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They have just said to aspire!

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12/11/2006 8:49 PM But She is aware that our and Nature’s aspiration is not up to Her expectation and we are still bound by Time, by Death and She withdraws from Her full Glory and Power and wears the mask of Matter and imparts Her Divine Presence everywhere, in the veiled form. That is She sacrifices Her perfection for the sake of leading us on our way of Sadhana. It has been possible for us to do our very little Sadhana, because of Her profound and concrete Presence. It is because of Her descent into our Nescience that Sadhana is possible from us and we can conquer the obstacles and transforms from inconscience to consciousness, from our ignorance to knowledge. This off course also requires our part, our 1% of Sadhana, which we all know. Here, I remember a very awakening instance.
Once during prayers, one of my friends asked my grand father a question. “How is it possible for the Gods to be present everywhere? Divine Mother manifests in all the forms of Matter, but how? When she does so wont Her Divinity gets diminished?” My grandpa’s answer was wonderful, which gave us one more element of Vedas. Poornasya PoornaMaadaaya, Poornaat Poornamudachyate. Poorna means One. In our calculation, if you add One and One you get two. If you deduce One from One you get Shunya, the Zero. But in Divine’s calculation, if you add One to One what you get is One only. If you deduce One from One you get One only. Let us have an example. A pregnant woman is complete (Poorna). The infant in her womb is also Poorna, that is complete. The baby is born. That is a Poorna infant is deduced from a Poorna Mother. Will there be any difference in the completeness of the mother? No! Her completeness is perfected in fact! Another Example. We have just now discussed that Soul is a complete Spirit of divine. There is no doubt that Divine is complete! When the soul rejoins the Supreme, is there any value addition to Supreme? No!
12/11/2006 8:49 PM Similarly, when the Divine Mother leaves Her presence in every form of Matter, there is no difference in Her completeness. This is Divine Calculation. Not a human calculation. We fail to understand the our mathematics only saying that it is very difficult. But Divine’s Mathematics is so easy. The only thing is we need to explore this. Now what is left is: There was the common light of earthly day. Now when Goddess Usha recede, there spreads the common earthly daylight. Not the Eternal Light of Goddess Usha. In such common Light:Affranchised from the respite of fatigue Once more the rumour of the speed of Life Pursued the cycles of her blinded quest.
12/11/2006 9:01 PM “Once more the rumour of the speed of Life” the common issues of our life, resumes their cycles of “blinded quest”. Untill this outbreak of Dawn, the Life on earth was having a period of rest – respite – and the reason for this rest is its fatigue! Here Sri Aurobindo turns to daily or routine proceedings of humans and creatures after portraying the Dawn as a symbol of the Creation of this cosmos. Our daily activities are like some quests without an aim, which go into cycles. Therefore, at the end of the day we are subjected to stress and fatigue and we go for rest at the end of the day. This is true for only those who go into these cycles of blinded quests. Those who have realized the ultimate quest of the life, to realize the Supreme, will never rest until they accomplish. This ultimate quest is first of all difficult to realize. Because we are completely lost in our material world, full of inconscience. Sometime, when we feel the Divine Spirit amidst our obscurities, we would realize this. Such an encounter with Him initiates a spark of aspiration in us.
Then, it is up to us to grow further. Therefore, we should realize that our ultimate quest is to realize Him, not any material professional or personal achievements. You may ask that this ultimate quest will be very difficult, how can I take it up? The thing is The Mother and Sri Aurobindo have made it very simple and easy for us. They do not expect us to perform complex rituals, thousand of chanting (japa) in a day or any such things. They have just said to aspire! To dedicate and devote ourselves to them! That’s all! If you are hungry for knowledge Sri Aurobindo has blessed you with Savitri. If you want more? There is Essays on Gita, Synthesis of Yoga, The Divine Life, The Mother, and so many knowledge banks he has blessed us with. Therefore our ultimate quest should be to realize the One within and everywhere. Not some professional or personal ambitions.
