Wednesday, December 20, 2006

She is in our heart

This name was given because we all know that The Mother & Sri Aurobindo are always there with us and sometimes unknowingly in our life we come across such miraculous incidents which are rather a help from their side which changes our outlook towards life and in most of the cases we got rid of some very big problem. In most of the cases we don't prayed to The Mother for her intervention or called for her help but it happened accidentally. Why it was happened to know the reason of this question pl see the first pic. If u want to read the answer in more detail go to below mentioned url :-
So now if she is with us so the other question arise Where is she?? She is in our heart and if she is in our heart then why can't we feel her many times or see her or can't hear her? The answer is we never tried to search for her in our heart thts why we are unable to feel her presence many times and can't hear her. So "IN SEARCH OF THE MOTHER"

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