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The divine Savitri is poised to take the mortal birth

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Divine Savitri poised for mortal birth The divine Savitri is poised to take the mortal birth. It looks as though the things meant to happen on this “precarious earth” must now start happening, things both gainful and adverse. Suddenly the parameters undergo an unhappy poignant change, even as Savitri should face the realities of this blind suffering world. Her sight that needed no physical eyes must function through the sense-formed eyes, and her heart beat in a dull slumberous heart, her breath be fastened to human breath: Savitri’s transcendental vision must enter into the ophthalmic vision and her super-life the small little organic life. She who was free from all these earthly limitations must accept them now. There is transience, there is fragility, there is sorrow and suffering all around, and Savitri cannot escape them if her concern is the sense of the enduring and the strong and the joyous and the pleasant. There is the heavy darkness in terrestrial things and she must bring the superconscient light even to the crude and the physical. How else can the way to the bright and the felicitous be hewed? Wasn’t it for this that she accepted the mortal birth?
To win or lose the godlike game for man, Was her soul’s issue thrown with Destiny’s dice.Was she ruled by the uncertainties of Destiny? Less of ‘yes’ but more of ‘no’, the assertive and emphatic ‘no’. In the earthly destiny there is also the divine design as far as she is concerned. And yet it is not all tailored for her, that all will happen automatically. The issue is Ignorance-and-Death pitched against Immortality. Her soul has to measure up to meet it. Everything is arranged and yet, paradoxically, everything has got to be worked out, in every detail. Savitri is great and mighty, Savitri is perfect with the perfection that can enshrine the God of Love. However there is another greatness and another might, perfect in the absoluteness of its imperfection, the all-devouring Void who assumes the shape of Death to accost her.
Can there be any better food for Death than Love? And so he puts all his strength to possess it. That is the harsh existential issue and Savitri cannot wish it away. The absoluteness of that imperfection does not touch her in her transcendental home, but it has its colossal sway in the cosmic functioning. Savitri has to more than match herself with it, match in the trueness of her love. And the odds are hidden from her sight. She has to face her soul’s issue thrown with Destiny’s dice—not by Destiny, Destiny per se, but Destiny used by someone else. She has to prepare herself to meet the challenge by doing Yoga, Yoga directly under the guidance of the supreme Shakti, her superconscient self. She has discovered Love, but Love’s safety in her rests in her holding the divine Power in her spirit and in her soul. Narad comes to initiate her on the path, that she may succeed in hewing the ways of Immortality in this mirky transient and sorrowful world, dominated by Death. One day she will be standing on a dangerous brink, “carrying the world’s future on her lonely breast”. She might lose, she might fail—and the outcome is unknown even to Narad. Will it be extinction or eternal life in the Good of the Great—who knows what shall be the end? Narad foretells: Even if God seems to leave her to her lone strength, (Savitri, p. 462)

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