12/11/2006 9:01 PM This also does not mean that we should completely ignore or neglect our professional and personal ambitions. We should do full justice to them to all our responsibilities. But we should not get lost in them completely. We should find some time out of our material life for our ultimate task, for our Sadhana. And our Sadhana should not only be for ourselves, it should be for the whole of the mankind, for the whole universe. Because, Sri Aurobindo’s Sadhana was not just for himself, it was for the whole universe. Our approach should also be the same. Let us don’t be selfish about our Sadhana. Let us involve every one in it.
This is why Sri Aurobindo has given equal importance and weightage to both individual as well as collective Yoga or Sadhana. All sprang to their unvarying daily acts; The thousand peoples of the soil and tree Obeyed the unforeseeing instant's urge, Now when the common daylight spreads, all the creatures resume their unchanging activities in their routine. This moment, the dawn and then the morning, has an impulse, an urge to spring them on to their respective activities. But it is an “unforeseeing instant” , that is it does have any prescience of the eve next moment. We simply cannot predict what is going happen even in few moments later. Everything in the material world is uncertain. The only certain thing is The Mothers; Grace and Love. Provided our part is there for Her and that is again our aspiration, dedication and devotion. So easy is our ultimate task, due to Her Grace. Certainly she leads us to the best for us, when we are dedicated and devoted to Her.
12/11/2006 9:02 PM Otherwise? Let us see the next lines:And, leader here with his uncertain mind, Alone who stares at the future's covered face, Man lifted up the burden of his fate. The Man, the “leader” of all the creatures, but with an “uncertain mind”, “lifted the burden of his fate”. Those who continue to dwell in the material Nature, there is no growth, and they continue the cycle of lifting their burden of fate. But, here Sri Aurobindo calls the man as “leader” of all creatures. He is “Alone” among all the creatures “who stares at the future’s covered face”, but not any other creature on this earth aspires to know the future. This also implies that only we have the ability to change our future, though it is covered or masked or unknown.
This is because we have the attenuated ability to do our Sadhana, than any other creature in this world. Therefore, let us determine and commit for our Sadhana.It also does not mean necessarily that other creatures do not have the ability to do Sadhana. They do have. But their ability is not as great as ours is. But there are many exceptions. In our Shaastras also there are numerous such examples. One example is Jatayu in Sri Mad Ramayana, who sacrificed his life to rescue Seeta from Ravana. Above all our own Kiki! The Mother’s cat! I hope you have head its stories. Therefore, The Mother is for the whole universe. She loves every creature, every element of the universe. We need to realize this.
12/11/2006 9:02 PM We have now completed the entire first paragraph of Canto 1 “The Symbol Dawn”. What all we can conclude from this discussion so far is the importance of our aspiration, dedication and devotion. I don’t know whether it is boring you to see the same words again and again, but that’s how the Sadhana is and that’s all our Sadhana is. Therefore, let us aspire for Her Grace and Love. Let our dedication and devotion for Her be complete and total. Let us find some time out of our uncertainties to find the certain, for Her works. Let us evolve from our inconscience to consciousness of The Mother. Let us evolve from our ignorance to Her knowledge. Let us evolve from our Darkness to Her Eternal Light.Asatomaa Sadgamayaa Tamasomaa Jyotirgamayaa Mrityormaa Amrutangamayaa
12/12/2006 1:56 AM References 1. Sri Aurobindo's Savitri - An Approach and a Study by Sri A B Purani.2. The Book of Beginnings by Sri M P Pandit
12/12/2006 4:18 AM Thanks to motherchild, I am not able to suggest to u, only I can read this Important thread. It is very very important for me. Thanks MAA Shreemaa, Shreemaa,Shreemaa, Shreemaa, Shreemaa,
12/15/2006 7:03 AM Very good and interesting work you have done. I am reading Savitri since years. It is my years experience that when we read Savitri, starting from any page....we can experience the events occouring in our life ...present and also focuses on the events going to be occured in future. It also gives the solutions of the problems if any and surprisingly we can get rid of it. We can feel that some divine power is guiding us and working in us. The feeling eternally is always so pleasant that we can not narrate.
12/15/2006 10:23 PM Dear mam, i completely agree with you statement. the following excerpt is an evidence from Savitri to support your statement!!! Whatever the appearance we must bear, Whatever our strong ills and present fate, When nothing we can see but drift and bale, A mighty Guidance leads us still through all.

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