Friday, December 22, 2006

He gives the Mantra of Aspiration-Rejection-Surrender

Re: Instruments of Knowledge and Post-Human Destinies
by RY Deshpande on Thu 21 Dec 2006 07:47 PM PST Profile Permanent Link
You say: “Sri Aurobindo talks about aspiration, rejection and surrender. There is also this act of sacrifice for a saving power to descend.” No, Sri Aurobindo does not talk about aspiration-rejection-surrender. He gives the Mantra of Aspiration-Rejection-Surrender. Whatever knowledge is required will come with it. Finally, for transformation, the only Mantra is: Put yourself in the hands of the Mother and her Powers and let her do her work within you. Everything is in it. Whatever faculties are needed will come with it. Brahman sacrifices Brahman to become the Brahman. In it are the acts of creation and manifestation. RYD

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