates goodwill for the whole humanity. He justly deserves a Nobel either for Peace or Literature. Savitri Erans should hurry up for the task.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Globalization’s children

It is not only the problem of the Indian Diaspora, but of the whole lot of people who are born in multicultural family set-ups. Searching for the roots and yearning for an anchor becomes a powerful emotion at one stage of life, but more often than not, the person is buffeted about from one parlour to another.
Long before Globalization became a reality, The Mother and Sri Aurobindo had foreseen the need for a new global faith, and therefore theSavitri Era. The Mother and Sri Aurobindo have minced no words about the dominant religions of the day. To leave the seeking young hearts at the mercy of the Jurassic relics would be an act of nonchalance and cruelty. So, the Globalization’s children need not despair. They must come forward to embrace the Savitri Era religion.

Friday, October 06, 2006

No confusion over the identity as a religion

That Savitri Era constitutes a religion was adjudicated by Justice O. Chinnappa Reddy in his famous dissenting judgemnet of 8th November, 1982 in the Auroville Case
[We do not desire to enter into any polemics over Sri Aurobindo's teachings as it is not within the judicial province to do so except to the limited extent of finding out whether his teachings have the necessary spiritual content to qualify as religious doctrine and how his followers understood these teachings...
Sri Aurobindo, of course, disclaimed that he was founding a religion. No great religious teacher ever claimed that he was, founding a new religion or a new school of religious thought. The question is not whether Sri Aurobindo refused to claim or denied that he was founding a new religion or a new school of religious thought but whether his disciples and the community thought so. …
If the followers of Sri Aurobindo constitute a religious nomination as, to my mind, they undoubtedly do, the members of Sri Aurobindo Society are certainly a distinct and identifiable section of the ‘religious denomination’] EXTRACTS FROM THE JUDGEMENT BY JUSTICE O. CHINNAPPA REDDY IN AUROVILLE CASE New Delhi, 8th November, 1982. ¶ 9:44 AM

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Savitri Erans as stakeholders

Sri Aurobindo Ashram and its extension, Auroville, are sacred for the Savitri Erans. People spend months in longing and planning to visit Pondicherry. Being places of pilgrimage their thought itself brings spiritual feelings and solace to the devotees. Obviously, phenomenal energy and organization goes into maintaining the activities of the Ashram to serve the visitors.

But if we consider the concept of “stakeholder,” perhaps the Ashram has no mandate for it. Neither Auroville nor the Sri Aurobindo Society has the wherewithal to cater to the expectations of the global spread of Savitri Erans. Most of our promotional activities remain confined within our centres. There is a need to fan out to the world outside on a large scale.

Somehow, the publications and archival activities of the Ashram seem to be secretive. Very little information passes out and very late. We hear nothing about pre-publication programme. The Archives is sitting over a huge stock of historical data and Savitri Erans are eager that they see the light of the day as soon as possible.

Overall, it’s no cribbing, but a yearning for dialogue. Savitri Erans the world over would be happy to listen what is being planned for them, what are the constraints or where they can contribute and in what manner. Just nurturing a sense of participatory belongingness.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A satellite and Savitri

A satellite is a technological wonder. One simply becomes awe-struck to think how much of human intelligence and imagination has gone into manufacturing it, or, any other scientific invention, for that matter.

Savitri, similarly, is a speculational wonder. To dismiss it as mere poetry and see its imagery as nebulous fantasy is too facile. Savitri contains some concrete conceptions of worlds and ideas that are too distant from our present stretch of intellection.

A satellite, therefore, admire we must, but also grant a similar attention to Savitri to probe clues concerning, say, physics and biology. Broad strokes also matter and scientific details must not elude us for there is no better source-book for Consciousness Studies than Savitri.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Sorry, thank you!

The recipe invented by The Mother and Sri Aurobindo and perfected in the course of 60 years (1914-1973) is absolutely unique and unprecedented. No other religion or philosophy has given such a sure-fire concoction. It is certainly futile on our part to speculate over its formulation or what it foresees.

It is all the more foolish when people attempt to combine it with their own fond formulae in order to present a superior prescription. With that they seek to put themselves at par with The Mother and Sri Aurobindo.

The Mother was always averse to take the name of Sri Aurobindo with someone else for the sake of comparision. Therefore, the Yogic-vision of the great Masters has to be accepted on “as is where is” basis and “take it or leave it” terms. Unsolicited benevolence of repairing the recipe is absolutely imbecile and must be resisted. #

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

No one can serve two masters

Barindranath Chaki said... Hi Tusar, I will always agree to work with you and others for such a cause, for the cause fighting for Truth. Opposition to the Teaching of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother is but natural. It comes from the old world of darkness and ignorance and falsehood and half-truth. We are for Truth that Sri Aurobindo stands for. We must have to fight, to bring the Transformation to mankind and the Earth, as willed by the Supreme. Barin 26-09-2006 11:17 AM 

Tusar N Mohapatra said... But how to tackle the opposition from within? When insiders are busy worshiping multiple gods and acting as Trojan horses, then to think of Truth is sheer phantasy. 7:38 AM
  1. Hi Tusar,
    Let us try to see from the view-point of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. They have a task of transformation of the humanity, of this earth. We are to participate in it. Thatis the practical aspect of the Truth.
    Those who are with Them, sincerely, those who do participate in this Work, are the real Insiders.
    Those who are NOT sincere, those whose faith and reliance is shaken, they cannot be the Insiders.
    Masks will not work here.
    Even if Truth seem to be phanatsy, we shall have to cling to Truth.
    Remember, as Nolinida told, those who are not with us, are against us.
    But we will not engage ourselves in any vital warfare. The Force at Work will take care of it. Only, we will have aspire sincerely.
  2. Words from the Mother Tusar Mohapatra has published on 27-09-2006 by Barindranath Chaki
    To mix up worship of deities with the prayers and meditations before The Mother and Sri Aurobindo is a distortion. We do not worship The Mother and Sri Aurobindo. They are NOT overmental deities who need to be worshipped by us. ... All choice -

Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Advent

Ashram, Samadhi and Matrimandir
Flower offerings, lighting incence sticks
And prayers and meditations before
The photographs of the Twin Avatars.

Darshan days and the long serpentine queues
The queit waiting for food in Dining Hall
Even the Playground, site to meditate
Collective Yoga, religious fervour.

Obeissance, remember and offer
Aspiration, rejection, surrender
Reciting Savitri as a scripture
Life Divine and Synthesis of Yoga.

Songs and Mantras and Matri-vandanas
To work by feeling all life is yoga
Mother’s picture on the study table
Rings, lockets, keyrings, hankys and sarees
Flag, marchpast, the salute and the slogans
Stop press! We are the Savitri Erans.

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